How To Write A Robot For Google Wave

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  • 1. How to Write a Robot for Google Wave? Every user should know when he or she sends an E-mail to a fined E-mail address as it is possible to inform himself or others about recent activities in Google Wave even if he is not logged in. In order to make tests of the Robot every user will have to get access to a Google Wave Preview account. In case a user did not receive it, he may request at Almost every user is able to get the invitation from Google as the company sends them quite a lot. Robots can be written in Python and Java. If you want to utilize the Robot to the Google App En-gine services one should create an application identifier that can be done at the Google App Engine’s website. On Firefox you will see following: fire up a web browser, there you will have to use your Google/GMail account at: http://app en-gine. The next step is to click on the button “Create an Application”. Then you will need to enter a unique application identifier, for example, bli-palert, after this you will see the message “Sends E-Mail on a New Blip” and then save it. In case you have Fedora 12 installation then click on System>Administration>Add/Remove Soft-ware menu. Type eclipse in the search box and click on find. The next step is to choose Fedora Eclipse among the list of packages and click on Apply. And then follow the instructions. Thanks and kind regards, Nitin Chauhan | | 1 of 2 1/4/2010 2:42 PM
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