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After struggling as a young HubSpot VAR in early 2013, Innovative Marketing Resources began developing a detailed content marketing strategy for prospects during the sales process, which resulted in 20 new retainer accounts in just 6 months! The Content Marketer's Blueprint (CMB) was just getting started.

If you missed our story at Inbound 2013, join Max Traylor and Brian Signorelli to hear how over 50 HubSpot VAR agencies are using the CMB process to sell and service inbound marketing retainers.

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CMB presentation for HubSpot VARs

  1. 1. CONTENT MARKETER’S BLUEPRINT ™ AGENCY RESELLER PROGRAM A Process for Selling and Servicing Inbound Marketing Retainers – That Works! Max Traylor – VP Business Development | Content Marketer’s Blueprint Brian Signorelli – Your HubSpot Channel Account Manager
  3. 3. INBOUND MARKETING = A PROCESS for generating leads and nurturing them to a point of sale using content and automation. A PROCESS to grow a business…
  5. 5. “We were selling activity and promising results.” - Kevin Jorgensen, Partner - IMR STRUGGLE #1: SELLING VALUE • Tried to sell retainers • Couldn’t get long term commitment • Negotiated based on price • Ended up with a transaction (blogs, landing pages, email campaigns)
  6. 6. Sell a Package & Upsell to Retainer? Epic Fail: 0-17
  7. 7. Conclusion! Sell the PROCESS, not a PROMISE.
  8. 8. • Every client has their own agenda • Success takes time • Clients want results • Desperation • Misery • Failure STRUGGLE #2: SERVICE “If you don’t fire me, I will!” -Joe Pettirossi, Partner – Innovative Marketing Resources
  9. 9. Conclusion! Follow the PROCESS.
  10. 10. • Service stopped sales • Hiring was scary (revenue) • Training was long • Scale just didn’t happen STRUGGLE #3: SCALE “Where can we find inbound marketing consultants? Oh wait, they don’t exist!” - Joe Pettirossi, Partner - IMR
  11. 11. CONCLUSION Scale Requires: Selling a PROCESS Following the PROCESS
  12. 12. WHAT WE DID: Content Marketer’s Blueprint™ 1. Created a document outlining the process for growing a business using content marketing. 2. Customized that process and presented the plan to prospects to close retainers.
  13. 13. Inside the CMB Distribution • Identify trend setters and trending topics on social media to increase reach of content online. Buyer Persona • Triggers • Need for information • Buying process Content Plan • 3 month blog campaign • Premium content to follow the Buyer’s Journey • Lead nurturing to map a sales process
  14. 14. RESULTS Scale • Profitable • Repeatable • 9 full time employees, freelancers, strategic partners Sales • 20 Retainers in 6 months • 87% Conversion (20/23) • 6-7 hour process • Prospects LOVE the process! Service • 1 Consultant can manage 10 clients • 80% Continuation • Client’s multiply (referrals) • They believe in the process
  15. 15. TAKE AWAYS Find a successful process and stick with it. Sell process, not a promise.
  16. 16. THE CONTENT MARKETER’S BLUEPRINT AGENCY RESELLER PROGRAM “Helping agencies scale with a proven process” Sales Process Service Model Support
  17. 17. Agency Sales Process
  18. 18. SALES STEP 1: YOU DISCOVER • 1 hour collaborative discussion (start the questionnaire) • BUYER PERSONA information • BUYER’S JOURNEY information • Prospect finishes with internal team
  19. 19. SALES STEP 2: CMB CREATES THE PLAN • Timing: 2-3 business days. • Cost to Agency: $795
  20. 20. SALES STEP 3: PROPOSAL Build the engine (4-6 weeks, $8-12k + HubSpot Pro) Put gas in the engine (Retainer for ongoing content marketing services starting at $3,500/Month)
  21. 21. Agency Service Model
  22. 22. SERVICE OFFERING #1 Strategy #3 Add On Services#2 Core Content Services
  23. 23. SERVICES STEP 1: BUILD THE ENGINE “Without the ability to turn visitors into customers, your services will always fall short”. The first step is always to build the automated sales engine. Timing: 1-2 months Agency Revenue: $6,000/$14,000 Total
  24. 24. SERVICES STEP 2: PUT GAS IN THE ENGINE What happens when you put gas into an engine that isn’t built yet? The second step is to use your core services to attract leads (content creation and distribution). Timing: 3-6 months Agency Revenue: $3,500 - $6,000 Per Month
  25. 25. SERVICES STEP 3: ROCKET FUEL BASED ON DATA DRIVEN DECISIONS Once your engine is running smoothly, invest in rocket fuel to boost the amount of leads coming into the system! The third step is to upsell various add on services by identifying the most valuable sources of leads. Timing: 6-12 months Agency Revenue: $6,000 - $10,000 Per Month
  26. 26. Support
  27. 27. SUPPORT FOR YOUR AGENCY Training CollaborationTools & Resources
  28. 28. TRAINING VIDEOS • Selling & Implementing • Content Creation • Measuring Results
  29. 29. TOOLS & RESOURCES CMB Lead Quality Report Social Trend Analysis Project Management Copywriting Sales Collateral
  30. 30. COLLABORATION • Weekly Client Performance Reviews • Weekly industry presentations • Live Events • 75 agencies strong Sit in on CMB partner office hours today at 3pm eastern!
  31. 31. How can your agency adopt this sales and service model?
  32. 32. COST PER BLUEPRINT: $795 Training & Certification is included with 1st Blueprint purchase (1st purchase must by your own agency Blueprint).
  33. 33. GET STARTED WITH A FREE TRAINING COURSE • Video training • Content guides • Select partner webinars
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