Global Strategy and Enterprise Excellence Leader: Value Proposition
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Global Strategy and Enterprise Excellence Leader: Value Proposition



Professional profile of breadth and depth of experience and value offered to design and execute growth strategies built upon operational excellence initiatives.

Professional profile of breadth and depth of experience and value offered to design and execute growth strategies built upon operational excellence initiatives.



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Global Strategy and Enterprise Excellence Leader: Value Proposition Global Strategy and Enterprise Excellence Leader: Value Proposition Presentation Transcript

  • Max  Sutherland   “Drives  Growth  through  Excellence”   Global  Strategy  and  Enterprise  Excellence  Leader  
  • Value  Proposition:  Increased  Revenue  Growth,  Margins  and  Excellence   What  I  bring  to  the   table  …   •  Passion  for  Aerospace,   Excellence  and  Growth   •  Career  dedicated  to   Innova:on,  Performance   Improvement,  Superior   Quality,  and  Outstanding   Customer  Service   •  Execu:ve  and  Project   Leadership   •  Global  Experience,   Languages,  and  Insight   •  Diverse  Industry  and  Big  4   Consul:ng  Experience   •  Extensive  Excellence,   Technology  and  Change   Management  Exper:se   •  World-­‐class  Tools,   Techniques  and   Methodologies   •  Excellent  Win-­‐Win   Nego:a:on  Skills   Opportuni3es…   •  Increased  Business  and   Revenue  Growth   •  Increased  Cash  Flow   •  Realized  Returns  on   Investments   •  Measureable  Excellence   Results   •  Increased  ROA   •  Increased  Gross  and   Opera3ng  Margins   •  Decreased  Margin  Spread   •  Increased  Market  Share   •  Successful  Ini3a3ve   Implementa3ons,  On-­‐3me   and  within  Budget   •  Enhanced  Employee   Knowledge,  Skills  and   Technology  Adop3on  /   U3liza3on   How  I  can  do  it…   •  Effec:ve  Leadership  and   Communica:on   •  End-­‐to-­‐End  Strategic   Planning  thru  Tac:cal   Execu:on   •  Organiza:onal  Alignment   to  Embrace  Strategic   Ini:a:ves  and  Business   Goals   •  Collabora:ve  Team   Building  and  Professional   Development   •  Current  State   Assessments,  Gap   Analysis;  Future  State   Modeling;  Roadmap   Development   •  Prac:cal  Approach  to   Problem  Solving  and   BoTleneck  Elimina:on   •  Dynamic  Change   Management  Program   Development  and   Implementa:on   What  I  can  do…   •  Drive  Strategic  Top-­‐  and   BoTom-­‐line  Ini:a:ves,   Mi:gate  Risk   •  Iden:fy  and  Develop   Revenue  Genera:ng   Opportuni:es   •  Strategize  and  Execute   CEO’s  Vision   •  Strengthen  Internal  and   External  Rela:onships  by   Exceeding  Expecta:ons   •  Link  Cost-­‐Saving  Ini:a:ves   to  Revenue  Growth   •  Champion  Change   Internally  and  Externally  to   Drive  Growth  and   Enterprise  Excellence   •  Develop  Sound  Business   Cases  and  Market   Strategies   •  Leverage  Internal  and   External  Resources  for   Op:mal  Results   2  
  • Global  Experience     3  
  • Max   1980   1990   2000   2010   C O N S U L T I N G   Credentials   BA   MBA   4  
  • Experience  Linking  Revenue  Growth  and  Excellence  Initiatives  *   Global  Enterprise   Excellence   Centers  of   Excellence   Shared  Services   Lean  Six  Sigma   •     Revenues   •     Gross  Margin   •     Opera:ng  Margin   •     EBITDA   •     Excellence   •     Margin  Spread   •     Revenues   •     Efficiencies   •     R&D  Focus   •     Market  Share   •     Customer  Care   •     Costs   •     Efficiencies   •     Best  Prac:ces   •     Customer  Care   •     Redundancies   •     Costs   •     Headcount   •     Produc:vity   •     Costs   •     SKUs   •     Cycle  Times   •     Process  Errors   •     Process  Excep:ons   Process  and  func:onal  excellence  are  the  founda:on  for  realizing  sustainable  revenue  growth     *    Detailed  impacts  provided  on  slides  9  and  10   5  
  • Expertise  and  Accomplishments        Execu3ve  Management          Financial  Management       Entrepreneur  of  2  business  ventures,   assembling  and  direc:ng  execu:ve   teams      (3i  Global,  MaxWax)   Rescued  mul:-­‐million  dollar  co-­‐ development  ini:a:ve  and  restored   execu:ve  rela:onships  with  SAP       (KPMG)   Designed  4Cs  Leadership  Alignment   Framework  to  drive  change,  gain   buy-­‐in,  and  mi3gate  stakeholder   risks      (Solbourne)   Worked  at  partner  level  to  grow  $30m   prac:ce  internally  and  business   development  interna:onally,  point  of   contact  for  client  issue  resolu:on  and   contract  disputes      (KPMG)   Managed  15  internal  and  external   execu:ves  in  various  ini:a:ves  for   three  global  businesses      (Chase)   Developed  business  rela:onships   with  Chinese  consulate  and   execu:ves      (3i  Global)   Champion  of  change  and  numerous   global  change  management  programs       (SunPower,  Boart  Longyear,  Ci?corp,   Chase,  KPMG,  AT&T)   4Cs  Leadership  Alignment      Drive  Change,  Mi:gate  Risk   Developed  financial  plans  and  10-­‐year   revenue  forecasts  for  a  niche   consumer  product  in  a  $25  billion   global  industry  that  is  increasing  7%   annually      (3i  Global)   Delivered  30%  under  budget   launching  consumer  product  in   Europe  and  N.  America      (MaxWax)   Nego:ated  mul:  million  dollar   solu:on  development  and  revenue   sharing  with  SAP  Germany      (KPMG)   P&L  responsibility  to  maintain  42%   gross  margin      (Snickelways)   Secured  76.5%  of  firm-­‐wide  allocated   technology  staff  development   budget        (KPMG)   Managed  a  $6  million  budget  for   internal  and  external  resources  while   leading  15  execu:ves  in  various   ini:a:ves  for  three  global  businesses       (Chase)   Developed  and  delivered  finance   shared  services  policy  compliance   training      (SunPower)                      Product  Launch  Costs                      Projected  vs.  Actual                                    30%  under  Budget        Firm-­‐wide  Allocated  Budget                        Secured  and  Managed   0%   50%   100%   Projected   Actual          76.5%   6  
  • Expertise  and  Accomplishments                                      Opera3onal  Excellence  __  _              __     Created  a  sales  and  product   management  Center  of  Excellence  for   three  (3)  global  businesses,  increasing   account  revenues  20%        (Chase)   Plateaued  sales  revenues  reversed  to   realize  25%  increases        (American   Furniture)   Increased  cash  flow  300%  by   improving  communica:ons  and  client   training,  turning  poor  performing   EMEA  accounts  into  profitable  key   accounts      (Ci?corp)   Reduced  an  average  of  more  than   40%  in  processing  cycle  :me  through   prac:cal  lean  implementa:ons  and   automa:on  blueprint  design      (UPS,   Chase,  Bank  of  America,  Chase  Visa,   Chase  Home  Mortgage,  Ci?corp)   Restructured  sales  organiza:on  and   service  offerings  for  a  nascent  digital   technology  firm  to  compete  in  the   Tier  1  consul:ng  space,  resul:ng  in   10%  increased  business  revenues       (Snickelways  Interac?ve,  Inc.)   Increased  gross  profits  by  more  than   50%  though  Centers  of  Excellence   and  shared  services      (SunPower,   Ci?corp,  Chase)      Revenue  Growth  in  $MM   Plateaued  Sales  Increased  25%                Center  of  Excellence   Increased  Gross  Profits  >  50%     Designed  SAP’s  Customer  Profitability   solu:on  to  increase  revenue  growth   opportuni:es  and  profit  margins  for   the  financial  services  industry       (KPMG)   Restructured  global  support  systems   and  processes  to  drive  increased   revenues  (company  37%,  division   45%)  and  excellence  performance   (trend  18%,  margin  spread  5%)   (Boart  Longyear)   Improved  asset  performance  by   op:mizing  capital  u:liza:on,  reducing   fixed  costs  by  $1.3  million        (Pearson)   Designed  business  model  with   integrated  audit  controls  to  ensure   compliance,  reduce  costs  and   improve  asset  management      (Chase,   Bank  of  America)   Restructured  global  account  and   service  management  organiza:ons  to   improve  client  rela:onships  and   reduce  excep:on  processing  by  90%       (Ci?corp)   Designed  a  Center  of  Excellence   procurement  model  to  reduce  costs   by  ~$27m  (NPV),  increasing  gross  and   opera:ng  margins      (Georgia-­‐Pacific)                      Revenues  in  $000                    Revenues  Increased  37%                    Excellence  Indicators          Excellence  Trend  Increased  18%     0   20   40   60   '00   '02   '04   '06   Savings   0   10   20   30   Revenues    -­‐      1,000,000      2,000,000      3,000,000     '06  '07  '08  '09  '10  '11    Net  Sales   0.00%   10.00%   20.00%   30.00%   40.00%   50.00%   '06   '07   '08   '09   '10   '11    Margin  Spread    Excellence  Trend   7  
  • Expertise  and  Accomplishments        Strategic  Planning          Tac3cal  Execu3on       Resource  strategy  for  $20  billion   manufacturing  company’s  sourcing   organiza:on,  with  expected  savings     ~$28  million  NPV      (Georgia-­‐Pacific)   $400  million  products  division’s  global   Oracle  ERP  Order  to  Cash  staff   enablement  and  execu:on  strategy   for  on-­‐:me  Go-­‐Live      (Boart  Longyear)   Business  planning  for  a  niche   consumer  product  in  a  $25  billion   global  industry  that  is  increasing  7%   annually      (3i  Global)   Strategic  go-­‐to-­‐market  plan  to  launch   a  global  luxury  product  with  10-­‐year   revenue  forecasts  of  $200  million         (3i  Global)   Product  innova:on  concept,  market   research,  design,  development,   marke:ng  and  distribu:on  to  drive   incremental  revenue  growth      (Brown-­‐ Forman,  MaxWax)   Business  development  strategy  for   the  $800  million  La3n  American   market,  capturing  15%  market  share       (KPMG)   Consumer  advocacy  strategy  to   increase  revenues  minimum  20%  for   global  products  poroolio      (Nestlé)            New  Product  Planning      10-­‐Year  Revenue  Forecasts                          Totaling  $200m   $800m  La3n  American  Market      First-­‐Mover  $120m  Market  Share                                            Opportunity   Implementa3on  of  standardized   account  management  and  A/R   policies,  increasing  cash  flow  300%       (Ci?corp)   Global  rollout  of  sales  cer:fica:on   program,  95%  cer:fied  <  6mos.,   revenue  increased  20%      (Chase)   Rollout  of  Oracle  ERP  training   programs:  design,  development  and   delivery  in  the  US,  Canada  and  the   Philippines  for  on-­‐:me  Go-­‐Live  dates       (Boart  Longyear,  SunPower)   Systems  conversion  change  program   developed  and  delivered  in  1/10   budgeted  :me      (AT&T)   Product  development,  marke:ng  and   distribu:on  throughout  Europe  and   North  America  30%  under  budget       (MaxWax)   Planned  and  executed  merger  of  two   interna3onal  business  units,  saving   $8-­‐9  million  in  hard  costs      (Ci?corp)   Developed  Change  programs  to   impact  culture,  skills,  and  knowledge   transfer  for  ERP  implementa:ons       (SunPower,  RTD,  Boart  Longyear,  DJJ,   UPS,  Chase,  UBS,  Ci?corp,  AT&T)                                    New  AR  Policy                              Implementa3ons                        Cash  Flow  Increased  300%                                                Merger                  Business  A            Business  B                        $8-­‐9m  Realized  Synergies   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   15%   0%   20%   40%   60%   80%  100%   <30  Days   90+  Days     Cash  Flow   8  
  • Major  Strategic  Excellence  Initiatives   Situa3on   Ac3ons   Results   Boart  Longyear:  Disparate   opera:ng  model  with  regional   support  systems  and  regionally   managed  logis:c  processes   Objec3ve:  Global  Enterprise  of   Excellence   •  Consistently  communicated  a  unified  global   business  message   •  Implemented  single  ERP  plaoorm  globally   for  sales,  produc:on  and  support  func:ons   •  Restructured  supply  chain,  logis:cs  and   “availability-­‐to-­‐promise”  processes   •  Designed  and  delivered  dynamic,   comprehensive  change  program  for  40+   countries   •  Revenues:     Company  37%,   Prod  Division  45%   •  Gross  Margin  11%   •  Opera:ng  Margin   40%   •  EBITDA  60%   •  Enterprise  Excellence   18%   •  Margin  Spread  5%   Georgia-­‐Pacific:  Redundant   sourcing  processes  that  both   detracted  from  management  focus   on  produc:on  and  increased  raw   material  costs  (lack  of  price   nego:a:on  leverage)   Objec3ve:  Center  of  Excellence,   Supply  Chain  Sourcing   •  Assessed  mul:ple  site  processes  and   technologies   •  Addressed  gaps  and  issues   •  Presented  Center  of  Excellence  design  and   business  case  for  SRM  solu:on   implementa:on   •  Developed  and  delivered  sourcing  tools  to   realize  produc:on  benefits     •  Centrally-­‐led  Center  of   Excellence  model   •  Opera:ng  cost  $27m   (NPV)   •  Materials  and   equipment  price   nego:a:on  leverage     Chase:  Flat-­‐lined  revenues  year-­‐ over-­‐year   Objec3ve:  Center  of  Excellence,   Sales  and  Product  Management   R&D   •  Analyzed  global  sales  paTerns,  created   assessment  processes  to  determine  root   causes   •  Developed  and  delivered  sales  approach   and  product  cer:fica:on  program  globally   •  Dedicated  Professional  Development  team   for  Sales  and  Product  Management  R&D  for   3  global  businesses   •  Payment  Products   revenues  20%   •  95%  global  sales  force   poroolio-­‐cer:fied   within  6  mos.   •  Product  R&D  success   130%  by  partnering   with  client  base   9  
  • Major  Strategic  Excellence  Initiatives   Situa3on   Ac3ons   Results   Ci3corp  Global  Payment  Products:   M&A  integra:on  of  interna:onal   payment  product  business  units   Objec3ve:  Center  of  Excellence,   Processing  and  Customer  Care   •  Assessed  people,  processes  and   technologies,  financial  and  global  customer   impacts,  interna:onal  logis:cs  and  vendor   management   •  Presented  feasibility  studies  and  detailed   integra:on  and  communica:on  plans   •  Standardized  and  streamlined  opera:ons,   leveraging  Kaizen  philosophy   •  Developed  and  delivered  training  programs   to  new  hires,  exis:ng  employees  and   interna:onal  customer  base   •  Onshored  >  75%  of   acquired  business   •  Opera:ng  costs  $8  –   9m  (~35%  of  revenues)   •  Standards  for  customer   care  and  account   management     •  Headcount  30+%   SunPower:  Disparate  regional   finance  and  HR  organiza:ons   Objec3ve:  Global  Shared  Services,   Finance  and  HR   •  Developed  communica:on  and  change   plans  and  materials  for  global  offshore   shared  services  center  for  finance  and  HR   func:ons   •  Delivered  change  program,  implemen:ng   best  prac:ces,  controls  and  compliance   requirements   •  Labor  cost  50+%   •  Governance  and   compliance     Ford:  Excessive  complexity  of  SKUs   hinder  profit  growth   Objec3ve:  Lean  Manufacturing,   Inventory  Ra:onaliza:on   •  Assessment  of  product  complexity  drivers   and  impacts  on  downstream  costs   •  Deep  analysis  and  segmenta:on    of  high-­‐ performing  SKUs  vs.  low-­‐performing  SKUs   •  Development  of  a  qualita:ve  and   quan:ta:ve  SKU  scorecard  to  determine   ra:onaliza:on  opportuni:es   •  Manufacturing  and   inventory  costs  35+%   •  Product  lifecycle   management     10  
  • Max Sutherland,   an   action-­‐driven   global   strategy   and   enterprise   excellence   executive,   brings  more  than  20  years  of  domestic   and   international   operations,   R&D,   sales,  and  marketing  experience.  Max   focuses   on   end-­‐to-­‐end   strategic   planning   and   tactical   execution   to   optimize   top-­   and   bottom-­line   performance,          connecting          business   seal  the  deal  and  became  a  marketing  and  excellence  advisor  to   project  teams  in  KPMG  Consulting’s  R&D  group.   In  addition,  Max  has  over  15  years  of  leadership  experience   in   sales   and   marketing,   with   accomplishments   that   include   driving   strategic   marketing   plans   to   launch/revive   consumer   products   and   business   development   efforts   in   Latin   America,   North   America,   Europe,   and   Asia.     Max   restructured   sales   organizations,   addressing   branding   issues   and   customer/ advocacy   strategies,   and   realigned   service   offerings   to   meet   customer   needs   and   market   trends.     He   also   developed   business  models  for  clients  to  implement  Internet  technologies   to   drive   incremental   growth;   designed   performance   metrics   that  drove  25%  increase  in  business  revenues;  and  rolled  out  a   global  sales  certiWication  program  that  resulted  in  20%  average   increased  revenues  per  client.   As   with   all   successful   executives,   Max   has   been   a   leader   of   change   throughout   his   career   and   a   strong   advocate   of   staff   development   and   client/customer   involvement   to   implement   new   strategic   initiatives   to   accomplish   business   goals.   His   ability   to   communicate   at   all   levels   and   build   energized   teams   is   evidenced   by   his   contributions   to   ~$18.5m   in   oral   presentation  wins  and  his  abilities  to  manage  change,  develop   long-­‐term  internal  and  external  relationships,  gain  stakeholder   buy-­‐in,  and  resolve  critical  and  complex  issues.    His  extensive   experience   spans   six   (6)   continents,   diverse   cultures   and   multiple   industries,   providing   insights   and   best   practices   to   broad  business  challenges.       Max   earned   his   Bachelor’s   degree   in   Economics   and   Political   Science  from  Indiana  University,  an  MBA  from  Duke  University   in  2004,  and  speaks  German,  French  and  Italian  from  frequent   living  and  working  in  Europe  and  managing  EMEA  accounts.     growth   and   cost-­‐saving   initives   to   consistently   exceed   expectations.     His   career   is   solidly   grounded   in   driving   revenue   growth   through  excellence  with  early  wins  that  include  a  Fortune  50   M&A  integration,  optimization  of  resources  and  supply  chain   processes,   and   restructuring   of   global   account   management   and   service   management   organizations,   turning   poor   performing   accounts   into   proWitable   key   accounts.     These   highly  visible  initiatives  created  a  global  Center  of  Excellence,   saving   more   than   $8   million   in   annual   operating   costs   and   increasing  cash  Wlow  by  more  than  300%.       He  is  also  credited  with  optimizing  infrastructures,  lowering   operating   costs   and   time   up   to   40%   through   lean   process   implementations   and   improving   customer   service   that   signiWicantly   improved   revenue   generation   and   overall   performance.    Max  also  played  a  key  role  in  architecting  a  one-­‐ to-­‐one   customer   proWitability   solution   to   drive   additional   revenues   by   harnessing   holistic   customer   data   and   market   trends.     He   successfully   negotiated   multi-­‐million   dollar   development  and  revenue  sharing  terms  with  SAP  Germany  to   11  
  • Contact  Information   Max  Sutherland   914-­‐374-­‐1250   Twitter   @maxsutherland   LinkedIn  ProWile