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Dental Schools with their contacts.doc

  1. 1. State Name of Designated Alternate Matched Alternate Dates ContactsName Dental Faculty Contact Faculty Associate Associate Made (alphabetically School (and contact info.) Contact Recruiter Recruiters) (and contact (and contact info.) (and contact info.) info.)AL 1. Alabama, Dr. Richard Weems2 Dr. Lauren Parker University of, Tel: (205)934-5470 mailto:Lauren.Parker@ at Email: BirminghamAZ 2. Arizona Follow-up with: Dr. Kathy Hayes School of Dr. Ron Dentistry and Dr. Erika Staiger – Student 301-594-5393 Bajuscak Oral Health Affairs Director kh305g@NIH.GOV (520) rbajuscak (480) 219-6000 574-7159 estaiger@atsu.eduCA 3. Loma Dr. William Hooker, Assoc. Or: Dr. Carol Baxer 9/13/04 Linda Dean, Student Services Joy Pastor University (909) 558-4222 (Dr. Hooker’s School of assistant) at Dentistry (909) contact through Joy Pastor, 558-4790 (310) cbaxer@b assistant to dean Hooker 732-5261 4. University Follow-up with: Dr. Carol Baxer 9/13/04,11/4/04, of California at Los Dr. Ann Beech, Asst. Dean, Angeles Student Affairs School of (310) 206-6063 Dentistry annb@denney.dent.ucla.ed (310) cbaxer@b u 732-5261 5. University Ms. Sandy Bolivar Dr. Carol Baxer 9/13/04 of Southern Senior Executive Director, California Office of Admissions and School of Student Affairs Dentistry (213) 740-2851 6. University Dr. William Bird1, Assoc. Ms. Christine Dr. Suzanne Saville 9/15/04 , 9/09/04 of California Dean, Administration O’keefe2 at San UCSF School of Dentistry Dr. Charles (707)765-7208 Francisco Box 0758 Alexander3, School of San Francisco, CA 94143 Student Affairs Dentistry Tel: (415) 476-4038 Dean Email:
  2. 2. 7. University 9/17/04, 9/1/04 William.St of the Pacific Dr. Nielson Dr. William enberg@ School of (415) 929-6424 Stenberg(918) mail.ihs.go Dentistry 458-3150 vCO 8. The Follow-up with: Dr. Jose Rodriguez University of Colorado Dr. Randy Kluender, Assoc. jrodriguez School of Dean, Student Affairs (605) @abr.ihs.g Dentistry (303) 315-8752 867-3078 ov randy.kluender@uchsc.eduCT 9. University Dr. Michael Goupil, Asst. Dr. John Dr. Gary Pannabecker 9/9/04, 9/10/04 of Dean, Student Affairs2,3 Stahl1 (406)338-6180 Connecticut UCONN, School of Dental mailto:gary.pannabecke School of Medicine Dental 263 Farmington Ave. Medicine Farmington, CT 06030-1720 Tel: (860) 679-2583 Email: goupil@nso.uchc.eduDC 10. Howard Mrs. Richetta Johnson Also: Dr. John Dr. Aaron Means 10/8/04, 9/29/04, University Office of Admissions R. Bailey, 9/24/04 College of Room 126 Recruitment (918) Dentistry Howard University, College Committee 423-844 Rfailing@ascape of Dentistry jrbailey@howa 0 600 W Street, NW Washington, DC 20059 Tel: (202) 806-0409 Charles Email: Sanders2 George Jones3 – Financial Aid DirectorFL 11. Nova Sarah Bradford Dr. Richard Dr. Rick Decker Southeastern Tel: (954) 262-1796 Masella1 University (at Email: Ft. Dr. Robert Lauderdale) Uchion2,3 12. University Follow-up with: Dr. Rick Decker of Florida (at Gainesville) Dr. Marc Gale, Student Affairs Director (352) 392-2946
  3. 3. mgale@dental.ufl.eduGA 13. Medical Dr. Carole Haines, Student Wilnetta Sweeting, 10/13/04, 10/08/04, College of Affairs Director DDS 9/10/04 Georgia (706) 721-2117 School of Dentistry 803/637-1433 803/637-7191 (FAX)IA 14. University Dr. Raymond Kuthy3, Dr. Peter Dr. Jose Rodriguez of Iowa Community Dentistry Damiano College of N336-DSB Tel: (319) jrodriguez Dentistry Dept. of Prevention & 335-6813 (605) @abr.ihs.g Community Dentistry Email: peter- 867-3078 ov Iowa City, Iowa 52242 damiano@uio Tel: (319) 335-7201 Email: Raymond- kuthy@uiowa.eduIL 15. Southern Tracy Wall, Student Affairs/ Sharon R. Doug Shepherd, DMD 9/21/04, 9/20/04 Illinois Financial Aid Dept. Boomer2 – (812)238-1531 x429 University 2800 College Ave., Student Affairs fax (812)238-3308 School of Bldg. 273 mailto:rshepherd@bop. Dental Alton, Il 62002 gov Medicine Tel (618) 474-7177 Email: 16. University Dr. Darryl Pendleton, Assoc. Dr. Laura Lund Dr. Dave Clemons 9/14/04, 9/13/04 of Illinois at Dean, Student Affairs2 (989) LLund@s 608-584-5511, dclemens Chicago Tel: (312) 355-1670 775-4611 EXT. 217 College of Email: Dentistry Also: Millie Mendez or Rosemary AguerraIN 17. Indiana Follow-up with: R. Doug Shepherd, DMD University (812)238-1531 x429 Medical Dr. Margot Van Dis, Assoc. fax (812)238-3308 Center Dean, Student Affairs mailto:rshepherd@bop. (317) 274-7461 gov mvandis@iupui.eduKY 18. University Dr. James Haubenreich1 Dr. Judy R. Doug Shepherd, DMD Dr. Jeffery Roth 9/13/04 of Kentucky (former PHS) Skelton2 (812)238-1531 x429 (at Lexington) College of Dentistry fax (812)238-3308 Chandler Medical Center, mailto:rshepherd@bop. or D-638 gov 800 Rose Street Dr. Kathy Hayes
  4. 4. Lexington, KY 40536-0297 301-496-7765 (859) 323-2805 19. University Dr. Lawrence Gettleman Dr. Larry Dr. Ron of Louisville (former PHS) Carnes Bajuscak School of 501 S. Preston Street Dr. Steve (520) rbajuscak Dentistry Louisville, KY 40292-001 Clark 574-7159 (502) 852-1185 Dr. Steve Topor (all former PHS)LA 20. Louisiana Follow-up with: Dr. Tim Ricks 9/9/04 State University Dr. Darlene Brunet, Student tim.ricks@ School of Affairs Director (775) mail.ihs.go Dentistry (504) 619-8700 574-1018 v dbrune@isuhsc.eduMA 21. B. U. Ms Madalyn Mann Dr. Robert1 Dr. Robert Failing Henry (617)628-4674 Lawrence Goldman (former HRSA) Rfailing@ School of (401)222-7620 ascapecod Dental Dr. David 609-898-6960, Medicine Gableman1 (retired PHS) 22. Harvard Dr. Catherine Hayes, Office Dr. Robert Dr. Robert Failing School of of Dental Education Lawrence1 Dental Harvard School of Dental Rfailing@ Medicine Medicine Dr. Bruce ascapecod 288 Longwood Ave. Donoff – Boston, MA 02115 Dean2 Tel: (617) 432-3507 Email: Catherine_hayes@hsdm.ha 23. Tufts Stanton Wolfe, Director Dr. Robert Dr. Deborah Noyes University Public Health Lawrence1 School of (617) 636-3741 (Former (202)267-0801 Dental HRSA) Medicine (401) 222-7620MD 24. University Follow-up with: Dr. Norman Dr. Deborah Noyes Dr. Jose Rodriguez of Maryland Tinanoff1 Baltimore Dr. Wilhema Garner-Brown, (Former PHS) (202)267-0801 jrodriguez College of Student Support Services (410) (605) @abr.ihs.g Dental Director 706-7970 867-3078 ov
  5. 5. Surgery (410) 706-7460 ntinanoff@den amg001@dental.umaryland. tal.umaryland. edu eduMI 25. University Dr. Marilyn Woolfolk, Asst. Dr. Mike Dr. Laura Lund 9/13/04 of Michigan Dean, Student Services Sharp (former (989) LLund@s School of (734) 763-3313 PHS) 775-4611 Dentistry Dr. Steve Eklund (former PHS) Dental Public Health Program 26. University Dr. Jane York, Asst. Dean, Dr. Laura Lund 9/13/04 of Detroit Student Affairs Mercy (313) 494-6676 School of DentistryMN 27. University Dr. Laura Boland, Student Dr. Dave Clemens 9/10/04 of Minnesota Affairs Director 608-584-5511, dclemens School of (612) 624-2424 EXT. 217 Dentistry bolan005@umn.eduMO 28. University Dr. Jay Jones (former PHS) Dr. James Dr. Suzanne Saville 9/15/04, 9/09/04 of Missouri- (816) 235-2148 Code (former Kansas City PHS) (707)765-7208 School of DentistryMS 29. University Dr. David Duncan,Asst. Dr. Tim Ricks 9/9/04 of Mississippi Dean, Student Affairs School of (601) 984-6000 tim.ricks@ Dentistry (775) mail.ihs.go 574-1018 vNC 30. University Dr. Al Guckes1 (former Dr. Mike Dr. Ray Dailey of North PHS) Asst. Dean, Roberts rdailey@s Carolina at Curriculum & Admissions (former PHS) (360) winomish. Chapel Hill UNC School of Dentistry (919) 466-3900 School of Campus Box 7450 966-2739 Dentistry Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7450 mike_roberts Tel: (919) 966-9840 @dentistry.un Email: ad_guckes@dentistry.unc.e duNE 31. University Dr. Myron Pudwill, Asst. Dr. Lee Shackelford of Nebraska Dean, Student Affairs Medical (402) 472-1272 Center
  6. 6. College of Dentistry Lee.shakelford 32. Creighton Follow-up with: Dr. Ray Dailey Dr. Jose Rodriguez University rdailey@s School of Dr. Frank Ayers, Assoc. (360) winomish. jrodriguez Dentistry Dean, Student Affairs 466-3900 (605) @abr.ihs.g (402)280-5060 867-3078 ov fayers@creighton.eduNJ 33. University Follow-up with: Dr. Ray Dailey of Medicine & rdailey@sw Dentistry of Dr. Fenesy, Asst. Dean, (360) inomish.nsn. New Jersey Student Affairs 466-3900 us (973) 972-4300 fenesy@umdnj.eduNV 34. University Dr. Kristine Ancajas Dr. Tim Ricks of Nevada, (702) 774-2522 See above for contact Las Vegas info School of DentistryNY 35. State Dr. Elaine Davis2 Karen Miller3 – Dr. Dave LaBadie 9/9/04 University of Email: Director, dlabadie@bop,gov New York at Student Buffalo Services School of Dental Medicine 36. Columbia Dr. Martin Davis3, Assoc. Dr. Joseph Dr. Renee Joskow 9/9/04 - visit University Dean, Student Affairs McManus rjoskow@osophs.dhhs.go School of P&S 3-450 Email: v Dental & Oral 630 W 168th St. jmm10@colu Surgery NYC, NY 10032 Tel (212) 305-3890 Email: Dr. Georgina Pragay Zabos1 37. New York Mr. Jeff Bengert3, Asst. Dr. Michael Dr. Renee Joskow 10/15/04, 10/5/04 University Director, Student Affairs Alfano2 - Dean rjoskow@osophs.dhhs.go College of 345 East 24th Street, 10th flr. v Dentistry NYC, NY 10010 Tel (212) 998-9831 Email:
  7. 7. 38. State Dr. Debra Cinotti Dean, Dr. Barry Dr. Renee Joskow 10/15/04, 10/5/04, University of student Affairs & Rifkin2-Dean rjoskow@osophs.dhhs.go 3/15/05 New York at Admissions Office v Stony Brook Olivia Schmidt: (631) School of 631-632-8871 632-8900 Dental School of Dental Medicine Medicine Stony Brook University Stony Brook, NY 11794-8709OH 39. Case Mr. Phillip Aftoora, Student Loretta Dr. Ron Western Services Director Dahlstrom2 – Bajuscak Reserve School of Dental Medicine Academic (520) rbajuscak University 10900 Euclid Ave. Affairs 574-7159 School of Cleveland, OH 44106-4905 Dentistry Tel: (216) 368-3201 Fax: (216) 368-3202 Email: 40. Ohio Cheryl DeVore3, Assoc. Dr. Freddie Dr. Dan Hickey 9/16/04 State Dean, Academic & Jordan, PhD 304-296-4416, dxhickey University Graduate Affairs x 356 College of 305 W. 12th Ave., 1159 Dentistry Postle Hall Columbus, OH 43218 Tel: (614) 292-4250 Fax: (614) 292-7619 41. University Dr. Susie Beavers1 Dr. AndyOK William.St 11/02/04, 10/12/04 of Oklahoma Tel (405) 271-6326 Goldbeck Dr. William enberg@ College of CAPT George Stenberg(918) mail.ihs.go Dentistry Dr. Matthew Chiarchiaro 458-3150 v Stephens (both former PHS)OR 42. Oregon Dr. Mark Mitchell, Assoc. Dr. Dale Dr. Gary Pannabecker 9/9/04, 9/8/04 Health and Dean, Student Affairs Barker1 (406)338-6180 Science Tel: (503) 494-8825 Dr. Woody mailto:gary.pannabecke University Email: Crow1 School of (works in Dentistry school’s community dentistry) WCrow@pao. Portland.ihs.g ov
  8. 8. PA 43. Temple Dr. Oscar Arevalo3 Dr. Lisa Deem Dr. Jim Schaeffer 9/1/04 University Temple University Asst. Dean for (301)496-1911 School of School of Dentistry Student Affairs Dentistry 3233 North Broad Street (215)770-2803 Philadelphia, PA 19131 lisa.deem@de Tel: (215)707-5865 Fax: (215) 707-2208 Email: or Dr. Mark oarevalo@dental.temple.ed Meraner u MMeraner@d ental.temple.e du 44. University Dr. Howard Rosenberg, Dr. Merle Dr. Steve Torna 9/9/04 of Pediatric Dentistry Drew1 (406) 638-3470 Pennsylvania 240 S. 40th Street Dr. Ray School of Philadelphia, PA Fonseca – Dental 19104-6030 Dean2 Medicine Tel: (215) 898-7663 45. University Dr. Kenneth Etzel, Student Dr. Dan Hickey 9/16/04 of Pittsburgh Affairs Director 304-296-4416, dxhickey School of (412) 648-1938 x 356 Dental MedicinePR 46. University Follow-up with: Dr. Jose Rodriguez of Puerto Rico Dr. Alvan Velez, Asst. Dean, jrodriguez School of Student Affairs (605) @abr.ihs.g Dent-Med Sci (787) 758-2525 867-3078 ov CampusSC 47. Medical Dr. Tariq Javed2 Mrs. Shelly Dr. Jim Schaeffer Alternate needed 11-15-04, 10/04/04, University of MUSC College of Dental Garvin See above contact info 9/1/04, South Medicine (garvins@mus Carolina Office of Academic & College of Student Affairs Dental 171 Ashey Ave. BSB 443 Dr. Susan Medicine Charleston, SC 29425 Reed – Tel: (843) 792-2344 Department of Fax: (843) 792-1521 Oral Health Email: Science and Community Services 792-1577 reedsg@mus
  9. 9. TN 48. University Dr. Wisdom Coleman, Dr. Doug Dr. Tim Ricks 9/9/04 of Tennessee Assoc. Dean, Admissions & Moore1 College of Student Affairs tim.ricks@ Dentistry College of Dentistry Dr. John King2 (775) mail.ihs.go 875 Union Ave. 574-1018 v Memphis, TN 38163 49. Meharry Dr. Cherae Farmer-Dixon, Helen House2 Dr. Aaron Means 10/15/04, 9/29/04, Medical Assoc. Dean, Student sheliaanda 9/13/04 College Affairs (918) aron@myli School of Tel: (615) 327-6076 423-8440 Dentistry Email: cdixon@mmc.eduTX 50. Baylor Dan Jones,Chair Dr. Linda Dr. Jose Rodriguez College of Public Health Services Niessen1 Dentistry (214) 828-8350 (Former PHS) jrodriguez Texas A&M (214)828-8214 (605) @abr.ihs.g Univ Systems lniessen@aol. 867-3078 ov com 51. Univ. of Follow-up with: Dr. John Dr. Jose Rodriguez Dr. Bryan Dawson Texas Hlth Ludington1 Science Dr. H. Phil Pierpont, Assoc. (713) jrodriguez Center at Dean, Student Affairs 500-4227 (605) @abr.ihs.g Houston studentaffairs@mail.db.uth.t John.R.Luding 867-3078 ov Dental ton@uth.tmc.e Branch du Dr. John Butler (former PHS) 52. Univ. of Dr. Denee Thomas, Assoc. Dr. Elaine Dr. Rick Decker Texas Hlth Dean, Student Affairs Neenan Science (210) 567- 3160 (former PHS) Center at San (210) Antonio 567-3173 Dental School Neenan@uths Dr. Kevin Haney (former PHS)VA 53. Virginia Dr. Carolyn Booker, Asst. Dr. Jim Schaeffer Alternate needed 9/2/04 Commonweal Dean, Student Affairs (301)496-1911 th University (804) 828-99953 VCU-School of Dentistry
  10. 10. WA 54. University Dr. James Steiner2, Assoc. Dr. Alan Dr. Ray Dailey 11/02/04, 10/18/04, of Dean, Student Services Deubner1 rdailey@swinomish.nsn.u 9/17/04, 9/15/04 Washington- Tel: (206) 543-5982 s Health Email: Dr. Carole (360) 466-3900 Sciences Brown2 School of Dentistry Dr. Thomas Morton3,Assoc . DeanWI 55. Marquette Dr. Curt Ayers Dr. Chris Halliday University (414) 288-6022 School of Dentistry dcoppola Challida@ 202-353-4110 HQE.IHS. (301)443-4320 GOVWV 56. West Dr. Sheila Price, Asst. Dr. Don Dr. Dan Hickey 9/16/04 Virginia Dean, Student Affairs Sauter (retired University (304) 293-2062 PHS) 304-296-4416, dxhickey School of (304) x 356 Dentistry 293-26121 Denotes initial contact was made by Jim Schaeffer by email and former PHS faculty member responded that they are willing to help.2 Denotes this person is already a recruiting contact for Dr Tim Lozon, IHS Division of Oral Health3 Denotes this person is already serving as a National Health Service Corps Ambassador (recruiting contact)