Parliament of Youth Republic


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A Parliament Design To Protect The Rights of The Youth Population in The World

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  • Parliament of Youth Republic

    1. 1. Parliament of the Youth Republic<br />
    2. 2. Question: HOW???<br />Parliament of the Youth Republic will be a kind of- not fully mean- supranational organization!!!<br />
    3. 3. In order to understand the answer of this question, primarily we have to know all of these data above!!!<br />Today’s world population = 6,800,500,000<br /> (estimated)<br />Countries (amount)= 197 (sovereign)<br />Population of 16-25 ages= 1,020,075,000<br /> (estimated)<br /> (apprx.15%)<br />
    4. 4. Starting point: Website ( thankful to the Challenge Future=)<br />The first need is, 197 young state representative will be selected from all candidates for representing all countries in this parliament and create a bridge among all continents, countries and humankind!<br />WELL, EXPLAIN SELECTION PROCEDURE?? <br />Organization’s Main Cadre: <br />
    5. 5. Candidates apply to<br />Parliament <br />main <br />Website<br />(will be design)<br />Apply Conditions:<br /><ul><li>Must be member
    6. 6. must be 16-25
    7. 7. CV
    8. 8. Reference
    9. 9. Interview-Skype</li></ul>State Cadre composed of:<br />1 State Representative<br />1 Technology Representative<br />1 Law Representative<br /> + 2 Assistant Manager Representative<br />Total 5 Persons<br />State Cadres (SC) selection by main jury!<br />Institutionalization:<br />
    10. 10. Min. Purpose: to reach -at least-<br /> 150 countries out<br /> of 197!!!<br />Firstly, local websites will be created (independently dependent to main web) and try to reach more and more young volunteer member (among 16-25 ages) !!! <br /><ul><li>State Representatives take place in either ‘’Main Council’’ or ‘’Local Council’’!!!</li></ul>‘’Local Council Cadres’’working mechanism:<br />
    11. 11. Until this point, whole process ( selection of Main Council Cadre and Local Council Cadres ) will be without any payment!!!<br />Be aware of :<br />QUESTION:<br />JUST USING WEB IS ENOUGH TO REACH ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF YOUNG????<br /> OF COURSE NOT !!!!<br />
    12. 12. Every ‘Local Council Cadre’ works up spreading in their own countries and increase the level of local institutionalization!<br />Via mail to all student accounts,<br />Contacting to companies,<br />Using local newspapers and magazines,<br />Radios & TVs,<br />Reaching to non-governmental organizations,<br />Affords to reach businessmen and businesswomen,<br />Organizing cultural, artistic and joyful events,<br />Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc,<br />Student clubs……<br />HOW??? <br />So, time to see Local Council Cadres duties:<br />
    13. 13. As you know that creation stages of Main Council Cadres, Local Council Cadres, Memberships and Institutionalization of Main and Local Perspectives will be without payment , willingness and expertise bases!<br />However, now ‘Parliament of the Youth Republic’ achieved to become and seem a big, powerful, dynamic and affective organisation.<br />So, we can start to finance now=)) HOW??<br />Finance:<br />
    14. 14. Let’sassume:<br />Reached at least: 150 countries<br />Total member in each one (average): 500,000<br />150 x 500,000 = 75,000,000 total member<br />If every member pay just 1 Euro <br /> in each month = 75,000,000 € (per month)<br /> = 900,000,000 € (per year)<br />Finance:<br />
    15. 15. Extra (possible) financial resources:<br /><ul><li> State aids,
    16. 16. Business world supports,
    17. 17. Big organizations supports,
    18. 18. EU, UN possible funds etc…</li></ul>IF YOU HAVE MILLIONS MEMBERS, THESE POSSIBILITIES ABOVE NOT A DREAM!<br />JUST BELİEVE & DO IT !!! <br />
    19. 19. THIS IS NOT UTOPIA!!!<br />
    20. 20. Candidate parliamentarian<br />Criteria:<br />Must be member of Youth Republic,<br />Must be 19-25,<br />Must be expertise in these areas:<br />1-) Economic & Administrative<br />Sciences,<br />2-) Engineering,<br />3-) Social Sciences,<br />4-) Arts ,<br />5-) Law.<br />Time to select our parliamentarians:<br />
    21. 21. Voting ballot design:<br />
    22. 22. After declared voting results,<br /> %70 of Law representatives will go to parliament directly as a ‘Parliamentarian’, and %30 will take place in Parliament Control Mechanism- ‘’ Law & Judicial Affairs Council’’ !!!<br />SpecialconditionforLawpart!<br />
    23. 23. Prevent arbitrariness and inequity in the Main Council Cadre, Local Council Cadre, Local Councils, Membership organizations and Parliament!!!<br />Work as a control mechanism!<br />Provide appeal right!<br />Propose dynamic law system for Parliament of the Youth Republic ,and also seeking world position in the sense of judicial,social and political perspectives!<br />Duties of Law & JudicialAffairsCouncil:<br />
    24. 24. Support whole rights of WORLD YOUTH!<br />Create NEW bridges among YOUTH worldviews from all around!<br />Increasing expertise in each area!<br />Accelerating this world by the YOUTH Dynamics!<br />Minimize all social cracks and damages!<br />Help in school life (informational, experimental and perhaps financial supports)<br />Duties of Parliament:<br />
    25. 25. LAW &<br />JUDICIAL<br />COUNCIL<br />L<br />O<br />C<br />A<br />L<br />C<br />A<br />D<br />R<br />E<br />S<br />S<br />T<br />A<br />T<br />E<br />S<br />PARLIAMENT<br />Main <br />Cadre<br />Organisation Chart:<br />