5 buyer persona insights for a content marketing strategy


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Inspired by Adele Revella's "5 rings of insight", this presentation looks at the five most important elements of a B2B buyer persona and how each element relates to a content marketing strategy.

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5 buyer persona insights for a content marketing strategy

  1. 1. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com CMB partner office hours “Buyer Personas” 5 Rings of Insight – Buyer Persona Institute Every Tuesday @3pm Eastern www.contentmarketingblueprint.com
  2. 2. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Max Traylor VP Business Development Content Marketer’s Blueprint +MaxTraylor Linkedin.com/in/maxtraylor
  3. 3. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com What is the CMB Community? A team of inbound marketing agencies that sell and deliver services using the Content Marketer’s Blueprint. Join the Conversation @CMBlueprint or +ContentMarketersBlueprint
  4. 4. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Today’s Schedule 20 minutes: Buyer Personas Presentation 20 minutes: Brainstorm Buyer Persona Services
  5. 5. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com After the Webinar www.contentmarketingblueprint.com/blog • Webinar recording • Slides • Blog article
  6. 6. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Today’s Question What are the most important elements of a buyer persona, and how can I apply those elements to a content marketing strategy?
  7. 7. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com CMB Sales & Service Process 1. Buyer Persona Information (Questionnaire) 2. Model the buyer’s journey with content. (CMB) 3. Distribute the content. (CMB + HubSpot)
  8. 8. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com What if your client is wrong? Thinking you have the right directions is worse than knowing you don’t!
  9. 9. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com How to tell if you have bad directions?
  10. 10. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Who is closest to the Buyer’s Journey. Customers • 1st hand experiences • Challenge: Need to break barriers to get the info Sales • Lots of experience with buyers • Challenge: They get lied to, and are once removed Marketers • Typically focused on their own brand (not buyer problems) • Challenge: Poor communication with sales
  11. 11. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Buyer Personas as a service: “5 Rings of Insight” http://www.buyerpersona.com/
  12. 12. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Every buyer persona has a UNIQUE set of buying criteria.
  13. 13. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com #1: Priority Initiatives Events that trigger a need for information.
  14. 14. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Capture Priority Initiatives Capture the relationship between the trigger and resulting need for information. Trigger: Charged with developing a content marketing service. Goal (Need for information): Develop a content marketing business model. Section 1 of Blueprint Questionnaire
  15. 15. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com #2: Success Factors What factors will make their initiative successful? Initiative #1: Develop a content marketing service.
  16. 16. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com #2: Success Factors The buyer’s specific questions will relate to success factors Initiative #1: Develop a content marketing service. Success factor #1: Ease of adoption. Question #1: How long does it take to develop a content marketing service model? Question #2: Are there content marketing services that are more difficult to adopt than others? Section 2 of Questionnaire
  17. 17. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com #3: Perceived Barriers What factors would prevent the buyer from purchasing a service model from CMB? Initiative #1: Develop a content marketing service.
  18. 18. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com #3: Perceived Barriers Section 3 of Questionnaire
  19. 19. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com #4: Decision Criteria Section 3 of Questionnaire
  20. 20. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com #5: Buyer’s Journey 1. What role does the buyer play in the overall decision? 2. What resources or information will they need at each stage of the buyer’s journey?
  21. 21. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com #5: Buyer’s Journey “I am the primary decision maker, but I have a business partner” I want to try it for myself to make sure it works. I want to see case studies and talk to other agencies using the CMB. I want to see an example of a content marketing strategy.
  22. 22. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com How to adopt buyer personas as a service.  Pitch your prospect on creating a content marketing strategy with them.  Option 1: After the questionnaire exercise – if it is clear they don’t have a good understanding of their buyer persona, offer to conduct interviews and help them construct one.  Option 2: Start with what you can get from sales, but include a feedback loop as part of your retainer.
  23. 23. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com What is a feedback loop? “CMB Office hour webinars” are used to fill the gaps I have in my buyer persona’s and improve them over time.
  24. 24. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Using the feedback is important!
  25. 25. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Using the feedback is important!
  26. 26. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Adele’s Buyer Persona Masterclass  Video Based  How to conduct a fact finding interview.  How to identify the top three priorities and success factors and the top three buyer concerns.  How to determine the number of buyer personas you need to build (Hint: it’s fewer than you think). 10% discount to CMB Partners: $349 $314.1 (Code will be sent out to partners later this week)
  27. 27. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Download a complete buyer persona example: http://www.buyerpersona.com /example-buyer-persona
  28. 28. www.contentmarketingblueprint.com Next Session: Thursday March 27th @3pm “Content Marketing Performance Review #3” Signup at: www.contentmarketingblueprint.com/2014-webinars