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Applenium is an Automation tool for WEB and Mobile Automation. This is User Guide : "How to create your first test with Applenium". Good Luck!!!

Applenium is an Automation tool for WEB and Mobile Automation. This is User Guide : "How to create your first test with Applenium". Good Luck!!!



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applenium user guide applenium user guide Presentation Transcript

  • Applenium User Guide UI Automation for Web and Mobile
  • Overview With Applenium(a.k.a eToroAutoStudio) you can : 1.Create automatic Tests and Scenarios 2.Execute in UI and and cmd modes 3.Analyze results in UI/DB or log files 4.Run scenarios on Firefox/Chrome and Internet explore 5.Run all scenarios in parallel on remote machine. 6.Applenium supports Browsers running on Win and Linux
  • Installation Get the latest version from : Open Source version from OR Install MSI it to your file system
  • How application should look After opening the following applications will bring up: 1. WebDriver ( cmd window ) 2.Chrome or Firefox Browser with default URL 3.Applenium Application
  • My first Test : “How to map objects?” Before creating tests you need to map objects: 1.Right click on the object ->Inspect element 2.Copy ID/XPATH/CSSELCTOR from Inspected Element 3.Add new Element in Applenium and Copy Element Type to Identifier Value. 1-Gui Map 3 2-AddNewElement
  • My first Test : “How to create test?” Switch to Test Editor in Applenium. 1.Right Click in TreeView under your Project and add Page+PageSection 2.Right Click under PageSection and Create New Test. 1-Test Editor 2-Add steps 3-Input Data
  • List of Commands click waitUntill_DispayedElementWithRefresh count&CompareElements(tablerows) sendKey createTestUser scrollDown navigateToURL refreshPage scrollUp findElement runExe switchToWindow check sleep(sec) validateOpenTrades mouseOver compareDB compareValueEqual waitUntill_FindElement saveElementText closeCurrentWindow compareTextEqual acceptAlert closeWindowByName waitUntill_DispayedElement dismissAlert deleteAllCookies verifyIsExists saveTextToMemmory selectDropDownByText compareDBToMemmoryText selectDropDownByValue compareTextNotEqual setLocalStorage(runJavaCommand) compareTextToMemmory
  • Configuration Leave it default configuration at that stage
  • How to run in parallel use Grid mode TBD
  • How to execute ? Simply press RUN button ...
  • Result All result are under Log Directory in installation folder As well results saved in DB and after each execution is presented in Analyzing Tab