lefttopPanamerican SchoolMore than education: a challenge to the future, without borders<br />Prof. Moisés De CastroGramma...
Do you prefer being asked out on a date or asking someone yourself?
(more interested in / entertain / yourself) (in / entertain / by others)
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Gerund Workshop 2 With Answers


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Gerunds Workshop 2

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Gerund Workshop 2 With Answers

  1. 1. lefttopPanamerican SchoolMore than education: a challenge to the future, without borders<br />Prof. Moisés De CastroGrammarGrade 11 WorkshopDate: ____________________Names: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________<br />General instructions: Do not scratch or use liquid paper. Orthographical mistakes will be deducted from the total grade.<br />IV – My Cross-Generational Friend<br />Complete the sentences with simple gerunds or past gerunds with having + past participle. Use a past gerund if it is possible to do so.<br />Martha, who is 20 years older than I am, is my best cross-generational friend. Having met (meet) her when I was an unhappy college sophomore is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Martha and I have stayed friends. I look forward to seeing (see) her whenever our schedules permit. Our relationship hasn’t always been smooth, though.<br />Martha and I were both in the same calculus class. I was having a lot of difficulty and was angry at myself for having enrolled (enroll) in a class that I didn’t need for my degree. It was too late to drop the class, however, and since I was frustrated, I frequently got irritated with the teacher for assigning (assign) so much difficult homework every day.<br />Martha stopped me one day after class. She said she was tired of my continual arguing (argue) with the teacher. “You need to grow up,” she said. I was offended at first, but the older I get the clearer it is to me that her having said (say) that amounts to one of the major events in my life. I had to change my negative attitude. I did need to grow up.<br />A few days later I asked Martha if she would mind studying (study) with me and helping (help) me with the homework. She agreed. With a lot of patient work, I succeeded in passing (pass) the course. Eventually we became great friends.<br />I suspect that most of us know someone whose having told (tell) us what we needed to hear when we needed to hear it has made a difference in our life. Martha has certainly made a difference in mine.<br />V – Preferences<br />Write a question using a passive gerund and an active gerund.<br />Example: (like / awaken / by an alarm clock) (wake up / on your own)<br />Do you like being awakened by an alarm clock or waking up on your own?<br /><ul><li>(prefer / ask out on a date) (ask / someone / yourself)
  2. 2. Do you prefer being asked out on a date or asking someone yourself?
  3. 3. (more interested in / entertain / yourself) (in / entertain / by others)
  4. 4. Are you more interested in entertaining yourself or in being entertained by other?
  5. 5. (prefer / prepare dinner / yourself) (invite / to dinner / by friends)
  6. 6. Do you prefer preparing dinner yourself or being invited to dinner by friends?
  7. 7. (like / tell / what to do) (give / orders)
  8. 8. Do you like being told what to do or giving orders?
  9. 9. (like / figure things out / yourself) (show / how to do things)
  10. 10. Do you like figuring things out yourself or being shown how to do things?
  11. 11. (prefer / give / advice by friends) (give / your friends / advice)
  12. 12. Do you prefer being given advice by friends or giving your friends advice?</li></ul>VI – A Personal Inventory<br />Using events in your own life, complete these sentences with gerunds or gerund phrases.<br />Example: I especially enjoy playing board games with friends.<br />Answers will vary.<br />VII – Editing<br />This letter has 14 mistakes in the use of gerunds. Find and correct them.<br />ENCHANTEDDESERT RANCH<br />Dear Adam,<br />I’ve been here for three days and am having a great time, but I can’t help wish wishing you were here too. Tell your boss I’m really angry at him. Not let letting you take any vacation time qualifies him for the Jerk-of-the-Year Award. (Just kidding. Don’t say that!)<br />Believe it or not, the first night I missed to hear hearing all the city noises, but I haven’t really had any trouble to get getting used to the peace and quiet since then. Everything’s all so relaxed here—there’s no rush rushing around or write writing things down in your Daily Planner. Get Getting out of New York City was definitely what I needed, even if it’s only for two weeks. The ranch has lots of activities—horseback ride riding, river raft rafting on the Rio Grande, to hike hiking in the wilderness—you name it. The ranch employees do everything for you—being taken care of is nice, for a change, and I love to be being chauffeured around Santa Fe in the ranch limousine. Tonight a group of us are going out to a country western dance place called Rodeo Nites in Santa Fe, so having taken those two-step dance lessons last summer will come in handy. It’s just too bad you couldn’t come along so we could both have a good time. Tomorrow we’re all going to Taos Pueblo to watch some weave weaving being done and to see some Native American dancing, which is great because I’m really interested in learn learning more about Native American culture. And I’m looking forward to see seeing Carmen at the Santa Fe Opera on Saturday.<br />I’ll write again in a day or two. Miss you lots.<br />Love,<br />Louise<br />