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  1. 1. GengigelTestimonialsMrs Philpot from KentI am delighted with both Gengigel mouthrinse and gel. My gums have been aproblem for some time on my lower teeth – Not anymore.I gave my dentist your telephone number and shall be looking forward to his reactionon my next appointment. Very many thanks – so glad I read the Daily Mail article.Mrs Richey from BelfastA great product – I only wish I’d heard about it sooner!Mrs Silvester from StaffordshireFor many years I have had trouble with aching gums (no redness or soreness). Manytreatments and opinions have been sought, but – at LAST great relief!Mrs Hodgkins from WarwickshireFor the past seventeen years I have had problems with inflamed and bleeding gums,particularly around the gumline of my front capped teeth. In spite of regular sixmonthly check-ups with my dentist and three monthly visits to a hygienist, nothingwe tried would resolve the problem. Apart from the pain involved, the utter misery ofnot just seeping but blood pouring, nearly every time I cleaned my teeth necessitatingthe application of cotton wool pads pressed firmly to stem the flow.Without being unnecessarily dramatic, I feel this problem has to some degree wreckedmany moments of my life that should have been memorable.Eighteen months ago, I had my caps replaced privately, so this was costly. Becauseof the inflammation this was difficult. All seemed well for a few months, then theproblems started all over again with the possibility that I would loose my front teeth.Since starting to use Gengigel gel two months ago I cannot believe the difference tomy gums. I can now brush my teeth without any problem and even use an electrictoothbrush. I also feel confident enough to actually smile in company. If only I hadbeen aware of this product sooner it could have saved me years of misery. I have yetto see my dentist but I am positive he will see a marked improvement.Thank you for your wonderful product, how pleased I am that you had the forethoughtto advertise in the Daily Mail.Mrs W. H. from BerkshireI think Gengigel is wonderful. For some years I have had severe problems with mygums. As I have many costly crowns, I was worried about the long term, but both thedoctor and the dentist could offer me no solution. It was so bad that my gums wouldbleed even when eating soft food, and they were red and swollen all the time. As Ialso have a heart condition this was an extra problem. Just a few days after using thegel, I was able to clean my teeth, with no bleeding, after two weeks my gums evenlooked normal. I can’t thank you enough for this product. I am now just topping upby using it a couple of times a week. Its now something I WON’T be without on thebathroom shelf.Something at last that really works. Once again thank you.
  2. 2. Mrs Hodgart from SutherlandI am so delighted with your Gengigel products. After years of problems with mygums, in spite of thorough oral cleaning with floss, interdental brushes, and manymouthwashes.I saw a letter in the Sunday Times “What’s the Alternative” where your products wererecommended for similar problems.I returned to my dentist last week and he commented on the improvement in mygums. The previous time I had seen him in August he had noted some teeth werebecoming loose. They are perfectly fine now.Miss Halliwell from LancashireHaving been ill for sometime, my teeth and gums were much neglected. My dentistdid all he could to help me. At 72 I have only lost one wisdom tooth, then seeingyour article in the Daily Mail I sent for your Gengigel, which seems to be helping mygums.The dentist said I would have lost 4 bottom front teeth and eventually all my bottomteeth would have to go.Hopefully I can keep them for longer.Mrs Crandley from EssexBoth my daughter and myself have been using Gengigel with excellent results.I have a partial denture and have always had problems with soft, bleeding gums,which is what caused the loss of my teeth. After only 4/5 weeks use the problem hasalmost completely vanished.My daughter has often suffered with gum trouble; again she has seen a very markedimprovement.What a pleasure to find a product that lives up to its reputation.Ms Miller from HertforshireThank you for Gengigel. My toothbrush is no longer bloodstained. For years this hasworried me. I have a fear of losing my remaining lower teeth – have lost all fromPyorrhea (wish I’d had Gengigel years ago).Mrs Collins from EssexMany thanks for the recent offer of Gengigel. Very thankfully I do not need topurchase any more at present as my Lichen Planus has completely cleared up.The Lichen Planus occurred in December 2000 due to commencement of Amlodipinefor blood pressure problems. This was confirmed by my oral surgeon consultant, bybiopsy in May.My whole mouth was extremely painful which has caused a change of diet as mostacid fruits etc, and crusty bread etc made the problem worse. I started Gengigel inJuly and the soreness eased considerably and started to lessen the problem.Fortunately in September my blood pressure improved and I was taken off themedication.I saw my oral surgeon in December and he was amazed to see the Lichen Planus hadalmost disappeared.Mr Harding from CambridgeshireJust a short line to praise you on your excellent range of Gengigel products. I mustadmit when I first purchased this product to being somewhat skeptical of it. However
  3. 3. it was to be put to the test recently when I had one of my main molars extracted.Although my mouth was very sore and I indeed had stitches, I religiously used theGengigel mouthwash to help the healing process.After 1 week I returned to my dentist to have my stitches removed which she did andeven she was surprised to see just how quickly my mouth had healed with thisexcellent product.Mrs Gamble from DevonFor years I have suffered from gum disease, which resulted in the loss of severalteeth, but since using Gengigel gel for the past year I have managed to keep theinfection at bay.Mr Tucker from CheshireI have been using Gengigel gel since first receiving it one month ago and it reallydoes work for me. I had toothache 2 days prior to Christmas and my teeth were a bitloose on upper left molar so I concentrated on using the gel at this location.The next day the ache had gone!In two/three days my teeth tightened up and I was then able to eat normally and enjoyChristmas meals. and to visit the dentist.I recommend this to all my friends and my dentist.Ms Hallsworth from CheshireWhen I had to wait nearly six weeks for my first tube of Gengigel, I thought to myself“This better be good”.Well….it isn’t good – IT’S BRILLIANT!My gums have turned from a dark red/blue colour to a nice healthy sugar pink inunder two months. Several teeth that were a little loose are now firm again.The soreness and bleeding has now been totally eliminated and it appears that mygums are now growing again.Mrs Poll from HartlepoolFor the last few years I have had terrible problems with my gums. Abscesses everytwo months, the last time three weeks ago. I had three abscesses in a week! My gumsreceding terrible! So much so, I’ve waited 7 ½ months to attend the periodontalhospital in Newcastle. The news – not very good.It’s my worst nightmare, the thought of losing my teeth. They are not the best, sincemy problems started my front tooth has moved a little, also dropped a little – but theyare my own teeth!My gums have got to improve before anything cosmetic can be done!Yesterday I went to see my hygienist! I was amazed – she said there is “someimprovement”.I started to use Gengigel three weeks ago. I’m not out of the woods yet - I’ve still gota long way to go, but after at least 5 years of the problem getting worse – it’s the firsttime I’ve been told the pockets in my gums are improving.I wish I had known about your product a long time ago.Mrs Simpson from DerbyI am a diabetic and Gengigel has helped me so much. I have suffered from recedinggums for a long time and now I’m hopeful that Gengigel will ensure that I keep myteeth longer. Thank you.
  4. 4. Mr Steen from DorsetAm I writing to thank you for helping my chronic periodontitis, which I have sufferedfor 15 years.My dentist says I am now virtually clear.Mr Wilson from LancashireBecause of the poor condition of my gums I had just had four front teeth extractedwhen I heard about Gengigel. Since I began using it there has been overallimprovement (as opposed to a progressive worsening) and Gengigel has I feel sure,helped my gums through the process of getting used to the dental plate, fitted at thetime of the extractions. It’s a pleasure to use, with confidence, a successful product.Ms Pratt from PembrokeshireI have had problem gums for may years, even having them cut and stitched about 30years ago. I was going through a bad patch when I read about Gengigel. I orderedsome without great expectations and was amazed at the difference after 3 weeks. Iwasn’t even very good at using it as ofter as recommended but did manage at leastonce and mostly twice a day. I now use it a couple of times a week and so far all isgreat.Miss Hamilton-Campbell from LondonI am very pleased with the results of Gengigel. My gums have been tender and myteeth loose for some years, with my dentist suggesting he pull them for some time.They have now firmed up considerably and are no longer painful.Mrs Harrison from Isle of ButeFor the past three months I have been using Gengigel and feel compelled to sharewith you and other customers my experience. Throughout the past ten years I havehad problems with bleeding and rapidly receding gums, in spite of rigorous hygiene,along with support from my local dentist, hygienist and the dental hospital.I cannot believe the difference that using Gengigel has made. My gums are healthy,do not bleed and best of all, the exposure of the join on crowns has disappeared – thishas made it very easy to measure the effect of using the product. My dentist noticedthe change and was very interested to have your company details.I am so grateful to have been able to obtain Gengigel and will continue to use myself,also recommend to others.B Holland from DevonI am in my late fifties and my gums were deteriorating. My gums were bleeding inone place when I brushed my teeth, several gums receding and one tooth wasbecoming loose.Since using Gengigel daily for several months, my gums no longer bleed when Ibrush my teeth, and my loose tooth has stablised and now very nealy solid.I intend that Gengigel will be a permaent feature in the bathroom cabinet and lookforward to when I can buy Gengigel in the local shops. Thank you for yourwonderful product.Mrs Batty from GwyneddI do my utmost to care for my teeth, which have always been very troublesome anddespite regular dental check ups, flossing, waterjetting and electric toothbrushing they
  5. 5. still give problems at times. One dentist told me "we can mend your teeth but wecant ment your gums".When I read about Gengigel in the Daily Telegraph I thought it sounded good and Iwas not disappointed. I have been using it for about four weeks now, and thedifference in my receiding gums is amazing. There is only a small area at the bottomfront tooth which is not quite back to how it should be, but the other problem areasseem 100% better. I am looking forward to my next dental check up to see what mydentist has to say.Ms Walker from Sutton ColdfieldI have today had my six monthly check up with my dentist. He remarked on howhealthy my gums looked - "lovely and pink", he said. I told him that I had been usingGengigel gel for the last three and a half months, so it was nice to know that it wasworking. He asked me about the product and I told him it was so easy and pleasant touse, and it did not stain my teeth or cause me to lose my sense of taste. I started usingit morning and evening but now only use it once a day, so a small tube lasts ages.The dentist was so impressed with the improvement in my gums that whilst I wasseeing the hygienist, he telephoned and placed an order for Gengigel.