CRM for Manufacturing - The Key to Customer Loyalty & Growth

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CRM for Manufacturing - The Key to Customer Loyalty & Growth



Maximizer ® CRM 11 is the key solution to attract new clients, build customer loyalty and grow your manufacturing business. Gain key insights on: ...

Maximizer ® CRM 11 is the key solution to attract new clients, build customer loyalty and grow your manufacturing business. Gain key insights on:
- Tracking and measuring real-time KPIs and client profiles to make critical business decisions quickly
- Collaborating effectively to optimize cash flow, the supply chain, production and labor schedules across teams
- Enhancing the level of communication and quality of client records while on the road
- Improving resolution times to customer inquiries and issues through system integration
- And more…



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CRM for Manufacturing - The Key to Customer Loyalty & Growth Presentation Transcript

  • 1. CRM for Manufacturing: The Key to Customer Loyalty & Growth
    Confidential Information
  • 2. Maximizer Software Fast Facts
    CRM leader since 1987
    CRM provider for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), divisions of Large Enterprises
    Global Offices
    North America – Vancouver, BC (Headquarters)
    EMEA – UK, South Africa
    Asia Pacific – Australia, Hong Kong
    Network of business partners worldwide
    Over 120,000 customers
    Over one million licenses sold
  • 3. Agenda
    Customer Loyalty
    Market Dynamics –Manufacturing
    The Test of an Effective CRM system
    Needs of Key Groups
    Senior Leadership
    Closing Remarks
  • 4. Loyalty is Good Business
    “A 5% improvement in customer retention will yield a 25-30% increase in profitability across a variety of industries”
    - FrederchReichheld, The Loyalty Effect , 1996
  • 5. Customer Loyalty
    The degree to which consumers prefer and continue to purchase the same brand within a product or service category. Brand loyalty results in improved sales volume and the ability to charge a premium price.
  • 6. Manufacturing Market Dynamics
    “Prodice” – no products are really standalone – combination of a product and service offering
    Specifications – part of a greater process
    Longer sales cycles
    Scale and scope – RFP & RFI
    Greater emphasis placed on relationships – supply chain – integration – inputs
    Competitive – new technologies or systems coming to market – global economy – information from the frontline becomes critical
    Multiple touchpoints the customer – salesperson, service group, financial
  • 7. Sales and Service – The Team
  • 8. Front Line Sales & Service Staff
    Sales reps, customer service, project managers, partner managers
    Track Calls
    Track email
    Access client history
    Manage projects
    Organize day and tasks
  • 9. Front Line Staff – Organize Day & Tasks
  • 10. Outlook Integration
    • Save Email toMaximizer record
    • 11. Create new Maximizer record
  • Customer Service Case Management
    Customer Service Case Management:
    • Manage & track post-sales issues
    • 12. Link to customer record
    • 13. Analyze service issues
  • Template Email Follow-ups
  • 14. Conditional Color Highlighting
  • 15. TEAM Action Plans
  • 16. Partners
  • 17. Managers
    Sales Department, Customer Service, Project Managers, Account Managers
    Manage staff schedules and time
    Sales Managers – Lead Follow-up
    Sales & Service Managers – address problems and exceptions
    Provide company leadership with information/updates on progress.
  • 18. Managers – Manage Staff Time
  • 19. Assign Tasks – Email, Phone, Appointments
  • 20. Email Alerts
    Alert Email:
    • Leads not followed-up
    • 21. Lead details
    • 22. Sales rep assigned
    • 23. Date lead entered
    • 24. # of days since follow-up
  • Sales Process
    Initial Contact
    Need identification
    Qualified prospect
    Deal Transaction = $
  • 25. Sales Cycle Management & Forecasting
    Sales Opportunity Management:
    • Manage pipeline
    • 26. Implement stages & processes
    • 27. Forecast date, deal size, products
  • Improved Reporting with One Click
  • 28. Senior Leadership
    Aggregated information – snapshots
    Ability to gets details on the problem
    ‘Just in time’ notification
    Access ‘where’ and ‘when’ they need
  • 29. Senior Executives - ‘Health of the Business’ - At a Glance
  • 30. Sales Monitoring Alerts
    Alert – Sales Opportunity Monitoring
    Opportunity ID: 1009 Sales Objective: X Product Sale
    Company: ABC Manufacturing
    Contact: Smith, John
    Sales Leader: Willie Closit
    Sales Team: International
    Opportunity categories: X Manufacturer
    Opportunity products/services: Widget Y
    Note: Wants quote for 30 Widgets and Installation package
    ‘Willie Closit’ updated the following fields:
    'Probability Closing' has been changed from 50% to 75%.
  • 31. Summary
    The ‘customer experience’ from initial contact to product installation to post purchase service can be a true differentiator vs. your competition.
    Maximizer CRM, with a variety of sales and service tools and capabilities to be used to engender loyalty
    Accountability at all levels can improve performance.
    Competitive advantage can be gained with just one or two features or benefits that you deliver
  • 32. But it isn’t about us…..
    An invitation to a conversation…..about you and your business.
    Phone: 1-800-804-6299
    Contact your Account Manager