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History of APEC by Dr Ernie Vizcarra (PPT - 4 MB)

History of APEC by Dr Ernie Vizcarra (PPT - 4 MB)






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  • Hi everybody! I am deeply honored to start this Series of Memorial Lecture on the 13 th . Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation Scientific Meeting here in the great Putra World Trade Centre of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • I am giving this lecture as a tribute to Dr. John M. Booth, Past President and Honorary Life Member of APEC. Dr. Booth has significantly contributed to the development and growth of the Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation.
  • The idea of organizing an endodontic group in the Asian Pacific region had its beginnings about 20 years ago through the efforts of several dedicated individuals and determined spirit of international cooperation and sharing. In 1984, after the organizational meeting of the Intenational Federation of Endodontic Associations (IFEA) at the AAE Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, Dr. Ernesto R. Vizcarra of the Philippines and Dr. Atsumu Miyahara of Japan met to conceive the idea of forming a group of endodontists in Asia.
  • In April 1985 during the Annual Convention of the American Association of Endodontists held in San Diego, California, Dr. Miyahara and I sat down in the Hotel Room of Dr. Miyahara to draft the initial Constitution and By-Laws of an organization of Endodontists in Asia as a Division of the International Federation of Endodontic Associations(IFEA).. Actually the drafted By-Laws was patterned after the By-Laws of IFEA so that the name that we thought of was Asian Federation of Endodontic Associations (AFEA). Dr. Miyahara gave me the liberty of organizing the Asian group of endodontists. When I returned home, with the help of my wife (an Orthodontist) as my “secretary” and the Philippine Dental Association where I obtained the list pf Asian Pacific Dental Organizations and possible contacts, I wrote the different (about 20 Countries) National Dental Organizations in the Asian Pacific region for Endodontists or Endodontic organization in their country whom I can get in touch with. All these were done via airmails. In a month’s time, about May, 1985, I got a very encouraging response from Australia, New Zealand, India, Hongkong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Bangladesh. I wrote back these people and told them of the intentions and objectives of setting up a regional organization of endodontists. Since the next (12 th .) Asian Pacific Dental Congress will be held on December 5-10, 1985, in Bangkok, Thailand, I thought it to be appropriate and very timely to hold the organizational meeting during the APDC where most of the dentists and delegates from the region will be converging. Before I send the invitation, I want to make sure of the time and venue when and where we are going to hold the meeting. So I wrote the President of APDF, then, Dr. Thavalyarat Holasut of Thailand. Her response was indeed very encouraging. She not only replied immediately but assured me of the time, venue and a free snack as well. Having assured of the venue, I sent formal invitations to the responding endodontists for the organizational meeting.
  • The First Organizational Meeting was set on December 7, 1985, from 2-5 P.M. at the Rungsit Room, Hyatt Central Plaza Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. In that meeting, the drafted Constitution and By-Laws was presented and discussed. It was observed that there were many provisions not relevant to Asian countries and needed further studies. Dr. Quackenbush of Hongkong volunteered to restudy and re-draft the Constitution and By-Laws. An informal election was held and Dr. Vizcarra was elected as President; Dr. Walker, President-elect; Dr. Kakar, Secretary;Dr. Ansaldo,Treasurer; Dr. Booth (in absentia), Councillor and Dr. Miyahara (In absentia), Councillor.
  • Of the 20 countries I have invited, 6 country representatives attended while 2 countries gave their apologies but were willing to join. Above photo shows the Representatives from the 6 Countries namely; (Front Row),L-R: Dr. Larry Quackenbush of Hongkong, Dr. Ernesto R.Vizcarra of the Philipppines, Dr. Mettachit Nawachinda of Thailand, Dr. Elvira J. Ansaldo of the Philippines, Dr. Liza Maristela (observer) of ESP and Dr. Carmencita Cordon (observer) of ESP. Back Row: L-R : Dr. Lee Ek Chong of Singapore, Dr.Abdul Malek Bhuiyan of Bangladesh, Dr. Richard T. Walker of Hongkong and Dr. R.C. Kakar of India. The two countries that gave their apologies were Australia and New Zealand which later joined APEC.
  • One year later, on November 12, 1986, during the 74 th . FDI World Dental Congress held in Manila, the Second Organizational Meeting was held at the Mindoro Room, Philippine Plaza Hotel, Manila, Philippines. There were 7 Representatives and 13 Observers from 7 countries. In principle the corrected Constitution and By-Laws was approved. The name of the organization adopted was the Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation (APEC). The Inaugural Officers were formally elected. These were (pls. see next slide)
  • President: Dr. Ernesto R. Vizcarra (Philippines), President-Elect: Dr. Richard T. Walker (Hongkong), Secretary: Dr. R. C. Kakar (India), Treasurer: Dr. Elvira J. Ansaldo (Philippines), Councillors: Dr. John M. Booth (Australia) Dr. Abdul Malek Bhuiyan (Bangladesh), Dr. Atsumu Miyahara (Japan) and Dr. Thavalyarat Holasut (Thailand)
  • Here is a file photo (courtesy of Dr. Kakar) of the 2 nd . APEC Organizational Meeting held in Manila on November 12, 1986. Dr. Larry Quackenbush, representing Hongkong did a job well done in writing APEC’s Constitution and By-Laws before he died. Dr. Richard T. Walker took his place and was elected President-Elect.
  • Here are the signatories of Certificate of Ratification of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation (APEC)
  • The Constitution and By-Laws of APEC, likewise, has its history as well. The first draft was authored by Drs. Miyahara and Vizcarra. Dr. Quackenbush was instrumental in modifying the draft which was approved in 1986. The approved Constitution and By-Laws was ratified and adopted in 1988 during the First Biennial Meeting held in New Delhi, India. In 1998-99, During the incumbency of Dr. Paul V. Abbott as APEC President, the Constitution was revised to reflect changes in the methods of operations of the Confederation and the increasing number of “Endodontic Society/Association Members (national endodontic soocieties/associations from within the Asian Pacific Region). It was presented and adopted at the Biennial Meeting held in April 1999 in Singapore.
  • These are the two main objectives of the confederation. In the 1993 Newsletter, the then President of APEC, D. John Booth of Australia, added the following (pls. see next slide) reasons why endodontists and the national endodontic societies should join APEC and continue to support its activities:
  • In the 1993 Newsletter, the then APEC President, Dr. John M. Booth of Australia, added the following reasons why endodontists and national endodontic societies should join APEC and continue to support its activities.
  • As a non-profit organization and to formalize its legal existence, APEC was registered in November 1989. with the Registrar of Societies in Hongkong.
  • In April 15, 1989, the first Statement of Income and Expenses of APEC was reported by Dr. Elvira J. Ansaldo, Inaugural Treasurer .
  • The Confederation has conducted regular scientific meetings with large attendances in various countries in the region. So far, APEC had 10 Biennial Meetings, 13 Scientific meetings and other functions held.
  • The first Meeting was of course held in Bangkok, Thailand on December 7, 1985.
  • The Second Organizational Meeting was held in Manila, Philippines on November 12, 1986, 7 Representatives and 13 Observers from 7 countries attended. In that meeting, the Constitution and By-Laws wa adopted and the name Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation (APEC) was approved.
  • The first Scientific Conference and Biennial Meeting was held in New Delhi, India on January 27, 1988 where 150 dentists attended. In this meeting Dr. Vizcarra was given the honor to formally present the inaugural issue of the Indian Endodontic Journal.
  • Dr. Booth, then President of the Australian Society of Endodontology, Inc. and APEC here pictured with his wife and Dr. Vizcarra, made a report on an “Update on the Asian Pacific Endodontic Conference” held in New Delhi, India on January 27, 1988.
  • To be more practical to the participants, usually APEC’s Biennial Meetings are held during the Asian Pacific Dental Congress, when the members can participate in both the APDC and APEC Scientific Meetings. Please note that in most if not all the Meetings of APEC coincides with the schedules of the meetings of APDF.
  • Also, APEC Meetings are usually held in cooperation and coordination with the local Endodontic Society like the Malaysian Endodontic Society.
  • Manila usually attracts quite a good number of attendees as shown by the holding of the 5 th APEC Scientific Conference on April 26, 1994. There were about 600 attendees! To attract more participants, APEC tags along with other International gathering like the Federacion Dentaire Internationale (FDI) World meetings like this one in Hongkong in 1995.
  • Here were some of the endodontic personalities present in the Hongkong meeting. With Drs. Messer and Simon were Drs. Ansaldo, Walker, Cheung and myself.
  • APEC Meetings are held every two years, again to coincide with either APDC or FDI Congresses. In 1997, the 9 th Scientific Conference was held in Seoul, Korea, during the FDI Congress. On April 19, 1999, the 10 th . APEC Scientific Meeting was held in Singapore during the APDF Meeting.
  • Here, you will see APEC Officers also do the lecturing, like dr. Abbott of Australia, Dr. Jimena of the Philippines and Dr. Gary Cheung of Hongkong
  • On April 4, 2002, an Endodontic Symposium was held in Seoul, Korea.
  • The 9 th . APEC 9 th . Scientific Meeting was held in Osaka, Japan again during the APDC. When APDF holds a special meeting or the host country wants to host an APDF Meeting sometimes APEC also hold its own meeting hosted by the local Endodontic society like the Taiwan Endodontic Society when a year after the Osaka Meeting it held another APEC Meeting, the 10 th . Scientific Meeting.
  • Most of the activities of APEC are well documented, both on paper and photos. Thanks to the able Secretary that APEC had in recording in details the minutes of all the meetings. Most of the photos taken were contributed by APEC members.
  • In the last meeting of APEC, in 2003, Manila usually attracts a good number of attendees. In this case there were about 600 !
  • The 9 th . Biennial Meeting in Manila was not only a scientific success but also socially. The members of the Endodontic Society of the Philippines were very appreciative of the scientific lectures given by the speakers and the usual Philippine hospitality sees to it that the guests are well attended if not well fed.
  • The 13 th . APEC Scientific Meeting which we wre holding now is a tribute to Dr. John M. Booth who passed away recently. It was but fitting to honor Dr. Booth who dedicated his unselfish service to APEC as Councillor and President.
  • Here, you will see the Philippine hospitality at work.
  • To promote APEC internationally, recently in Brisbane, Australia during the IFEA World Endodontic Congress, APEC put up an APEC Night to entertain and meet other endodontists from other countries.
  • In 2005, during the Annual Convention of the American Association of Endodontists held in Dallas, Texas, APEC most active members, Paul and Phillippe, participated as lecturer and APEC representative respectively.
  • To summarize, APEC, so far had 15 meetings: 2 Organizational Meetings, 10 Biennial Meetings and 13 Scientific Meetings.
  • As of this presentation, APEC had 8 Presidents. As Dr. Abbott says “An organization such as APEC can only achieve its aims through the hard work and dedication of ots Officers Councillors and members. Each of these people must be willing to donate a considerable amount of time to the Confederation and there is no doubt that our past Officers and Councillors have done so quite unselfishly”.
  • These, so far were the 8 endodontists who dedicated unselfishly their time and efforts as educators and leaders in sharing their expertise with the dental profession and to the success of APEC.
  • It was during the incumbency of Dr. Booth as President of APEC that my vision of having a means of communication was fulfilled.. John put up the first issue of APEC Newsletter in April 1993 during the joint APEC-MES -APDC Congress. John says in this inaugural issue, “We are geographically a big region of the world but that is no reason to stop us communicating and developing friendships which can only lead to better International understanding in the troubled world of today” From then on, APEC has produced a newsletter in every biennial meeting. Beginning May 2005, the APEC Newsletter was named APEX, an acronym for Asian Pacific Endodontic Exchange to give relevance to that part of the tooth which we, as endodontists, are very much interested in, the APEX.
  • In his desire to communicate and to promote the objectives and activities of APEC, Dr. Gary Cheung, in 1992, created a website for APEC at his own time, effort and expense. He put up a modest but informative website where anyone desiring to know about APEC can visit the website. We thank Gary for his enormous effort in maintaining our homepage. We all know that it is not an easy job. Dr, Zimet through his close relations with the Australian Dental Association (ADA), was able to “attached” APEC with ADA where another APEC website was created. Dr. Cheung’s APEC website is still on line. If you want to know more about us, please feel free to visit APEC Website.
  • Because of APEC’s close relationship with APDF and the relevant objectives in providing continuing education to its members in the Asian Pacific region, APEC was affiliated with the Asian Pacific Dental Federation on September 15, 2003. APDF has a historical relationship with APEC. APEC was organized with the help of APDF. I personally want to express my deep and sincere appreciation and gratitude to APDF in general and to Dr.Thavalyarat Holasut, Past President of APDF, in wholeheartedly welcoming and supporting the organization of APEC in 1985.
  • Article IV, Section 6, sub-section i) of APEC Constitution says, “Honorary Members and Honorary Life Members shall be selected on the basis of significant contribution to the field of endodontics and/or to the Confederation in attaining its objectives”, Dr. Vizcarra and Dr. Booth, 1999, during the incumbency of Dr. Paul V. Abbott as APEC President, were conferred APEC’s Award of Honorary Life Membership in recognition of their significant contribution to the Confederation since its inception in 1985.
  • Through the efforts of APEC’s office bearers, the membership of APEC has grown from 6 Individual and Country Members to 15 Individual Members and 17 Association Members. These are (pls. refer to slide)
  • So far, to my knowledge, there were 4 distingushed APEC Members who left us with their own respective legacies. Dr. Larry Quackenbush of Hongkong University and Prince Phillip Hospital was an AAE Active Member and a Professor at the Hongkong University Dental School. He died of heart failure on May 31,1986 while traveling the Great Wall. His greatest contribution to APEC was to help APEC promote its objectives. He practically authored the Constitution and By-Laws ratified and adopted in 1986. In his February 17, 1987 letter to me, he said, “I hope to see us form a strong organization for furthering our knowledge of endodontics and its practice in the Asian Pacific region”. He further added,”I am solidly behind a strong Asian Endodontic association”. He could have been, no doubt, ,APEC’s President. Dr. Atsumu Miyahara, my closest friend and colleague from Osaka, Japan was actually the one who initiated the formation of the Asian group of endodontists. Because of his busyness in dedicating his time and effort in endodontics , Academy of Dentistry International (he was the first Asian to become President-at-Large of ADI) and the Pierre Fauchard Academy (where he was Secretary-General for many years), he relegated to me the task of organizing APEC. He died in the late 80’s. Dr. Elvira Ansaldo, APEC Inaugural Treasurer, was my very close family friend and partner in organized endodontics in the Philippines. She was Endodontic Society of the Philippines Charter President. We were almost always together in attending international endodontic conferences and was very supportive to endodontics much to APEC. She could have been APEC President as well. And of course, Dr. John M. Booth, whom I have a high respect for his unselfish dedication to dentistry in general and endodontics in particular. A well-rounded man that I know, I have nothing more to say but high praise to him. I am sure Dr. Booth would not mind the other three departed APEC colleagues joining him to receive this tribute. I hope you won’t mind. May I request all of us to please stand and say a little prayer for these four great people. THANK YOU.

History of APEC by Dr Ernie Vizcarra (PPT - 4 MB) History of APEC by Dr Ernie Vizcarra (PPT - 4 MB) Presentation Transcript

  • The John M. Booth Memorial Series of Lecture 13 th Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation Scientific Meeting Theme: Old Problems - New Solutions 25 May 2005 Putra World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Introduction and History of APEC a tribute to Dr. John M. Booth by Dr. Ernesto R. Vizcarra
  • Background In 1984, after the organization meeting of IFEA at the AAE Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, Dr. Ernesto R. Vizcarra of the Philippines and Dr. Atsunu Miyahara of Japan met to conceive the idea of forming a group of endodontists in Asia.
  • . Constitution and By-Laws drafted by Drs. Miyahara and Vizcarra . Communications with Endodontists in the Asian Pacific region . Organizational meeting set Getting Organized
  • 12 th Asian Pacific Dental Congress 5 th -10 th December, 1985 Bangkok, Thailand 7 TH December 1985 1400-1700 : (IFEA) Asian Division, International Federation of Endodontic Associations (By Invitation Only) Rungsit Room, Hyatt Central Plaza Hotel First Organizational Meeting
    • First Organizational Meeting, December 7, 1985, Rungsit Room,
    • Hyatt Central Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand (Courtesy of Dr. R.C. Kakar).
  • Second Organizational Meeting November 12, 1986, Mindoro Room Philippine Plaza Hotel, Manila, Philippines 1. Attendance (20) 2. Approval in principle of the corrected Constitution and By-Laws 3. Approval of the the name Asian Pacific Endodontic Confederation (APEC) 4. Election of Officers
  • Inaugural Officers 1985 - 1989 President Dr. Ernesto R. Vizcarra The Philippines President-elect Dr. Richard T. Walker President-elect Secretary Dr. R. C. Kakar India Treasurer Dr. Elvira J. Ansaldo The Philippines Councillors Dr. John M. Booth Australia Dr. Abdul Malek Bhuiyan Bangladesh Dr. Atsumu Miyahara Japan Dr. Thavalyarat Holasut Thailand
    • Second Organizational Meeting, November 12, 1986, Philippine Plaza Hotel,
    • Manila, Philippines (Courtesy of Dr. R. C. Kakar)
  • The signatories of the approved and ratifed APEC Constitution and By-Laws
  • APEC Constitution and By-Laws . The Miyahara-Vizcarra Draft, 1985 . The Quackenbush Modification, 1986 . The Abbott Amendments, 1999 Historical backgound
  • APEC Objectives
    • 1. To promote, develop and maintain high standards
    • of endodontic research, teaching and clinical practice
    • in the Asian Pacific Region and
    • To cultivate and foster closer professional relationships
    • within the Asian Pacific Region
  • Reasons for joining APEC
    • 3. To work towards achieving high quality endodontics by means of advancing education through attending our meetings-if fees are charged then individual members coukd get a reduced fee.
    • 4. To help set up a register of Endodontic specialists who are Board-registered in their country-this register could be of value to you if you have patients traveling.
    • of Endodontics in the Asian Pacific region.
    • 7. To help you keep in touch 5. To receive the Newsletter.
    • 6. To enable you to feel you are helping the development
    • 8. The subscriptions small and the knowledge gained can helpyou to be a leader in your country.
    1. To keep your country involved in regional endodontics 2. To promote your country in the Newsletter by way of articles on Endodontics
  • In November 1989, APEC and its Constitution were registered with the Registrar of Societies in Hongkong Business Registration
  • First Treasurer’s Report
  • 1. Biennial Meetings ( 10) 2. Scientific Meetings ( 13) 3. Other Functions Past Events
  • 1. First Organizational Meeting Bangkok, Thailand, December 7, 1985 To establish a federation of endodontic associations in Asia, seven national associations and societies were represented.
        • 2. Second Organizational Meeting
    • Manila, Philippines , November 12, 1986
    • With 20 representatives from six countries, the Constitution
    • and By-Laws was adopted and the name Asian Pacific
    • Endodontic Confederation (APEC) was accepted.
  • 3. First Scientific Conference New Delhi, India, January 27, 1988 In conjunction with the Asian Pacific Dental Congress (APDC), a half day lecture meeting was held attended by approximately 150 people. This was followed by the 1 st . Biennial Meeting with 8 countries represented. The Constitution was ratified in this meeting.
  • 4. Second Scientific Conference Seoul, Korea, April 26, 1989 In conjunction with the APDC, a half day Scientific Meeting with 50 participants was held followed by the 2 nd . Biennial Meeting with 8 countries represented. 5. Third Scientific Conference Auckland, New Zealand, March, 1992 Co-hosted by the New Zealand Endodontic Society, a one day Pre-congress lecture prior to APDC was held attended by 200 people followed by the 3rd. Biennial Meeting with 5 countries represented.
  • 6. 4 th . Scientific Conference Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 23, 1993 Jointly organized by the Malaysian Endodontic Society, in conjunction with APDC, a half day lecture course was presented with 200 people in attendance. The 4th. Biennial Meeting followed with 5 countries represented.
  • 7. 5 th . Scientific Conference Manila, Philippines, April 26, 1994 Co-hosted by the Endodontitic Society of the Philippines, a half day Pre Congress APDC meeting was held with 600 attendees followed by the 5 th . Biennial Meeting with 6 country representatives. 8. 6 th . Scientific Conference Hongkong, October 1995 Prior to the Federacion Dentaire Internationale (FDI) meeting, a half day lecture was held with about 150 attendees. No General Meeting held.
  • Hongkong 1995 Meeting
  • 9. 7 th . Scientific Conference Seoul, Korea, April 1997 Co-hosted by the Korean Academy of Endodontics, a half day lecture meeting was held prior to the FDI meeting with 150 participants in attendance. The 6 th . Biennial Meeting with 5 countries represented was held. 10. 8 th . Scientific Conference Singapore, April 19, 1999 Prior to APDF Meeting, a half day lecture hosted by the Society of Endodontists of Singapore was held with about 150 participants. The 7 th . Biennial Meeting preceded where 8 countries were represented.
  • The 1999 Singapore Meeting
  • 13. 11 th . Scientific Meeting Seoul, Korea, April 4, 2002 A full day Endodontic Symposium (Theme: Pain Endodontic practice) was held. This included scientific discussions and poster presentations in the morning and panel discussions in in the afternoon. Over 200 people attended. The General Meeting was held before the scientific meeting.
  • 11. 9 th . Scientific Meeting Osaka, Japan, June 2000 Prior to the APDF Meeting, the 9 th . Scientific APEC General Meeting was held. 12. 10 th . Scientific Meeting Taipei, Taiwan, April 9, 2001 Co-hosted by the Taiwan Endododntic Society, and Endodontic Symposium was held prior to the APDF Meeting. The 8 th . Biennial Meeting was held after the Scientific Meeting.
  • 2001-2003 Office Bearers APEC General Meeting
  • 14. 12 th . Scientific Meeting Manila, Philippines, May 25, 2003
  • Dr. S.J. Lee’s Valecdictory Address Dr. P.O. Zimet’s Inaugural Address F 9th. Biennial Meeting 2001-2003 Office Bearers 9 th . Biennial Meeting
  • 15. 13 th . Scientific Meeting May 25, 2005, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia The John M. Booth Memorial Series of Lectures Theme : Old Problems - New Solutions
  • APEC’s 2003 Manila Tour Other functions…
  • APEC in Brisbane, Australia September 2004
  • APEC in Dallas, Texas April 2005 Past President Abbott and current President Zimet with Prof. Bergenholtz at the APEC function. Professor Abbott spoke at the AAE Annual Convention while Dr. Zimet represented APEC at the International Endodontic Community Meeting.
  • Summary of Meetings
    • 1. 1985 Bangkok Organizational - 1
    • 2. 1986 Manila Organizational - 2
    • 3. 1988 New Delhi First First
    • 4. 1989 Seoul Second Second
    • 5. 1992 Auckland, N. Z. Third Third
    • 6. 1993 Kuala Lumpur Fourth Fourth
    • 7. 1994 Manila Fifth Fifth
    • 8. 1995 Hongkong - Sixth
    • 9. 1997 Seoul Sixth Seventh
    • 1999 Singapore Seventh Eight
    • 2000 Osaka G. M. Ninth
    • 2001 Taipei Eight Tenth
    • 2002 Seoul G. M. Eleventh
    • 2003 Manila Ninth Twelfth
    • 2005 Kuala Lumpur Tenth Thirteenth
  • APEC Presidents 1985-1989 Dr. Ernesto R. Vizcarra The Philippines 1989-1991 Dr. Richard T. Walker Hongkong 1992-1994 Dr. John M Booth Australia 1994-1997 Dr. Gary S.P. Cheung Hongkong 1997-1999 Dr. Paul V. Abbott Australia 1999-2001 Dr. Ma Edna M. Jimena The Philippines 2001-2003 Dr. Seung-Jong Lee Korea 2003-2005 Dr. Phillippe O. Zimet Australia
  • Vizcarra Walker Booth Cheung Abbott Jimena Lee Zimet
  • APEC Newsletter Newsletter No. 1 April 1993 APEX Asian Pacific Endodontic Exchange May 2005
  • APEC WEBSITE http://www.hku.hk/consden/apec Thru Dr. Gary S.P. Cheung since 1992 http://www.ada.org.au/Societies/APEC/ Thru Dr. Phillippe O. Zimet since 2003
  • September 15, 2003 APEC was affiliated with APDF/AFRO in a Resolution passed by the House of Delegates in its meeting held in Mexico. Affiliation
  • Honorary Life Members (2) Individual Members (11) Association Members (17) APEC Membership
  • Membership 2004 – 2005 By Dr. Seung Tae Kim APEC Treasurer, 03-30-05 Thru Prof. Hideaki Suda Honorary Life Members: 1. Dr. Ernesto R. Vizcarra 2. Dr. John M. Booth (+) Individual Members: 1. Prof. Paul V. Abbott 2. Prof. Dr. Siti Mardewi Akbar 3. Dr. Gary S .P. Cheung 4. Dr. Dewi A. Margono 5. Drg. Aida Hermansyur 6. Dr. Gary J. Nervo 7. Prof. Naseem Shah 8. Drg. Winiati Sidharta 9. Ms. Veronique Soffer 10. Drg. Endang Suprastiwi 11. Drg. Bambang Sursasongko Association Members: 1. Airlangga University(Faculty of Dentistry) 2. American Association of Endodontists 3. Australian Society of Endodontology 4. Australian and New Zealand Academy of Endodontists 5. Canadian Academy of Endodontics 6. Endodontic Society of the Philippines 7. Hongkong Endodontic Society 8. Ikagi (Indonesian Society of Conservative Dentistry) 9. Indian Endodontic Society 10. Iranian Association of Endodontists 11. Israel Endodontic Association 12. Japan Endodontic Association 13. Korean Academy of Endodontics 14. Malaysian Endodontic Association 15. New Zealand Society of Endodontics 16. Society of Endodontists in Singapore 17. Taiwan Endodontic Association
  • In Memoriam
    • Dr. Larry Quackenbush, Hongkong
    • Inaugural Councillor
    • Dr. Atsumu Miyahara, Japan
    • Inaugural Councillor
    • Dr. Elvira J. Ansaldo, The Philippines
    • Inaugural Treasurer
    • Dr. John M. Booth, Australia
    • Inaugural Councillor, Past-President and Honorary Life Member