How to sell website optimization services to inbound clients


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Inbound marketing agencies can't always do a website project for their clients. But when visit to lead conversion rates are low, something needs to be done. A website optimization project is a strategic deliverable that tells your clients exactly how to organize the pages on their site to match the buyer's journey, and gives a detailed overview of the role that each page will play in the buyer's process for making a purchase.

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How to sell website optimization services to inbound clients

  1. 1. CMB Partner Office Hours How to sell website optimization services to inbound clients. Every Tuesday @3pm Eastern
  2. 2. Today’s Schedule 15 minutes: Topic Introduction 15 minutes: Open Discussion Extra time: CMB Partner Questions
  3. 3. Max Traylor Director of Client Services Innovative Marketing Resources @TheMaxTraylor +MaxTraylor Linkedin/in/maxtraylor
  4. 4. Your Hosts Max Traylor Bob Traylor Director of Client Services | Innovative Marketing Resources President| Do Not Call Protection Stefan Surka Business Development| CMB
  5. 5. What is the CMB Community? Inbound agencies that use the Content Marketer’s Blueprint to sell and service retainers. Join the Conversation: @CMBlueprint or +ContentMarketersBlueprint
  6. 6. After the Webinar • Webinar recording • Slides • Blog article
  7. 7. Today’s Question: How can I sell website optimization services to my clients without doing an entire website redesign?
  8. 8. First, why are most websites anti-inbound
  9. 9. SEO in 1990s and 2000s Volume of content = Credibility
  10. 10. What happens? Content Overload… No Process
  11. 11. Symptoms  Very short time on site  Low number of pages/visit  Low site conversion rate  Low quality of leads  You can’t tell what they do in 10 seconds…
  12. 12. What is a website optimization strategy?
  13. 13. Website optimization is…  Buyer persona work provides a map of what content is needed and when.  Website optimization plan organizes web pages to match the buying process. Simplify your site!
  14. 14. Selling a website optimization plan…
  15. 15. Use data to identify the need. CMB’s Lead Quality Report
  16. 16. Why are we doing this?  If users don’t find the content they want, they will go somewhere else.  Your website needs to lead a user down the buying process in order to make a sale. Let me help you get more out of your website.
  17. 17. Scope of work
  18. 18. IMR’s Website Optimization Plan  Sitemap  Organization of pages to match the buyer’s journey.  Purpose map  Set goals for each page of the site to match the buyer’s journey.
  19. 19. Quick recap on the buyer’s journey
  20. 20. Home Programs Campus Life Admissions Blog Residential life Food services Academics How to apply Financial aid Schedule a call Awareness Consideration Decision • Programs overview • Why choose an all boys school • Virtual Tour • Admissions Event • Schedule a call with admissions Converting visitors to admissions leads with valuable offers. (must fill out a quick form to access) Health center Arts Athletics Library… Calendar A plan that reflects the evaluation process
  21. 21. Purpose Map Detailed plan for each page of the website  Who is this page for?  What does this page need to accomplish (objective)  How will the page accomplish the objective? (brand messaging)  What do we want the user to do next? (action)  What might stand in the way of the user taking the next step? (pushbacks)  How will we address that pushback? (Secondary Action)  Additional direction for content/design team.
  22. 22. Pricing Between $1,000 and $3,000 Make sure you set a limit to how many pages you are mapping out, and monitor your hours so you don’t go over budget.
  23. 23. Download the asset Proposal copy, step by step guide to delivering the service, and a sample purpose map are available for download on the blog.
  24. 24. Next Session: Tuesday June 24th @ 3:00 PM EST “How to sell a premium content package” Sign up at: webinars