Upselling inbound retainers with hubspot data


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Inbound marketing agencies can upsell services by looking at data points that reveal weak areas of the inbound marketing funnel, and the traffic sources (marketing activity) that have the highest ROI.

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Upselling inbound retainers with hubspot data

  1. 1. CMB Partner Office Hours Upselling inbound retainers with HubSpot data. Every Tuesday @3pm Eastern
  2. 2. Today’s Schedule 15 minutes: Topic Introduction 15 minutes: Open Discussion Extra time: CMB Partner Questions
  3. 3. Max Traylor Director of Client Services Innovative Marketing Resources @TheMaxTraylor +MaxTraylor Linkedin/in/maxtraylor
  4. 4. Your Hosts Max Traylor Bob Traylor Director of Client Services | Innovative Marketing Resources President| Do Not Call Protection Stefan Surka Business Development| CMB
  5. 5. What is the CMB Community? Inbound agencies that use the Content Marketer’s Blueprint to sell and service retainers. Join the Conversation: @CMBlueprint or +ContentMarketersBlueprint
  6. 6. After the Webinar • Webinar recording • Slides • Blog article
  7. 7. Today’s Question: How can HubSpot data be used to upsell inbound retainers?
  8. 8. Set Expectations
  9. 9. Three stages to every engagement Create your strategy Build your engine Measure and improve What is the process your buyer goes through to make a purchasing decision? Model that process with content and marketing automation. Use performance data to improve the online engine.
  10. 10. Two areas of improvement
  11. 11. #1: Engine efficiency Services to improve engine performance  Helpful content offers  Nurturing emails  Website re-design  Sales and marketing alignment (offers)
  12. 12. #2: Volume of leads Distribution services to boost volume of leads  Owned media (Social media management  Earned media (PR services – digital, print, radio TV)  Paid media (PPC, Linkedin, retargeter, paid ad space)
  13. 13. Start with the end in mind: measurement
  14. 14. What you need to measure in order to upsell  ROI  What is the return on your current investments?  Quality of leads  Which investments have high ROI  Which investments have low ROI
  15. 15. Real life example: Wellness-Institute
  16. 16. Wellness-Institute built out a sales process online. 4 premium content PDFs TOFU: The Ultimate Guide to Clinical Hypnotherapy Techniques TOFU: 13 Ways Hypnotherapy Certification Can Start and Increase your Practice MOFU: The Six-Day Hypnotherapy Certification Training Program Guide MOFU: Advanced Internship Program Workflow TOFU MOFU Blogging 60 blog posts in last 12 months (5 posts per month) Averaging 362 weekly blog views 88 blog subscribers
  17. 17. Step 1: Evaluate current investments (content)
  18. 18. Strong growth in visits due to content Steady decline in conversion rate (black line) due to paid traffic (red).
  19. 19. Paid traffic Organic traffic
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Bottom line for success: Consistent content generates leads!
  22. 22. Quality of leads Insights on lead quality Generally, leads get stuck at the middle of the sales funnel. This means they get stuck when they engage with your brand/website pages. Workflows can also be used to “unstick” these leads. Case studies and testimonials can be used to overcome objections in the sales process.
  23. 23. A better website, combined with lead nurturing programs will produce higher quality leads.
  24. 24. Paid Traffic vs Organic Traffic Google PPC Organic Traffic
  25. 25. Next Session: Tuesday June 3rd @ 3:00 PM Sign up at: webinars
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