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Job Description

  1. 1. YORK HOSPITALS NHS TRUST JOB DESCRIPTION DEPARTMENT OF ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY Foundation Dentist BASE: YORK HOSPITAL1. YORK HOSPITAL York Hospital opened in September 1976. It is a general hospital, providing a wide range of services. It serves a population of more than 270,000 people, providing acute and elective care. The only specialties not provided are Neurosurgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery and Plastic Surgery. There is a Day Treatment Unit separate from the main operating theatre as well as an Intensive Care Unit. The main theatre suite has 10 operating theatres. There is a very well equipped X-Ray Department, including CT scanning and MRI. Maternity and Neonatal Services are provided on site.2. HOSPITAL SERVICE The Trust provides a full range of services. These include an Accident and Emergency Unit, led by four Consultants, a recently refurbished Obstetric Unit, a Special Care Baby Unit, a full sub-specialist medical service, a Department of Elderly Medicine, a recently built Neurosciences Department, General Surgery, Urology, Gynaecology, Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthopaedics and Trauma, ENT, Ophthalmology, Chronic and Acute Pain Management Services, Paediatrics, Mental Health, Learning Disability and Dermatology. The Coronary Care Unit was extensively refurbished in 1998 and a Renal Dialysis Unit for the management of Chronic Renal Failure opened in January 1999. Radiotherapy and plastic surgery are provided from Leeds. Cardiothoracic surgery is provided from both Leeds and Hull and head injuries are treated in Leeds.3. MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY – STAFFING Four Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons All have duties in North Yorkshire but York is the main base with regular visits by the Consultants to Harrogate and Scarborough. The catchment population served by the department is over 600,000. Two Specialist Registrars Two Senior Clinical Fellows Three Speciality Doctors Four Foundation Dentists – full recognition granted by RCS and posts are recognised by the Postgraduate Dean.08/12/10/home/pptfactory/temp/20101208140126/job-description3157.doc
  2. 2. 4. DUTIES The four Foundation Dentists work under the supervision of the Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeons and attend the out-patient department, theatre sessions and other duties. They will also be responsible for care of in-patients and accident and emergency problems. There are oral and maxillofacial surgery beds for male and female patients on a shared head and neck ward and access to Paediatric beds as required. These are resident posts and the Foundation Dentist will be expected to provide cover in an alternating rota for in-patients and out-patients. The scope of surgical practice and training in the Maxillofacial Department encompasses: a) All routine aspects of dentoalveolar surgery are mainly undertaken under local anaesthesia and sedation or general anaesthesia, usually within the Day Care Unit. b) Facial trauma including both hard and soft tissue injury management. Encouragement is given and supervision provided for the active management of these injuries by the Foundation Dentist including reduction and internal fixation of all facial fractures. Soft tissue lacerations and skin loss on the face is also the remit of the Maxillofacial Department. c) Facial Deformity Service. An active Orthognathic Unit exists at York Hospital in combination and close liaison with the two Consultant Orthodontists. A dedicated monthly combined clinic is held and the Foundation Dentists are expected to participate in this clinic and both the work up and management of the individual orthognathic patients. d) Head and Neck malignancy. The Maxillofacial Department at York offers the malignancy service for the whole of North Yorkshire with patients from Scarborough and Harrogate and other areas being concentrated at York for their major operations. The full range of malignancy surgery, including free flap reconstruction, is performed at York. Additionally, through liaison with the Dermatologists, the Maxillofacial Department provides a comprehensive head and neck skin malignancy service with around 300 per annum being treated for skin cancer and reconstruction on the face and active involvement of the Foundation Dentist in these procedures is expected. e) Salivary Gland Surgery. All forms of salivary gland surgery, major and minor glands is undertaken in the Maxillofacial Department for both benign and malignant disease and facial nerve grafting with microneural techniques for both trauma and malignancy surgery is performed. The Maxillofacial and Orthodontic Laboratory opened in 1979. There is a Chief Maxillofacial Technologist, Chief Orthodontic Technician and Senior Orthodontic Technician in the Laboratory. The department at York currently operates an 8 person full shift which comprises of 4 Max Fax Foundation Dentists and 4 ENT SHO’s. The08/12/10/home/pptfactory/temp/20101208140126/job-description3157.doc
  3. 3. postholder is required to provide first on-call cover which will be to the ENT and Maxillofacial Surgery departments. There is always access to a more senior doctor on-call in the opposite specialty. Training, both theoretical and practical, is given at the commencement of the post. The Foundation Dentists will be expected to be available for duty at the discretion of the Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeons. The Foundation Dentist may be called upon to visit other hospitals within the area.5. CONDITIONS OF SERVICE The post is covered by the terms and conditions of service of the Medical and Dental Whitley Council and General Whitley Council.6. STUDY AND TRAINING Good postgraduate facilities are available in the Postgraduate Centre, which is located in the Hospital, and there are facilities for attending out- patient clinics in other specialties. Encouragement will be given in postgraduate pursuits, especially towards obtaining a Fellowship. The work is varied with experience to be gained in the management of maxillofacial injuries, oncology and correction of jaw deformities as well as basic training in oral surgery. Friday afternoons are designated a postgraduate afternoon for the whole department with a rolling programme of lectures by all members of staff, Journal Club and meetings being the routine followed by grand ward round to the end of the week with teaching as an integral part. The department also takes an active role in continuing medical education for General Dental Practitioners and General Medical Practitioners. Twice yearly Clinical Pathological Conferences are held on a rotating basis around Yorkshire with active participation by the York Maxillofacial Unit.7. TENURE OF THE POST The appointment is for six months in the first instance but subject for satisfactory performance and appraisal it is anticipated that a further 6 months will be offered.8. GENERAL The City of York is a busy tourist and industrial centre. There are good road and rail connections to all parts of the country and pleasant rural and coastal areas are within easy reach. York Hospitals NHS Trust works hard to achieve appliance to New Deal Targets. We therefore have a contractual obligation to monitor junior doctors’ New Deal compliance and the application of the banding system. For this purpose the Trust has adapted the method of the Yorkshire Monitoring Cards. You will be contractually obliged to co- operate with the monitoring arrangements and will be required to complete the diary cards during your period of employment with the Trust. Failure to monitor may lead to disciplinary action.08/12/10/home/pptfactory/temp/20101208140126/job-description3157.doc
  4. 4. 08/12/10/home/pptfactory/temp/20101208140126/job-description3157.doc