Common Search Engine Optimization (Seo) Mistakes


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Some Common SEO Mistakes ! is an Internet Marketing Company with expertise in Analysis, Designing and Implementation of Online marketing strategy to fortify your business model. Substantiating your business on internet with high ROI adds a new dimension to your business prospects and that is our skill. We expertise in persuasive online sale sequence of AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) that leads to ensure intended ROI.

Why AIDA? Every visitor has few seconds to decide whether to navigate website or leave to others, we know sophisticated eyeball behavior of potential customers. We develop Attention drawing characteristic in your website by putting everything at right place because “What you see is what you get” behavior of visitor.

Now generating interest in visitor is immediate job, one key attribute that is lacking in Internet marketing is human interaction with visitor, but research shows 90% of communication between two persons is non-verbal. We explore this non verbal factor and surmount the lacking of human interaction by germinating your website in a way that convey perfect message of your business.

Inclination to want a thing is what desire part contains, we evolve your website that satisfy every visitor that it will fulfill his need. Finally pushing visitor to take our required action completes the process.

Our Mission

Perfect mirroring of your entire offline sales process on internet to add an ample channel of revenue to your business is our Mission. We endeavor to render high ROI with low TCO. Discovering new revenue channel for your business on Internet and Designing marketing strategy to get most of it is our aim..

Our Vision

High efficacious Internet Marketing is about extreme ROI by centric focused approach toward finding potential customers and presenting your business in actionable way. Visitors to website hardly matter if there is no conversion into sale, ROI is the main concern of any business and we innovate our strategies and techniques around it.

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Common Search Engine Optimization (Seo) Mistakes

  1. 1. Common Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) Mistakes (SEO) Mistakes
  2. 2. Complicated Process Complicated Process • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is  a complicated process by which  techniques are employed to  techniques are employed to increase the page rank of a given  website. As many good SEO tactics  website As many good SEO tactics as there are, there are at least as  many that should be avoided. many that should be avoided
  3. 3. Do Not . Do Not . • Do not use long or complicated uniform  resource locators (URL). Search bots give  resource locators (URL) Search bots give preference to URLs that are concise and easy  to understand. Use your most important  to understand. Use your most important keyword in the URL if possible. Do not embed  special characters in your URL, as many search  special characters in your URL, as many search bots will not include such websites in their  indices.
  4. 4. Do Not .. Do Not .. • Do not use splash pages as an introduction to  your website. Users don t like them, as they  your website Users don't like them as they are often slow to load and temporarily  prevent access to your website. Furthermore,  prevent access to your website. Furthermore, since splash pages usually contain very little  content, search bots will assign a low page  content, search bots will assign a low page rank to such sites.
  5. 5. Do Not … Do Not … • Don't forget to take full advantage of the title  tag. Include your most important keywords or  tag Include your most important keywords or keyword phrases if possible. This will make  your keywords more accessible to the all your keywords more accessible to the all‐ important search bots.
  6. 6. Keyword Density Keyword Density • Keyword density should not be under or  y y overdone. Density should be approximately 5%  ‐ 8% as a general rule of thumb. More than  that would be classified as keyword stuffing.  that would be classified as keyword stuffing Less than that would be missing an opportunity  to present your keywords to the search bots.  Also, pay particular attention when selecting  your keywords. You must think like the  y g y customer who is trying to find your website.  What search terms would the customer use?  All too often the wrong, or at least inferior,  keywords are used. keywords are used
  7. 7. Do Not …. Do Not …. • Do not attempt to keyword‐stuff your site by  using hidden text. This will be detected by  using hidden text This will be detected by search bots and will negatively affect your  page rank. This should definitely be avoided. page rank. This should definitely be avoided.
  8. 8. Do Not ….. Do Not ….. • Do not use duplicate content to make your  website seem more extensive than it really is.  website seem more extensive than it really is This, too, will be detected and result in a  negative impact on your page rank. All content  negative impact on your page rank. All content on your website should be original and should  not be duplicated on multiple pages, multiple  not be duplicated on multiple pages, multiple domains or multiple sub domains.
  9. 9. What to Avoid ! What to Avoid ! • Avoid implementing outbound links to sites  with a low page rank. Also, only provide  with a low page rank Also only provide outbound links to sites that contain content  that is original and relevant. Doing otherwise  that is original and relevant. Doing otherwise can and will drop your page rank appreciably.
  10. 10. Benifits ! Benifits ! • By avoiding the many pitfalls of SEO work, you  y g yp ,y can spare your website from being ranked  poorly. Most of these traps are easy to navigate  around provided sufficient attention is paid to  around provided sufficient attention is paid to them. If you follow the aforementioned tips,  your page rank will most certainly improve.
  11. 11. For Assistance ! For Assistance ! • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a  complicated process  for expert SEO  complicated process ‐ for expert SEO assistance, please see or