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  1. 1. ETheElite Smile Center PROCEDURES • Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry • Orthodontics for Adults and Children • Root Canals Auburn Professional Building • Metal Free Crowns/Bridge Work • Full or Partial Denture Care 1390 West Auburn Rd, Suite A • Teeth Whitening – Rembrandt 1 HR smile, Laser Smile Rochester Hills, MI 48309 • 1 Hour Office Bleaching 7-10 Shades Lighter • Tooth Color/Mercury Free Fillings & Extractions • Take home • Pediatric & Geriatric Dentistry • Gentle Nitrous Oxide Analgesia • Gum disease treatment • Single visit porcelain crowns using CEREC ® CAD/CAM • Veneers – traditional and Lumineers ® - Contact lens thin COSMETIC AND IMPLANT DENTISTRY A dental implant is a small titanium fixture that serves as the replacement for the root portion of a missing natural tooth. The implant is placed in the upper or lower jaw. It will bond with the bone over time and thus serve as an anchor for the replacement tooth. Dental implants can be used to replace a single lost tooth or many missing teeth. BRACES FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN Expander A palatal expander (PSA) is a non-removable orthodontic appliance that is used to widen the upper arch and to obtain room for permanent teeth to erupt. There is generally very little tooth discomfort for the patient; however there is a short adjustment period. During this adjustment period, the patient may have extra saliva in the mouth and may lisp slightly until the tongue becomes used to the appliance. Chewing may be difficult the first few days because the appliance covers the chewing surfaces of the teeth. Cut food up into bite size pieces and stay away from sticky and hard foods such as candies and pretzels. A few patients may experience a small sore on the tongue from the bar of the expander. If this happens, rinse the mouth with warm salt water or hydrogen peroxide mixed half and half with water, a few times a day until the sore heals. If the tongue becomes swollen or does not heal within a week, please call the office for an appointment. Depending on the patients’ tolerance and adaptability level, the adjustment period lasts from 2-5 days. To obtain the expansion needed, the palatal expander will need to be activated or turned a number of times before your next visit. The Doctor will prescribe the exact number of times the expander will need to be turned. Lip Bumper The lip bumper is a removable appliance used in growing children to create and save the space necessary to accommodate the adult teeth without extraction. In younger children, crowding of the lower teeth is common. If not treated, this could lead Phone: 248.299.8300 to the extraction of permanent teeth. Many times, removing adult teeth can adversely effect your child’s profile and lead to a “sunken-in” appearance of the face. Fax: 248.299.9235 info@elitesmilecenter.com The lip bumper harnesses the natural forces of the muscles surrounding the lower teeth to
  2. 2. ETheElite Smile Center broaden and lengthen the dental arch. By keeping the lip pressure away from the lower front teeth, the tongue pressure is allowed to gradually move the front teeth forward to “unravel” or align the crooked teeth. The constant pressure of the lower lip against the front pad of the lip bumper exerts a force to gently push the molar teeth backward. The lip bumper will gradually “stretch” the dental arch to make room for the erupting adult teeth. Auburn Professional Building The lip bumper is a comfortable and easy appliance for your child to wear, and should be worn 24 hours a day. It may be removed only when brushing and flossing. Usually the lip 1390 West Auburn Rd, Suite A bumper is worn for approximately 12 to 18 months although the length of treatment can Rochester Hills, MI 48309 vary depending on factors such as the severity of crowding and the rate of each child’s growth and development. The lip bumper may be used with other Phase I appliances when indicated. The initiation of lip bumper therapy can prevent the need for more invasive procedures such as permanent tooth extraction. Distal Jet The distal jet appliance moves upper teeth back to correct a “class II” bite problem. It moves teeth faster and more predictably than the traditional headgear. Best of all, the distal jet is worn in the mouth, not a big bulky headband and face bow. It is painless, comfortable, and since it is cemented into place, it is working for you 24 hours a day! Herbst ® Appliance The Herbst® appliance is designed to correct bites and improve facial profiles. The most common bite problem the Herbst® will correct is when the upper teeth protrude too far beyond the lower. We tend to think that the upper jaw and teeth are too far forward but, more often than not, this condition is due to a small lower jaw that is further back than it should be. The Herbst® will encourage the lower jaw to catch up in growth. The appliance is cemented and will work for even the most sensitive patient because a constant force is much less painful and disruptive than intermittent forces, like a head gear, and is much more predictable as far as results. It is often necessary to expand the upper jaw while the lower jaw advances; this is done with the addition of a Palatal Expander. The PSA is turned with a special key until the upper jaw is wide enough. The doctor will advise you about using the key and what to expect from this combination. The Herbst® appliance can eliminate the need for extracting permanent teeth and/or the need for surgical corrections. The Herbst® appliance is completely contained in your mouth, and is placed on your upper and lower teeth, staying there until the bite is corrected. At first your mouth will feel full and speaking will be temporarily awkward.You may also notice more saliva than normal, but this will decrease as you become accustomed to the appliance. Even though the Herbst® prevents the lower jaw from moving backward, opening and closing movement still occur easily and patients do not have any problems learning to chew their food with their lower jaw in this new position. The most common problem with the Herbst® is the rod coming out of the tube when the patient opens their mouth too wide. This is easily fixed at home by having the patient open overly wide again and sliding the rod back into the tube as shown below. As with all kinds of braces, patients with the Herbst® need to be careful about what they eat. Hard, sticky, chewy and crunchy foods can loosen the cement and pull the braces from Phone: 248.299.8300 the teeth. Don’t play with the appliance with your tongue or fingers. More braces are Fax: 248.299.9235 damaged by these careless habits than any thing else. Pendium Appliance info@elitesmilecenter.com
  3. 3. ETheElite Smile Center The Pendulum appliance is a non-removable appliance used to correct Class II bite relationships (upper jaw teeth too far forward). It also corrects severe crowding in the upper jaw. It eliminates the need to wear a removable headgear appliance or to have teeth extracted. The Pendulum appliance is attached to the upper teeth. It works by using the roof of the Auburn Professional Building mouth and selected upper teeth as anchors in order to move the upper molars back into 1390 West Auburn Rd, Suite A their correct position and create space for erupting teeth. A plastic button touches the roof of the mouth and resilient wire springs act in a broad swinging arc, causing the molars to Rochester Hills, MI 48309 move. An expansion screw is incorporated into the plastic button and is activated by the doctor in order to accomplish the movement of the upper molars. The Pendulum appliance is very efficient at moving teeth painlessly. It may take a couple of days to get used to having it in your mouth, but it is very comfortable and easy to wear. It is generally worn for 6-10 months. Damon Bracket system An ordinary metal bracket has to be “tied in” or secured to the arch wire with elastic bands or small stainless steel wires. The Damon bracket is self-ligating, meaning it has a built in “sliding door” that secures the bracket to the wire. The impact of this difference is that instead of using elastic bands that grab the wire like a “parking break”, the self-ligating bracket allows the wire to slide through the braces freely. This translates into less pressure, more comfort and faster treatment. Another great benefit is that since the Damon brackets work more efficiently, they require fewer adjustments and fewer office visits than the ordinary metal bracket. Clear Bracket system Clear braces, an aesthetic choice that won’t compromise your treatment. This is a great choice for adults and older teens concerned by the appearance of standard metal brackets. Crystal sapphire brackets are translucent on the teeth; the only visible signs of treatment are the wires. Sapphire brackets are slightly larger than the metal bracket. They also may extend the time of treatment due a high wire-to-bracket friction factor. They are also not recommended for younger patients because they are more fragile than metal brackets. Elastics Today you were given your rubber bands. They are an important part of your orthodontic treatment. Rubber bands supply the pressure needed to move the teeth and jaws into the correct position. To achieve the optimal result from your treatment, the rubber bands must be worn as prescribed. Any time missed wearing your rubber bands will only make your treatment take longer. Arch Length Maintainer (ALM) The Arch Length Maintainer is designed to prevent any loss of the arch length when teeth are prematurely lost or to save as much arch length as possible during the transition from primary dentition to permanent dentition. The large primary molars are replaced with permanent bicuspid teeth that are smaller. Without an ALM, the permanent six year molars have the tendency to slip forward, after the primary teeth have fallen out, and take up the extra space. When the lower jaw is crowded, this process only worsens the problem unless Phone: 248.299.8300 the extra space left by the primary dentition can be saved to make more room. Fax: 248.299.9235 The Arch Length Maintainer is made of two metal bands that are cemented to the six year info@elitesmilecenter.com molars and a thin arch of wire that fits just behind all the teeth on the lower jaw. The ALM
  4. 4. ETheElite Smile Center completely contained under the tongue and does not show while smiling. Hard, sticky, crunchy and chewy foods do need to be avoided in order not to damage the appliance. If the ALM pops loose from your teeth, please contact our office immediately. After all the primary teeth have fallen out and been replaced with the permanent teeth, the Auburn Professional Building ALM will be removed. 1390 West Auburn Rd, Suite A Fixed Retainers Rochester Hills, MI 48309 Permanent retainers are thin wires bonded to the backs of the teeth the same way the braces are bonded to the fronts of the teeth. Lower permanent retainers are more frequently used than upper permanent retainers due to problems with bite clearance. (The bottom teeth may hit the upper retainer when you bite down) If you are interested in an upper permanent retainer, the doctor will advise you as to whether or nor your bite will allow it. Pros: They are not visible when you smile or speak. Permanent retainers do not impair your speech and you will never forget to wear them. Cons: Permanent retainers do require special cleaning and care must be taken when eating certain foods. Also, they may require repair at some point, which can be done by your orthodontist or a general dentist. Removable Retainers Removable retainers are made of colored plastic that goes behind the teeth with a wire that goes along the fronts of the teeth. There are many different fun colors to choose from and since they are removable, there are no special hygiene requirements and no restrictions on eating. Removable Retainer (Hawley) Instructions Upon delivery, your retainers should be worn full time for the first two weeks. Remove it only during meals, active physical sports, and when brushing your teeth. (Always put it in your plastic case.) After the first two weeks, wear it for 12 hours a day. The retainer’s plastic taste will disappear quickly, and your speech will return to normal after a few days of wearing the retainer. Your teeth will be sore for just a few days. If you have a sore spot after four or five days, please give the office a call. Clean your retainer with your toothbrush and toothpaste. Occasionally clean it with denture cleaner (Retainer Brite or Efferdent), using warm (not hot!) water. When it is not in your mouth, keep your retainer in it’s plastic case. Dogs love to eat retainers, keep it away from your pets! Bring your retainer to each visit. Essix Retainers An Essix Retainer is a removable, virtually invisible, plastic device that can be used not only for retention, but also for a variety of functions including tooth movement, bridges; bite planes, stabilizers, fluoride and bleaching trays, and TMJD relief. ROOT CANALS Phone: 248.299.8300 Root canal therapy refers to the treatment of the inner aspects of a tooth, specifically that Fax: 248.299.9235 area inside a tooth originally occupied by the tooth’s “pulp tissue”. info@elitesmilecenter.com
  5. 5. ETheElite Smile Center Most people would probably refer to a tooth’s pulp tissue as its “nerve”.While tooth’s pulp tissue does contain nerve fibers, it also contains arteries, veins, lymph vessels, and connective tissue. METAL FREE CROWNS/BRIDGE WORK Crowns and bridgework are the historical standards in dental restorations and are a process with which many people are familiar. For many years, these restorations were made entirely Auburn Professional Building from precious metals (gold alloy, platinum, palladium) exposing a gold or silver tooth. 1390 West Auburn Rd, Suite A Those precious metals are still used in crown and bridgework, but today there is the added Rochester Hills, MI 48309 aesthetic of porcelain, which makes the restoration look and function like your natural teeth. Porcelain crowns completely cover the exposed tooth structure down to the gum line. They are often used to repair teeth that have undergone root canal treatment or have broken down from decay or a fracture too extensive to be restored by a filling. A porcelain crown is created in the laboratory, specially designed and crafted to fit perfectly and blend with your natural teeth. The shade of porcelain is carefully selected to match your surrounding teeth, making the crowns appear as natural as your un-restored teeth. The materials used are a high noble (precious) metal interior (for strength) and a porcelain exterior (for cosmetics). The strength of the material creates a crown that functions like a natural tooth. Once the crown is permanently cemented, chewing ability is like that of your natural teeth. Having a customized crown made takes two or three appointments. The tooth is carefully prepared and impressions are taken to create a natural looking crown to fit your smile. If you are missing more than one tooth in an area, a bridge may be an option. Bridgework is used to replace one tooth or multiple teeth. A series of crowns (called pontics) are crafted to replace the missing teeth. These are anchored to natural teeth (called abutments) on either end of the span. The materials used for creating a bridge are similar to those of a crown, allowing a custom shade of porcelain to match your surrounding teeth. As with the crown, once the bridgework is permanently cemented you may again enjoy your favorite foods with confidence. Bridgework allows you to avoid that sunken-in appearance caused by missing teeth and stabilizes that area of the dental arch to give you a more youthful appearance, allowing you to smile once more with confidence. If you have any questions about crown and bridgework or replacing old crowns and/or bridgework, please contact our office. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about these procedures as well as other procedures we offer. FULL OR PARTIAL DENTURE CARE An important step in maintaining a healthy smile is to replace missing teeth. When teeth are missing, the remaining ones can change position, drifting into the surrounding space. Teeth that are out of position can damage tissues in the mouth. In addition, it may be difficult to clean thoroughly between crooked teeth. As a result, you run the risk of tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease, which can lead to the loss of additional teeth. A removable partial denture, also called a removable bridge, fills in the space created by missing teeth and fills out your smile. It can be made of acrylic resin, metal or a combination of both. Complete or full dentures replace all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Phone: 248.299.8300 Fax: 248.299.9235 Complete dentures are either “conventional” or “immediate.” A conventional denture is placed info@elitesmilecenter.com in the mouth about 4 to 8 weeks after all of the teeth are removed to allow for proper healing. A conventional denture is also made to replace an existing denture. An immediate denture is
  6. 6. ETheElite Smile Center placed as soon as the teeth are removed. The drawback with an immediate denture is that it may require more adjustments after the healing has taken place. A denture helps you to properly chew food, a difficult task when you are missing teeth. In addition, a denture may improve speech and prevent a sagging face by providing support for lips and cheeks. Auburn Professional Building TEETH WHITENING – Rembrandt 1 HR smile, Laser Smile 1390 West Auburn Rd, Suite A Rembrandt 1 HR smile Rochester Hills, MI 48309 We offer one hour in-office tooth whitening treatment and take home techniques. The Rembrandt system that we use is one of the most effective, longest lasting, and gentlest one hour systems available today. Our office provides an enhanced, bonus whitening treatment for most of our patients electing this technique. We also stock whitening preserving material for maintaining whiter teeth long term. Lasersmile The LaserSmile whitening procedure is simple and hassle-free. In just one visit to Paradise Dental, you can sit back, relax and walk out with the whitest, brightest smile in as little as 30 minutes. 1 HOUR OFFICE BLEACHING 7-10 SHADES LIGHTER Our office is proud to be designated as a Rembrandt One Hour Whitening Center. I looked for many years to find a safe, comfortable, and effective chair side whitening system that I was comfortable using on our patients. Rembrandt’s system is very effective with an average ten shade improvement. We also give our patients bleaching trays and a home whitening touch-up kit to help maintain their great new smile. The secret to Rembrandt’s system is the Sapphire Light Crystal; a high intensity curing light with an arch shaped crystal attached which allows us to whiten upper and lower arches at the same time. It takes about 45 minutes of the light with a peroxide solution applied to get these great results. The Sapphire light can also be used to cure the tooth colored composite fillings faster and stronger as well. TOOTH COLORING / METAL FILLINGS & EXTRACTIONS Dental decay creates holes in our teeth. An organic acid produced by bacteria dissolves away the hard outer covering of our teeth. Fillings are a man-made material designed to fill in or restore the damaged areas of decayed teeth. Although not normally recommended, fillings can also replace areas of teeth that have been damaged by fracture. Broken teeth are usually best restored with crowns. Fillings can also repair areas of wear caused by brushing too hard and other habits. Dental amalgam is a mixture of metals used to fill back teeth. Most people know amalgam fillings as silver fillings, as this is one of the major metals in the amalgam filling. One of the metals in the mixture is a small amount of mercury which has led some uninformed people to say that dental amalgam is dangerous. When mercury is combined with the other metals in dental amalgam, its chemical nature changes, forming a hard dense metal mixture. There is much less metallic mercury in dental amalgam than what patients are exposed to in food, air, and water. Ongoing scientific studies conducted over the past 100 years continue to show that dental amalgam is safe to use as a restorative material in dentistry. Dental amalgam has withstood Phone: 248.299.8300 the test of time, which is why it is the material of choice. Amalgam is a very durable Fax: 248.299.9235 material and has been used safely for more than 150 years. It is estimated that well over 1 billion amalgam restorations (fillings) are placed annually. info@elitesmilecenter.com
  7. 7. ETheElite Smile Center Dentists appreciate using dental amalgam because it is easier to work with than other alternatives. Dentists also believe that patients prefer dental amalgam to other alternatives because of its safety, cost-effectiveness, and ability to be placed in the tooth cavity quickly and easily. Gold and porcelain are used as alternatives to amalgam fillings but have a higher cost and take longer to place. Auburn Professional Building Dr. Howell normally recommends the material that will give the best results, comparing 1390 West Auburn Rd, Suite A costs to longevity and function. Smaller silver fillings generally work the best. When a tooth has very large defective silver filling or a major portion of the tooth breaks away, porcelain Rochester Hills, MI 48309 to gold or a full gold crown generally works the best. Modern dental science has greatly improved the strength and durability of white filling materials to allow us to place white filling materials in back teeth. PEDIATRIC & GERIATRIC DENTISTRY Gentle Nitrous Oxide Analgesia Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen is a blend of two gases - oxygen and nitrous oxide. When inhaled, it is absorbed by the body and has a calming effect. Normal breathing eliminates nitrous oxide/oxygen from the body. Sometimes, however, a child feels anxious during treatment.Your child may need more support than a gentle, caring manner to feel comfortable. Nitrous oxide/oxygen is a safe, effective technique to calm a child’s fear of the dental visit. GUM DISEASE TREATMENT Gum diseases are treated in a variety of ways depending on the stage of disease, how you may have responded to earlier treatments, and your overall health. Treatments range from non-surgical therapies that control bacterial growth to surgery to restore supportive tissues. Non-surgical Treatments • Professional dental cleaning. During a typical checkup your dentist or dental hygienist will remove the plaque and tartar (plaque that builds up and hardens on the tooth surface and can only be removed with professional cleaning) from above and below the gum line of all your teeth. If you have some signs of gum disease, your dentist may recommend professional dental cleaning more than twice-a-year. • Scaling and root planing.This is a deep-cleaning, non-surgical procedure, done under a local anesthetic, whereby plaque and tartar from above and below the gum line are scraped away (scaling) and rough spots on the tooth root are made smooth (planing). Smoothing the rough spots removes bacteria and provides a clean surface for the gums to reattach to the teeth. Scaling and root planNing is done if your dentist or Periodontist determines that you have plaque and calculus (hardened plaque, also called tartar) under the gums that needs to be removed. Surgical Treatments • Flap surgery/pocket reduction surgery. During this procedure the gums are lifted back and the tarter is removed. In some cases, irregular surfaces of the damaged bone are smoothed to limit areas where disease-causing bacteria can hide.The gums are then placed so that the tissue fits snugly around the tooth.This method reduces the size of the space between the gum and tooth, thereby decreasing the areas where harmful bacteria can grow and decreasing the chance of serious health problems associated with periodontal disease. Phone: 248.299.8300 Fax: 248.299.9235 • Bone grafts. Involves using fragments of your own bone, synthetic bone, or donated bone to replace bone destroyed by periodontal disease.The grafts serve as a platform info@elitesmilecenter.com for the re-growth of bone, which restores stability to teeth. New technology, called
  8. 8. ETheElite Smile Center tissue engineering, encourages your own body to regenerate bone and tissue at an accelerated rate. • Soft tissue grafts.This procedure reinforces thin gums or fills in places where gums have receded. Grafted tissue, most often taken from the roof of the mouth, is stitched in place, adding tissue to the affected area. Auburn Professional Building • Guided tissue regeneration. Performed when the bone supporting your teeth has been 1390 West Auburn Rd, Suite A destroyed, this procedure stimulates bone and gum tissue growth. Done in combination Rochester Hills, MI 48309 with flap surgery, a small piece of mesh-like fabric is inserted between the bone and gum tissue.This keeps the gum tissue from growing into the area where the bone should be, allowing the bone and connective tissue to re-grow to better support the teeth. • Bone surgery. Smoothes shallow craters in the bone due to moderate and advanced bone loss. Following flap surgery, the bone around the tooth is reshaped to decrease the craters.This makes it harder for bacteria to collect and grow. In some patients, the non-surgical procedure of scaling and root planning is all that is needed to treat gum diseases. Surgery is needed when the tissue around your teeth is unhealthy and cannot be repaired with non-surgical options SINGLE VISIT PORCELAIN CROWNS USING CEREC ® CAD/CAM CEREC by Sirona Dental Systems is the world’s only system for the fabrication of all ceramic dental restorations in one office visit. With CEREC at your dentist’s side, you can be in and out in a single visit with a permanent, all ceramic crown, onlay, or veneer! For you, the patient, this means fewer injections, less drilling, and less time out of your hectic schedule for dental care. VENEERS – TRADITIONAL AND LUMINEERS ® - CONTACT LENS THIN (W/0 REMOVAL OF PAINFUL TOOTH ENAMEL) Porcelain veneers are thin, shell-like slices of ceramic bonded to the front of the teeth.They are used to cover gaps, to reshape chipped teeth or whiten stained teeth. At $700 to $1,200 a tooth, they are one of cosmetic dentistry’s costlier options. However, they are also one of the most natural-looking and long-lasting whitening options available. Phone: 248.299.8300 Fax: 248.299.9235 info@elitesmilecenter.com