Lone wolves


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Lone wolves

  1. 1. Lone Wolves ˷ DRAMATIS PERSONAE ˷The PrimarchsThe Warmaster Horus Commander of the Sons of Horus LegionSanguinius Primarch of the Blood AngelsThe Luna WolvesLoken Captain of the Luna WolvesNeevo Second in Command of the Luna WolvesNador Luna Wolves MemberMarkus Luna Wolves MemberThe Blood AngelsRaldoron Chapter MasterBanthor Tenth Company CaptainDermon Fifth Company CaptainNarkon Fourteenth Company CaptainThe InterexJephta Naud General Commander, the armies of the InterexMithras Tull Subordinate Commander, the armies of the Interex Chapter 1Loken looked down at his freshly repainted armour and admired thebrilliant white, the trademark colour of the Luna Wolves.He was on board the Red Tear, Sanguinius’ flagship, travelling through thewarp. It had only been a month since that treacherous battle on Isstvan IIIbut he had already developed a hatred for most of his former friends, theyall followed the Warmaster.Loken was sure he would have died if it hadn’t been for the Blood Angels.They were on a routine scouting mission when they noticed that there wasno vox-chatter from the planet. They came in closer and realised that theplanet had been virus bombed, they were brave enough to land and explorethe planet. It was fate that brought them to the Choral City, they scouted
  2. 2. around for a bit and then they found, under a pile of rubble from acollapsed bunker, Loken, and in various other places other surviving Sonsof Horus, although they had now repainted their armour and retaken thename the ‘Luna Wolves’. The apothecaries aboard the scouting ship hadhelped them cling onto life until they got back to the Red Tear.So now Loken sat there awaiting the moment when they arrived at Terra.The ship started to jolt as if there was turbulence, but the ship’s stabilisersshould have counteracted this.The ship’s inter-vox system started up, “There appears to be a violent warpstorm. Would all personnel please prepare for emergency warp exit.”This was not good, but Loken supposed that they had been lucky to getthis far with the Warmaster having all but total control over the warp.Loken looked out of the window of his makeshift chamber and saw thedazzling colours of the warp stop and the normal blackness of spacereappear. It took him a few seconds to realise where they were. He wassure that the entire Blood Angels fleet felt the same sense of terror as hedid. He knew the planet that they were approaching, everybody aboard thatship did. It was Murder. Chapter 2The battle between the Megarachnid and the Space Marines had beenfierce. The Blood Angels had been the first to discover Murder and theentirety of the fleet sent down from the Misericord had been wiped outleaving only a repeated help signal with the captain reporting what washappening over a period of days. The final thing he said on that recordinggave that planet its name, “This. World. Is. Murder.”The Luna Wolves and the Emperors Children came to their aid to late butstill fought a violent war with the Megarachnid, giant eight-legged insectsmainly, but some flew or were towering building machines. But it was notthe Megarachnid that Loken feared, but the Interex.The Interex were part of the human race that left Terra to colonise thegalaxy. They had also fought the Megarachnid but decided not to wipethem out but to place them on a prison world with no form of spacetransportation. The Interex had also formed an alliance with a simianspecies called the Kinebrach who brought with them dangerous weaponssuch as the Anathame which had wounded the Warmaster and caused himto turn against the Emperor. Loken almost completely blamed the Interexand Kinebrach for this treachery, even if Erebus had stolen the Anathame.
  3. 3. The Blood Angels did not know of the Interex and Sanguinius had to bewarned about them and the threat they posed.Loken raced along the corridor, as he rounded the corner he saw that theblast doors were locked. There was an army officer guarding the door.“What is the meaning of this?” demanded Loken, “I have to warnSanguinius about a serious xenos threat!”“Im afraid that Sanguinius is all too aware of this.” stated the officer.“What do you mean?” asked Loken.“A ship, claiming to belong to something named the Interex, has landed inthe docking bay and they have opened fire on our troops.” replied theofficer.“Damn!” exclaimed Loken, “But I still need to see Sanguinius and warnhim about the weapons they possess.”“I have orders not to let anyone past this point.” stated the officer in anofficial voice.“Well Im issuing you new orders.” Loken argued, “Or are you disobeyinga senior officer?”“No, sir” said the soldier trying to hide his fear. He quickly opened theblast door and Loken continued his sprint down the halls of the Red Tear. Chapter 3Sanguinius stood on his balcony watching the battle taking place below.His Blood Angels had held the Interex back and had not let them escapethe docking bay, but they had powerful weapons, they might have lookedlike ceremonial bows but in reality they were frightening laser weapons.The Interex were heavily outnumbered and were slowly being pushedback, it would only take another half hour of fighting before they werewiped out.Sanguinius returned to his desk and went back to the thought that he wasdesperately trying to block out, what evil forces could turn the brother hetrusted most into a man who was determined to overthrow the Emperor?Sanguinius was distracted from his thought pattern as the vox system in hisdesk started up."Sorry to bother you sir, but captain Loken of the Luna Wolves says he hasto see you urgently.” "Cant it wait?" Sanguinius replied, "Im very busy.” "Apparently not sir." came the reply. "Send him in then." Sanguinius said reluctantly.
  4. 4. "Yes sir.”The door opened and there stood Loken, clad in his gleaming whitearmour.“Come in, come in and tell me what it is thats bothering you so much thatyou need to disturb me in the middle of a battle.” Sanguinius saidmonotonously.“Well, sir, thats what its about,” said Loken, “these people youre fightingpossess very powerful weapons.”“I know that!” snapped Sanguinius, “Those blasted bows are knocking achunk out of my legion!”“Yes, but they have worse than that.” stated Loken.“Such as?” asked Sanguinius, intrigued now.“The Anathame that wounded the Warmaster.” Loken replied. Sanguiniuspaused, you would have to know him very well to see the worry in hiseyes.“Understood,” he said, “you may leave now.”“Thats not all I have to say,” continued Loken, “the Interex could becomeour ally.”“That is completely out of the question!” Sanguinius snapped, “Theyobviously have a hatred of the Imperium and will open fire on any of ourtroops.”“No, I have fought the Interex before,” Loken replied, “its not a hatred ofthe Imperium that they have, its a hatred of the Warmaster.”“I think I can see what youre getting at with this.” said Sanguiniusthoughtfully.