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3 Keys to Preparing for CRM Success


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Companies invest in CRM technologies in order to increase revenue, lower operating costs and improve customer satisfaction. Buying and installing CRM software without a well-defined plan is not the …

Companies invest in CRM technologies in order to increase revenue, lower operating costs and improve customer satisfaction. Buying and installing CRM software without a well-defined plan is not the answer. Learn how a clear business strategy for your CRM processes and goals will allow you to achieve your business objectives and maximize the return on your CRM investment.

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  • 1. 3 Keys to Preparing for CRM Success:Avoid the Pitfalls and Follow Best Practices
    Martin van Gogh,Professional Services Manager
  • 2. Learning from Pitfalls, Best Practices
    Best Practices
  • 3. 3 Keys in Preparation
  • 4. #1: Establish CRM Leadership
    Start at the top
    Strong executive sponsorship will help to make your project a success
    Gain broad support
    Seek expert assistance
    “Without senior management support for your CRM project, driving necessary changes throughout the organization will prove very difficult, if not impossible”
  • 5. CRM Leadership Team Responsibilities
    Successful Project Sponsors…
    Mandate project requirements and objectives
    Manage executive expectations
    Remove organizational barriers
    Define success metrics
  • 6. Actions to Establish a CRM Leadership Team
  • 7. #2: Analyze Business Processes
    How do processes work now?
    Document existing customer-facing business processes
    Survey potential users
    How can we improve?
    Assign each process a value
    Relevant and useful
    Best practice
    And why are we wasting time on this process?
    “Performing a thorough business process review before you design new systems is essential to successful CRM.”
  • 8. #2: Analyze Business Processes Cont’d
    Learn about the specific CRM system’s functionality
    Map features and functionality in the software to current and planned business processes
    Change the software or change the process?
    Identify reporting requirements
    What information do you need out of the system?
    What are the specific business performance indicators in each business area
  • 9. Actions to align your business processes with CRM
  • 10. #3: Manage Change
    Change management can define the success or failure of a CRM project.
    CRM impacts every single employee that works with customers
    Without active buy-in from employees, no CRM solution will achieve its objectives
  • 11. Managing Change is Critical to Success
    “People and politics issues, as opposed to technology issues, are some of the biggest challenges in CRM. Creating a culture with a ‘relentless focus on the customer’ is not a quick and easy initiative.”
    Gartner Group 2003 CRM Change Management: Creating Organizational Collaboration
  • 12. To manage change related to CRM technology. . .
    Start the process at the very top
    Create a formal case for change
    Pay systematic attention to people issues
    Involve every level of the organization
    Develop an effective communication strategy
  • 13. To manage change related to CRM technology. . .
    Plan for training
    Training is not a one off exercise
    Train on not only how to use it but also why
    Relevant, ongoing training will help to prevent failure
  • 14. To manage change related to CRM technology. . .
    Assess performance with quantifiable business performance metrics
    Greater percentage of deals won
    Reduced sales cycle length
    Increased deal size
    Reduced cost of marketing
    Decreased customer complaints
    Number of support calls/visits per day
    Reduced transaction times
    Increased number of transactions
    More employee CRM system usage per week
  • 15. Actions to Manage Change
  • 16. Summary
    Prevent CRM failure and drive success by taking advantage of three key planning and management practices:
    Establish CRM Project Leadership
    Analyze Business Processes
    Manage Change
  • 17. About Maximizer Software
    CRM pioneer (since 1987)
    Over 8,000 corporate customers
    Over 1 million licenses sold
    Offices in Vancouver (HQ), London (EMEA), Sydney (ANZ), Hong Kong (Asia)
    Technology Partners include:
    Customer include:
    Siemens, HSBC, Cathay Pacific, Lockheed Martin, plus many small and medium-sized businesses
  • 18. I’d Like To Know More
    Contact Maximizer @
    Thank you for your time and consideration.