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  • 1. http://nitinmaximumhit.blogspot.com/2009/12/searchology.html http://nitinmaximumhit.blogspot.com/2009/12/searchology.html Searchology At its annual Searchology event at the Googleplex headquarters San Francisco, Google announced exciting new features that unveiled that “communication, knowledge, health, education and understanding people” is the next frontier of their search tool. This signature search tool is governed by its ability to search by sight, a mobile translator and everyday real-time search of more than one billion social media pages. The real time search technology of Google is a product of partnerships with Facebook and MySpace and Twitter. This time Google is working to bind its search service more closely to cell phones. The search engine giant unwrapped a new search option called “Google Goggles” that allows users to submit pictures in place of key words as queries, allowing for identification of images taken via cell phones. In his statement, Google’s vice president engineering Vic Gundotra unveiled that “It’s our goal to be able to identify and recognize any image. It represents our earliest efforts in the field of computer vision” Gundotra also said that the company is also capable of integrating facial recognition into the technology but due to the consideration of privacy implications it is holding up the implementation. In their effort to support all the major languages of the world, the company’s vice president also showed off the search engine’s capability to translate a spoken phrase from English to Spanish using a mobile phone. This feature is planned to be launched early next year. The search results in future would also feature the company’s “near me now” technology prioritizing location-based items. Google’s new advancements and technologies are sure to provide a new search that will roll out worldwide in the coming days. Hats off to Google! Happy Blogging ! Ni n Chauhan | ni n@maximumhit.com | www.maximumhit.com http://nitinmaximumhit.blogspot.com "We brand our clients to stand out from the compe on." 1 of 1 1/8/2010 12:38 PM