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  1. 1. BREAST implants Y O U R B E A U T I F U L B R E A S T S Body image is important to many women, and that includes the appearance of the breasts. Many women consider breast implant surgery to enhance the size and shape of a natural breast. Breast implants are also commonly used to restore a breast that has been E removed or disfigured due to a mastectomy. PL Breast implants come in a variety of sizes, shapes and profiles to achieve a natural-looking appearance. Other important features include the texture of an M implant’s shell and the substance that fills the shell. Implants approved by the U.S. Food and Drug SA Administration (FDA) are filled with saline or silicone. Together, these variables result in the overall dimensions and feel of a breast implant, which affect JOINT PRODUCT BROUGHT TO YOU BY: the look and feel of your breasts.John A. Doe,, Jr. M.D.Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center000 W. Main Street, Suite 000 Anytown, IL 00000 ® THE AMERICAN SOCIETYFOR AESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGERY
  2. 2. BREAST implants Y O U R B E A U T I F U L B R E A S T SBREAST IMPLANTSDefined as medical devices, breast implants are surgically placed inside thebody to enhance or create the appearance of a breast. The availability ofbreast implants in the United States is determined by Food and DrugAdministration (FDA). In order to receive FDA approval, breast implants mustgo through rigorous medical testing, a formal submission of researchfindings, and a review of presented research by independent physiciansfrom many different medical and scientific specialties.The primary distinction of available breast implants approved by the FDAtoday is the material that fills the implant shell, namely saline or silicone. E 1 SALINE I Sterile salt water is one option that gives a breast implant its volume and feel. Saline provides a uniform shape, firmness and feel to PL the implant. 2 SILICONE I An elastic gel, silicone has a density that mimics natural breast tissue. Silicone can moderately adjust as you move and offers a soft, flexible feel to a breast implant. MOther considerations in choosing a breast implant include your existingbreast size, the amount of natural breast tissue you have, and the breast size SAyou hope to achieve. The dimension of your chest wall and your overallphysical build, including the proportion of your curves, are also factors inchoosing an implant to complement your body. The symmetry betweenyour breasts—how they may differ in size, shape and/or position will also betaken into consideration.Choosing a breast implant begins at your consultation. During your consul-tation you may have the opportunity to hold, feel and compare differentimplants. The varying features of saline and silicone implants include:VOLUME | The amount of filler within the implant. This is measured in SALINE | Sterile salt water is one option that givescubic centimeters (cc). a breast implant its volume and feel. Saline is light in weight, and it provides a uniform shape, firmnessSIZE | The implant volume and its width generally define implant size. and feel to the implant.SHAPE | Implants offer a uniformly round shape or may be contoured tomimic the slope of a natural breast.PROFILE | The degree to which the implant projects when you look at itin profile (from a side view).SHELL | Also called a lumen; the implant may be formed from a single SILICONE | An elastic gel, silicone has a denshell, or from two shells. mimics natural breast tissue. Silicone can mod adjust as you move and offers a soft, flexible feeSURFACE | The surface of the implant shell may be smooth or breast implant.slightly textured.
  3. 3. SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS Breast implants are widely tested devices. MAKING THE CHOICE Research consistently demonstrates the safety of both saline and silicone implants in women The varying implant features and fillers offer many options for you to achieve a around the world. There are however, special breast size, shape, appearance and feel that meets your personal goals. All of these considerations you must understand about your variables will be discussed during your consultation with a plastic surgeon certified breast implants. by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. In addition, you will be examined, a health history will be taken, and you may be photographed. The procedure or procedures Breast implants can interfere with mammography recommended for you will be explained. You will be informed about your obliga- to some degree. It is best to advise your health tions as a patient, the treatment process, surgical facilities, anesthesia, the recovery center in advance of mammography that you have process, potential complications and results, and any alternative options that may breast implants so that additional views of your achieve your goals. Ask questions and make certain you understand everything that breasts may be taken. Breast ultrasound provides has been explained to you. an alternative to mammography. All forms of necessary or cosmetic medical treatment have the potential for Capsular contracture is the only medical condition complications. The potential complications and unexpected results of surgery to or potential complication specifically attributed place a breast implant will be defined prior to your treatment. If you make the choice E to breast implants. The condition is an excess of to undergo treatment, you will be asked to sign informed consent documents. These naturally occurring scar tissue around the breast documents outline the information discussed during your consultation and record implant. Capsular contracture can occur in vary- PL your choice for breast surgery. In addition, if you choose a silicone breast implant, ing degrees—from an unnatural firmness around you will be asked to participate in a national breast implant registry. the breast implant to rare cases in which the breast can become misshapen or appear squeezed. M Breast implants have the potential to wrinkle, IMPLANT PLACEMENT ripple, extrude (come out of the implant pocket), Breast implants may be inserted through incisions located in one of the leak, deflate or rupture. SA following positions: You may choose or be advised to have your - At or near the natural breast crease implants replaced during your lifetime. Among the - At the perimeter of the areola (the darker skin surrounding the nipple) reasons to replace breast implants: - In the axilla (the underarm region) Your desire to improve breast size, shape and over- - Through existing scars from prior breast surgery all appearance. The position of your implants is generally determined by the location of the implant Evidence that an implant has deflated or may be pocket—a surgically created space to hold the implant. The implant pocket may be: leaking, or the implant shell shows signs of fracture or other weakness . - Below the natural breast tissue and above the chest muscle, called submammary or subglandular position. You develop conditions of capsular contracture that - Below the chest muscle and above the chest wall, called submuscular position. cannot be improved by other forms of treatment. - The implant can also be placed with a portion of the implant pocket supported by the chest muscle and the remaining portion between the chest muscle and the breast tissue. YOUR BEAUTIFUL BREASTS The results of breast surgery are not permanent. Weight loss or gain, and the natural changes that occur to the body with aging can alter the appear- FILLING YOUR IMPLANTS ance of your breasts, even if you have breast All silicone implants and some saline implants are pre-filled to a specific size. Other implants. Proper support and a bra that fits prop- implants may be “adjustable” or “expandable” and are filled at the time they are erly are important in maintaining your results. surgically placed. Adjustable implants can be placed through smaller incisions. In Monthly breast self-exams and mammography addition, adjustable saline implants and specific models of silicone implants with a screenings as recommended are important tonsity that saline core allow the potential for small volume adjustments after the implant ensure breast health. And an annual examinationderately has been placed. is advised to assess the condition of your breast el to a implants. Equally important is your commitment In cases of breast reconstruction, adjustable implants may be filled over time to allow to a healthy lifestyle, which includes good nutri- the skin and muscle to slowly expand and accommodate the implant. tion and regular exercise.
  4. 4. BREAST implants Y O U R B E A U T I F U L B R E A S T S THE DOCTOR YOU CHOOSE Choosing to undergo any plastic surgery proce- dure is an important decision. So is selecting a plastic surgeon. Not all doctors who perform plastic surgery or who use the title of plastic surgeon are board certified in plastic surgery. In order to be certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, a physician must graduate from an accredited medical school and then complete a minimum of five years of surgical training including an accredited plastic surgery residency program. The physician must pass a comprehensive written and oral exam in order to become a board-certified plastic surgeon. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic E Surgery® and The American Society of Plastic Surgeons® have prepared this educational pro- PL gram to supplement your personal consultation with a plastic surgeon who is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery® or The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada®. Plastic surgeons with this certification have M completed approved surgical training and rigor- ous examinations in plastic surgery, including both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of SA the face and entire body. THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR AESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGERY ® (ASAPS ®) is the only plastic surgery organization devoted entirely to advancing the field of cosmetic surgery. In addition to board certifica- tion in plastic surgery, ASAPS members have met special requirements for experience and continu- Content ©2006 American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery | Design ©2006 Sandow Media Corporation ing medical education in cosmetic plastic surgery.John A. Doe,, Jr. M.D. THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PLASTIC SURGEONS ®Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center (ASPS ®)is the largest organization of board-000 W. Main Street, Suite 000 Anytown, IL 00000 certified plastic surgeons in the world. With more than 6,000 members, the society is recog- nized as a leading authority and information source on cosmetic and reconstructive plastic This information published by the American Society for Aesthetic surgery. Comprising of 94 percent of all board- Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is inten- certified plastic surgeons in the United States, ded for educational purposes only and does not substitute for a ASPS mission is to advance the highest quality ®’ consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. care to plastic surgery patients by encouraging high standards of training, ethics, physician practice and research in plastic surgery.