Chapter 2 Using Nouns In Sentences


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11 grade practice

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Chapter 2 Using Nouns In Sentences

  1. 1. lefttopPanamerican SchoolSomething more than education: a challenge to the future, without borders<br />Prof. Moisés De CastroGrammarGrade 10 Practice<br />Lesson 2-1<br />Practice A<br />Write three more nouns that belong in each group. Use the examples as a guide.<br /><ul><li>sound noise, whisper
  2. 2. eventdance, party
  3. 3. personnurse, neighbor
  4. 4. placekitchen, city
  5. 5. feelingjoy, sadness</li></ul>Practice B<br />For each noun, write four other nouns that name parts of the noun.<br />Example:houseAnswer: roof, window, wall, porch<br /><ul><li>kitchen
  6. 6. tree
  7. 7. ship
  8. 8. car
  9. 9. bicycle</li></ul>Practice C<br />Read the paragraph below. Which nouns name a group of people or things? Write each one on your paper.<br />The swim team practices every day. Angela’s swim club meets weekly. The whole group went to the meet. The audience cheered for the athletes.<br />Practice D<br />Use each pair of words to make a new word. Write a sentence using each new compound noun. Start each sentence with a capital letter. End each sentence with correct punctuation. Underline the compound noun in each sentence.<br /><ul><li>earth + quake
  10. 10. moon + light
  11. 11. thunder + storm
  12. 12. tooth + paste
  13. 13. water + melon</li></ul>Practice E<br />Find 10 nouns in the paragraph. Write each noun on your paper. If the noun is collective, write collective next to it. If the noun is compound, write compound next to it.<br />Tanya thinks that a lily of the valley is a beautiful flower. She brought a bouquet to her sister-in-law who was in the hospital. “These flowers smell so sweet,” said Julie. “You are a good friend. I will ask someone to put them in water.”<br />Lesson 2-2<br />Practice A<br />Write each common noun on your paper. Write a proper noun next to each common noun.<br /><ul><li>country
  14. 14. state
  15. 15. movie
  16. 16. TV show
  17. 17. month</li></ul>Practice B<br />Write each sentence on your paper. Capitalize each proper noun. Each sentence has at least one proper noun.<br /><ul><li>My friend angela loves to swim.
  18. 18. Her favorite swimmer is janet evans.
  19. 19. Janet won three gold medals in the 1988 summer olympics.
  20. 20. Those games took place in seoul, korea.
  21. 21. Janet also won a gold medal at the 1992 olympics in barcelona, spain.</li></ul>Practice C<br />Write each sentence on your paper. Capitalize each proper noun. Not every sentence has a proper noun.<br /><ul><li>jennifer took a trip to the south.
  22. 22. On the first day, she drove 200 miles southeast.
  23. 23. She began in springfield and went to tennessee.
  24. 24. The next day she headed south toward alabama.
  25. 25. She liked the south very much.</li></ul>Practice D<br />Read each pair sentences. Write the letter of the sentence with the correct capitalization.<br /><ul><li>A Celia is in the Band.B Celia took Beginning Band this year.
  26. 26. A Next year Carlos is taking a history class.B Next year Carlos is taking a History class.
  27. 27. A Angela enjoys all physical education classes.B Angela enjoys all Physical Education classes.
  28. 28. A All of the students take english.B All of the students take English.
  29. 29. A Yoko plans to study french next year.B Yoko plans to study French next year.</li></ul>Practice E<br />Write each address on your paper. Capitalize each proper noun. Capitalize each abbreviation of a proper noun.<br /><ul><li>ms. julie choy2760 west 86th ave., apt. 9westminister, co 80030
  30. 30. mr. dan connell923 barnett drivestarkville, mississippi
  31. 31. doctor aziza alamnassau professional buildingnassau, Delaware 19969
  32. 32. mrs. lenora gomez2138 whitehall courtcrofton, md 21114
  33. 33. mr. hak lee6884 johnson waylanham, md 20706</li></ul>Practice F<br />Write each title. Capitalize the first word and each important word. Then underline or add quotation marks.<br /><ul><li>romeo and juliet (play)
  34. 34. the wizard of oz (movie)
  35. 35. the perfect storm (book)
  36. 36. yellow submarine (song)
  37. 37. the raven (poem)</li></ul>Lesson 2-3<br />Practice A<br />Read the pairs of nouns. Write each abstract noun.<br /><ul><li>day, sun
  38. 38. winter, ice
  39. 39. rain, weather
  40. 40. opinion, judge
  41. 41. bedroom, comfort</li></ul>Practice B<br />List the nouns in each sentence. Identify each as abstract or concrete.<br /><ul><li>Nathan wants to buy a car.
  42. 42. What kind would Nathan like?
  43. 43. Nathan saw an ad in the newspaper.
  44. 44. He liked the car, but the price was not right.
  45. 45. Maybe next time his luck will be better.</li></ul>Lesson 2-4<br />Practice A<br />Write the plural of each noun on your paper.<br /><ul><li>apple
  46. 46. boy
  47. 47. toe
  48. 48. desk
  49. 49. computer</li></ul>Practice B<br />Write the plurals of each of these singular nouns on your paper. Add either –s or –es. Say the plural out loud. You will hear the extra syllable when the plural noun ends in –es.<br /><ul><li>tax
  50. 50. path
  51. 51. peach
  52. 52. printer
  53. 53. dish</li></ul>Practice C<br />Write each word on your paper. Write the plural form of each word next to it.<br /><ul><li>baby
  54. 54. toy
  55. 55. penny
  56. 56. turkey
  57. 57. country</li></ul>Practice D<br />Complete each sentence. Use the plural form of the noun that follows the sentence. Write the plural noun on your paper.<br /><ul><li>Do you know much about _____? (volcano)
  58. 58. The farmer raises _____ for meat. (buffalo)
  59. 59. Javier likes to cook with fresh _____. (tomato)
  60. 60. There are a million _____ in here! (mosquito)
  61. 61. Janet Evans is one of Angela’s _____. (hero)</li></ul>Practice E<br />Say each word in the list out loud. Then write its plural form on your paper. Use a dictionary if you are not sure.<br /><ul><li>calf
  62. 62. thief
  63. 63. chef
  64. 64. knife
  65. 65. chief</li></ul>Lesson 2-5<br />Practice A<br />Find the spelling mistakes in these sentences. Write the correct spellings of the words on your paper.<br />Armando and his family drove out to the country. They went past a field of deers. They saw several farms with flocks of sheeps and herds of cows. They stopped at a lake in a state park to fish. Armando caught three trouts. Everyone enjoyed the day.<br />Practice B<br />Write the plural form of each singular noun. Then use the plural noun in a sentence.<br /><ul><li>child
  66. 66. woman
  67. 67. goose
  68. 68. tooth
  69. 69. mouse</li></ul>Practice C<br />Write the plural form of each family name. Then use the plural name in a sentence.<br /><ul><li>Williams
  70. 70. Martinez
  71. 71. Choy
  72. 72. Weiss
  73. 73. Okada</li></ul>Practice D<br />Find the mistake in each sentence. Write the correct word on your paper.<br /><ul><li>In the 1960’s the Beatles were popular.
  74. 74. Meg got two C’s on her report card.
  75. 75. All the students’ scores were in the 70’s or higher.
  76. 76. Put all of the B’s and C’s in a column.
  77. 77. I know my ABCS.</li></ul>Lesson 2-6<br />Practice A<br />Write each bold word on your paper. Add an apostrophe if the word shows possession. If the word is a plural noun, write plural next to it.<br /><ul><li>All of the teams met at the citys new stadium.
  78. 78. The swimmers were there for the meet.
  79. 79. Everyone on Dantes team was ready for the competition.
  80. 80. The coachs last words were to try their best.
  81. 81. The winner of the meet will go to the state finals.</li></ul>Practice B<br />Write the possessive form of each noun. Some of the nouns are singular and some are plural.<br /><ul><li>team
  82. 82. wolves
  83. 83. man
  84. 84. Jones
  85. 85. cities</li></ul>Practice C<br />Read each pair of sentences. Choose the correct sentence in each pair. Write it on your paper.<br /><ul><li>A Anthony likes to put in his two cents’ worth.B Anthony likes to put in his two cent’s worth.
  86. 86. A Please give me two dollar’s worth of stamps.B Please give me two dollars’ worth of stamps.
  87. 87. A You will only have a minute’s wait.B You will only have a minutes’ wait.
  88. 88. A The week’s classes were posted on the board.B The weeks classes were posted on the board.
  89. 89. A The snow caused an hours delay.B The snow caused an hour’s delay.</li></ul>Practice D<br />Read each sentence. Write whether the bold word is plural or possessive.<br /><ul><li>I have three uncles.
  90. 90. One uncle’s name is Irving.
  91. 91. All three have cell phones.
  92. 92. The phones’ numbers are all alike.
  93. 93. I often make a mistake when I dial their numbers.