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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAEName, profession: Park, Hyo-Sang DDS, MSD, PhD. Associate Professor, Department of Orthodontics. Dental College, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, KoreaBorn: Kyungpook Province, 12th June 1964Family status: Married 1990 with Jae-Eun Kwak, teacher in high school 1 daughter: Sun-Min born 1991, 1 son: Jun-Hyun born 1993Home address: Shinsegae Apt. 1/403, 613, Suseong 1Ga, Suseong-Gu, Taegu city, S. Korea, 706-832E-mail parkhs@knu.ac.kr absoanchor@hanmir.comOffice address: Department of Orthodontics, Dental CollegePhone 82-53-420-5948 Kyungpook National University,Fax 82-53-421-4925 101, Dongin 2Ga, Jung-Gu, Taegu city, 700-422 Korea(Repulic)Homepage: www-2.knu.ac.kr/~parkhsEducation:1988 DDS, Dental college, Kyungpook National University, Daegu, Korea1991 Authorization as a Specialist, trained in Orthodontics (2 years), Department of Orthodontics, Dental Hospital in Kyungpook National University Hospital.1991 Degree of Master Science (2 year), Major in Oral biology and Orthodontics, Postgraduate program, Kyungpook National University.1997 PhD (3 year). Major in Oral biology and Orthodontics, Postgraduate program, Kyungpook National University.Appointments:1994-2003, 2 Full time instructor, Assistant professor, Associate professor, Dept. of Orthodontics and Dentistry, Medical college, Keimyung.University, Daegu,Korea.1997-99 Attending professor, Oral Physiology, Dental college, Kyungpook National University. Taegu, Korea2000 11-2001 10 Visiting Associate Professor at Dept of Orthodontics,
  2. 2. University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA2003, 3- present Associate Professor, Department of Orthodontics. Dental College, Kyungpook National University, Taegu, KoreaResearch experience: Immunhistochemical studies on the expression of the neurotransmitter following toothmovement. The growth studies using rats as experimental animal.Studies: Clinical application and Clinical use of titanium microscrews as orthodontic anchorage anddevelopment of micro-implant for 8 years. Animal experiment for development of micro-implant.Awards: 1. Award for academic achievement, 1997, Korean Association of Orthodontists 2. CDABO case report of the year 2005 by American Association of Orthodontists, and American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS (REVIEWED) concerning MIA 1. Park Hyo-Sang. The skeletal cortical anchorage using titanium microscrew implants. Kor. J. Orthod. 29(6): 699-706. 1999. 2. Park Hyo-Sang, Kim Jong-Bae. The use of titanium microscrew implant as orthodontic anchorage. Keimyung medical J. 18(4):509-515. 1999. 3. Park Hyo-Sang.: A new protocol of sliding mechanics with micro-implant anchorage(MIA). Kor. J. Orthod. 2000:30(6): 677-685. 4. Park Hyo-Sang, Bae Sung-Min, Kyung Hee-Moon, Sung Jae-Hyun.:Micro-implant anchorage for treatment of Skeletal Class I bialveolar protrusion. J. Clin. Orthod. 2001:35(7):417-422. 5. Lee Jang-Seop, Park Hyo-Sang, Kyung Hee-Moon.: Micro-implant Anchorage in Lingual Orthodontic Treatment for a Skeletal Class II Malocclusion. J. Clin. Orthod. 2001:35(10):643-647. 6. Bae, SM, Park Hyosang, Kyung, HM, Kwon, OH, Sung, JH: Clinical application of micro-implant anchorage. J Clin. Orthod. 36(5):298-302, 2002 7. Bae SM, Park Hyo-Sang, Kyung HM, Sung JH: Ultimate anchorage control, Texas Dental Journal, 119(7): 580-591, 2002.
  3. 3. 8. Park Hyo-Sang, Kyung HM, Sung JH: A simple method of molar uprighting with A. Micro-implant anchorage. J Clin. Orthod. 2002:36(10): 592-596.9. Park Hyo-Sang. The MIA(Microscrew implants Anchorage) for lingual orthodontic treatment. Lingual news.com 1(1), 2002.10. Park, Hyo-sang: An anatomical study using CT images for the implantation of micro-implants, Kor. J. Orthod. 2002:32(6): 435-441.11. Park, Hyosang: Intrusion molar con anclaje de microimplantes( MIA, Micro- implants Anchorage), Orthodoncia Clinica 2003:6(1):31-36.12. Kyung HM, Park HS, Bae SM, Sung JH, Kim IB. Development of orthodontic micro-implants for intraoral anchorage. J Clin. Orthod. 2003:37(6): 321-8.13. Park, Hyo-sang. Clinical study on success rate of microscrew implants for orthodontic anchorage. Kor. J. Orthod. 2003;33(3):151-156.14. Park, Hyo-sang, Kwon OW, Sung JH, Uprighting second molars with Micro- implant Anchorage, J Clin. Orthod. 2004;38(2):100-103.15. Park, Hyo-sang, Kwon, DG, Sung, JH: Nonextraction treatment with Microscrew implant, Angle Orthod. 2004;74:539-549.16. Park, Hyo-sang , Kwon, DG. Sliding mechanics with MIA(Microscrew implant Anchroage). Angle Orthod 2004;74:703-710.17. Park Hyo-sang, Kwon OW, Sung JH, Micro-Implant Anchorage for forced eruption of impacted canine, J Clin. Orthod. 2004;5:297-302.18. Sung JH, Park HS, Kwon OH, Kyung HM, Kim IB. Micro-implant anchorage for directional force technique. International Orthod 2004;2:137-161.19. Park, Hyo-sang, Bae SM, Kyung HM, Sung JH: Simultaneous Incisor Retraction and Distal Molar Movement with Microimplant Anchorage (MIA), W. J. Orthod 2004;5:164-171.20. Kyung HM, Park HS, Bae SM, Sung JH, Kim IB. The lingual plain-wire system with micro-implant anchorage. J Clin Orthod 2004;38(7):388-395.21. Sabbagh A Watted N Park HS Bartelt A. Asthetische und technische neuheiten der modernen kiefer-orthopadie. Cosmetic Dent 2004;3:8-14.22. Park Hyo-sang, Kwon TG. Kwon OW. The treatment of openbite with MIA (Microscrew Implants Anchorage), Am J Orthod Dentofac Orthop 2004;126:627-636.23. Kyung HM, Park HS, Bae SM, Yoon DY. Severe bialveolar protrusion case treated with lingual plain wire appliance and micro-implant anchorage. Dental Focus 2004;11:1330-1343.
  4. 4. 24. Kyung HM, Bae SM, Park HS, Kwon OW, Sung JH. Microimplant anchorage(MIA) in Orthodontics: Various application sites and their considerations. In Ed. McNamara JA. Implants, Microimplants, Onplants and Transplants: New answere to old questions in orthodontics.. Michigan, 2004. pp 69-88. 25. Park Hyo-sang, Lee SK, Sung JH. Group distal movement of teeth with microscrew implants. Angle orthod 2005;75:510-517. 26. Park, Hyo-sang, Kwon OW, Sung JH. MIA (Microscrew implant Anchorage) Sliding Mechanics. Wor J Orthod. 2005;6:265-274. 27. Park HS, Jang BK, Kyung HM. Molar intrusion with Micro-implant Anchorage. Aust J Orthod 2005;21:129-35. 28. Park Hyo-Sang, Jeoung SH, Kwon OH. Factors affecting the clinical success of mini- or microscrew implants used as orthodontic anchorage. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 2006;130:18-25. 29. Park HS. Kwon OW. Sung JH. Nonextraction treatment of an anterior openbite with MIA(microscrew implants) Am J Orthod Orthop Dentofac 2005(in press) 30. Park HS, Lee YJ, Jeong SH, Kwon TG. Bone density of the alveolar and basal bone in the maxilla and the mandible. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 2006(in Press) 31. Park HS, Yoon DY, Park CS, Jeoung SH. Treatment effects and anchorage potential of sliding mechanics with titanium screws in comparison with the Tweed-Merrifield technique. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 2006(in press) ACTIVITIES CONCERNING MICRO-IMPLANT ANCHORAGE1 day or two days training program for MIA (40 times including 20 time foreigncountry) in Korea, Taiwan, USA(4 times), Japan, Taiwan, Spain (2 times), Scotland,UK (5 times), Poland (3 times), and Holland (3 times).Guest speaker at international meeting (14 times)- AAO (USA, 2 times), ASO(Austrailian), Spain, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Macau, China, Brasil, Holland, India.Guest speaker at Korean Association of Orthodontists, and research institute (11 times)Lectures at foreign country university (2 times in Japan Osaka, Louvain Belgium, 10times in USA, USC, Loma Linda, Oklahoma, Baylor, UMKC, NYU, WU, 7 times atKorean University)
  5. 5. TEXTBOOKPark Hyo-Sang. The use of Micro-implant as orthodontic anchorage. Nare Pub. Co. Seoul 2001. Japanese edition was published.- 2002 Chinese edition was published -2003 Fax Number of publisher: 82-2-922-0841 for purchasing.JH Sung, HM Kyung, SM Bae, HS park, OH Kwon, JA McNamara, Micro-implants in Orthodontics, Needham Press, 2006. PATENT1999 Park Hyo-Sang, Bae SM 20-0183849-0000 The fixing screw for correction of irregularity of the teeth2000 Park Hyo-Sang , Bae SM, Kyung HM 20-0233786-0000 The anchor screws for orthodontic treatment2003 Park, Hyo-sang Bae, Seong-Min 10-0393084-0000 The anchorage device for orthodontic treatment2003 Kyung HM, Park Hyo-Sang , Bae SM, USA patent US 6575742B2 Osteogenic support device for orthodontic treatment.