Introduction to Maximizer CRM 12 Summer 2012


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With over 180+ new features and enhancements we have focused on making Maximizer even more intuitive and easier to use. From helping you take your CRM mobile, easily capturing more sales leads, viewing complete customer timelines and analyzing results – Summer 2012 is the right time to take a leap forward with Maximizer CRM.

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  • Cloud and On-Premise merging together…..
  • due to a range of issues across the sales team, its processes and the information, applications and technology, which they need to operate across all levels of the organization.
  • -          Enable your Tablet to replace your desktop or laptop. Allows you to effectively perform tasks that you were only able to perform on your desktop before anywhere anytime.
  • Customer Experience: Customers have more choices than ever, and are more frugal. This affords them the luxury of demanding more. This is the year that the CRM Marketer will be charged with offering a consistent experience across all company touch points and developing the infrastructure that allows for knowledge sharing and smart communication. Smart marketers will identify and capitalize on unmet expectations. Those companies that understand where the strongest expectations exist will be the companies that survive and prosper. The customer's mobile and online experiences will begin to evolve and rival the customer's offline experience - attentive assistants and all.
  • -          Effective 360 view of the customer in the present and past
  • -          Flexible and efficient access to key information 
  • -          Instantly enables Lead Capturing right into your CRM from your existing Marketing site-          Surveys and questionnaires without the extra cost of an outsourced service and without data import into CRM later
  • Sales forecasting was identified as the most important application for 65 percent of sales organizations in our research, yet most are still using spreadsheets, which we found to impede the management of sales.At the same time many sales processes are becoming easier to use, including compensation, forecasting and quota and territory management. To take advantage of these advancements sales management has to establish priorities and better understand how they can help maximize the time focused on selling.ile our research found that most organizations agree on the common goals of sales – increasing revenue (72%), improving efficiency of sales (57%) and growing business in net new customers (56%) – more than two-thirds still use spreadsheets universally or regularly, though they admit that reliance on spreadsheets makes it difficult to manage sales efficiently.
  • o   Highlight view of their customers or taskso   A way to start their day. o   Interface for navigating to the segment of entries they need to get too   Tailored to different personas-          Visual and easier way to get their job done.
  • -          Automatic Saving of important email messages into associated CRM contacts right from Outlook.  These emails form an important part of the 360 view of your customers for future deals and support incidents.
  • Introduction to Maximizer CRM 12 Summer 2012

    1. 1. Vision for Summer Release“ Only 14 percent of sales organizations are “ operating at peak levels of efficiency and effectiveness. Source: Ventana Research – May 2012
    2. 2. Vision for Summer Release180+ New Features and Enhancements Increase Sales Productivity Remove Barriers to Efficiency Expand CRM Mobility Full Customer Visibility Easily Measure Results
    3. 3. Optimized for the iPad
    4. 4. “ 47% of Sales Organizations “ have deployed Tablets Source: Ventana Research – May 2012
    5. 5. Mobile Enhancements - Tablets• Lightweight CRM for tablets; Substitute for laptops Quick Search Full Page Record ViewsFull Column Views
    6. 6. Customer Timelines
    7. 7. “ Customer loyalty has been identified as the top “ non-financial business challenge facing companies in 2012 Source: Protiviti – 2012 Report
    8. 8. Customer Timeline• Combined view of notes and documents in one chronological order• Usage examples: Quick view of customer interactions/history – notes, emails, documents. Apply filters to see specific types and dates.
    9. 9. Smartphone Mobility
    10. 10. “77% of Sales Organizations “have deployed Smart PhonesSource: Ventana Research – May 2012
    11. 11. Mobility Enhancements - Smartphones Improved home screen Shortcut in list view to call/email Quick Search Other new features – BB OS 7 support – Opening & Emailing documents – Direct link to Google Maps
    12. 12. Web to Lead Capture
    13. 13. “ 80% of leads that Marketing generates are “ never worked on by Sales Source: Marketing Profs 2011
    14. 14. Web to Lead FormsEasily create web forms todirectly insert and updatedata into Maximizer
    15. 15. Enhanced Analytics
    16. 16. “ 65% believe forecasting is of most importance but “ most still use spreadsheets Source: Ventana Research – May 2012
    17. 17. Dashboard EnhancementsBuilt in dashboards, improved performance, increased # ofcolumns for list indicator, click through-drill down (webonly), single/multi values UDF analytics
    18. 18. Web ReportsEasily obtain summarizedviews of: sales opportunity & pipeline employee activities incoming/ outgoing phone calls customer service cases campaign metrics
    19. 19. Autosave Emails
    20. 20. Autosave EmailsSave email conversations with customers once and all futureemails of the same thread will be automatically captured.
    21. 21. Quick Search
    22. 22. Quick Search • Your customer record is now only one click away. Mobile Access Windows Access for Smartphones Mobile Access for Tablets Web Access
    23. 23. Other Key Improvements• Improved Web Access (CRM Live) – Navigation between main and following windows. Ex: up/down arrow keys, keep UDF folders expanded, right click menus, type ahead – Contacts, related entries following windows – Showing/Hiding following windows (Tabs) – Setting startup screen defaults – Save emails to Opportunities• Hotlist Tasks – Notifications, showing creator in dialog• Calendar Improvements – Declined appointments disappear from users’ calendar
    24. 24. 180+ New Features & Enhancements Increase Sales Productivity Remove Barriers to Efficiency Expand Solutions Mobility Full Customer Visibility Easily Measure Results
    25. 25. Planning your upgrade• MaxAdvantage Customers - Version 12 – Live Activation: July 4th You will need your customer number – To request a shipped version – Shipping to begin July 16th Email• MaxAdvantage Customers - Version 11 and prior – To request a shipped version – Shipping to begin July 16th Email
    26. 26. Send in your Questions.Follow: @MaximizerCRMVisit: www.maximizer.comEmail: info@maximizer.comCall: 1.800.804.6269