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M klein portfolio
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M klein portfolio


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2013 portfolio

2013 portfolio

Published in: Career, Business, Technology
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  • 1. Max Leonard Klein Resume & Product Portfolio
  • 2. Max Leonard Klein e: p: 818.943.2034 Product Manager - UI/UX Designer Web & Mobile Position: Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, I have always had an affinity for entrepreneurship, launching my first official company when I was a Freshman at Loyola Marymount University. That startup, Mac-A-Day, was a widely successful daily deal site geared towards college students which struck deals with for over $500,000. In February, 2012, I moved from LA to NYC to join the emerging tech scene; while in NYC, I attended The Founders Institute as a selected entrepreneur, while simultaneously working with New Work City (co-working space) and The Lean Startup Machine (skillshare classes on all things ‘startup’). Since moving back to Los Angeles (Aug, 2012), I have truly refined my product management craft while garnering the respect for my newest skill-set and passion, UI/UX design. Since January, 2013, I have been diligently designing and constantly refining my understanding of what truly makes a great product, and that is a great user experience. A Brief History:
  • 3. Loyola Marymount University, 2006 - 2012 B.A. Hilton College of Business Administration Major: Dual emphasis in International Business & Entrepreneurship Minor: Ethical Philosophy Average GPA: 3.5 Interests Skills Research & Strategic Planning Frontend & Backend development Product creation & Innovation Product creation (wireframes, sitemaps, UI / UX) Innovative & Lateral thinking Skilled in Photoshop, InDesign, and Keynote Business & Strategic Development Agile development Web & Mobile App Development UI / UX, and interactive design Lifestyle Products and Services Pragmatic Marketing Fashion, Art, and Entertainment Highly Knowledgeable in the latest technology trends Usability, UX, and fluid product design Hard worker & Fast Learner Personal Statement A review of my credentials will confirm that I have served as a catalyst for various successful product development initiatives; from ideation to market launch. I am an experienced and highly passionate product developer with an overt obsession for a products user experience. With the majority of my skills and expertise coming from self- education, I am a career-driven self-starter that loves to work with passionate people, interesting concepts, and solving real-world problems through technology and innovation. Complemented by high-caliber entrepreneurial qualifications, and a proven track record in delivering value to client organizations through product development and innovation; I encompass a diverse skill-set garnered from my independent entrepreneurial ventures, my tenure with digital agencies and startup ventures, and my more recent time as a end-to-end product development freelancer. I am highly qualified in the aspects of product management, product development, strategy, user experience, UI design, usability, and using my understanding of the developmental space to deliver elegant solutions to market problems.
  • 4. Freelancer | Product Development & UI/UX Designer (January 2013 – Present) Within the past 9 months, I have untaken several freelancing job opportunities in which I have taken products from concept to market - specifically in the mobile application realm. Doing my utmost to refine my entrepreneurial craft, I have development a passion for product management and user interface design. Within this past 9 months, I have successfully launched one mobile app (due to be in App store by Oct, 1, 2013), I have conceptualized and designed a music-driven App (ScoutEm), and have came up with various “smaller” side project applications in which I have conceptualized and designed myself Star Club | Lead Product Manager (October 2012 – Present) The Star Interactive™ platform, is changing the game between the Artist and their global Audience. Based in the heart of Santa Monica, California’s “Silicon Beach”, Star Club, Ltd. is a global media firm – the first of its kind to offer personalized interactive media distribution platforms to celebrities and industrial brands. During my time at Star Club, I have successfully taken three multi-million dollar applications to market including two celebrity social networks, Jessica Simpson and Enrique Iglesias, with Snoop Dogg currently in development. My primary responsibilities included (i) gathering business requirements and creating detailed product specs, (ii) creating all wireframes, site-maps, web mocks, initial prototypes and iterative design mockups, (iii) conduct concept generation activities including the development of user profiles, user scenarios, organizational models, and task models, and (iv) I worked directly with engineering and QA teams to shepherd new product from concept through grooming and implementation to high-quality code that is ready to launch. All product development is done lean with agile product development practices and concepts specifically Scrum methodologies to achieve simple solutions to complex problems. F2M2 | Product Manager & UX Specialist (March 2012 – December 2012) F2M2 Inc. is a mobile application and web development studio specializing in design and deployment. Starting as more a business development role, working directly under the Founder & CEO, Rocky Demoff, I was the one who took the desired business goals of the client, and make that into reality; understanding what the clients wanted to develop; I worked closely with the engineering and design teams to architect the exact development infrastructure necessary to develop highly engaging and scalable applications. My primary responsibilities included (i) creating detailed product specs, including all wireframes, site-maps, and iterative design mockups, (iii) conduct market research and analysis, including the development of user profiles, user scenarios, and possible revenue models, (iv) I did all the UX development including site-mapping and usability testing with iterative designs, and (v) I played the role of project manager as much as product manager, making sure deadlines were met, client requests were understood and iterated upon. io/LA | Project Manager & Business Development (March 2012 – October 2012) io/LA is Hollywood’s first entertainment and technology co-work, café, and technology incubator. io/LA was my first job back from my time in New York City. While at io/LA, I worked directly under the Co-Founder & CEO, Chris Gartin, a successful actor/producer/entrepreneur who ran the facility with Aber Witcomb, former CTO for MySpace and current Co-Founder & CTO of SGN (Social Gaming Network). io/LA mentors have built and run successful internet companies and produced non- traditional media content across multiple platforms. I started within 3 months of io/LA’s launch creating their event program and sponsorship from the ground up. I automated and streamlined event inquiries, got event sponsors, and developed their third revenue stream in educational workshops; bringing in serial entrepreneurs and top tier professors from UCLA. Simultaneously, aiding in the relationship creation with companies such as Black Magic, Adobe, Ultra Light Startups, AT&T, Machinima, Angel Hack, Lean LA, Tech 4 Obama; as well as servicing their day-to-day activities. Employment Resume
  • 5. MY PORTFOLIO January 2012 - Present
  • 6. Star Club Position: Product Manager Lead Product Manager / Designer Duties: • Worked directly with cross-functional team members from UX, engineering, and marketing to define core mobile app strategies, concepts, implementation plans, and execution of all user-interfacing features. • I was mainly responsible for analyzing market conditions and defining features or functions of a product - this includes site-maps, wireframes, use cases, user stories, and even designs. • Developed the Agile setting in which I would run weekly scrum sessions to constantly stay up to date on our sprint cycles while consistently updating our product portfolio. • I would weight the value of each new feature, and weight the time it would take to build that feature to define to define products yielding maximum ROI. 1.
  • 7. Star Club • StarSite is a personalized digital media distribution software that helps top-tier media brands repatriate lost social media traffic and control their content in an increasingly fragmented space. • The StarSite engine integrates seamlessly with a media brand’s existing web properties to facilitate first-party ownership of the online consumer. • Our Cross-Platform web service technology allows all content is dynamically syndicated to Desktop/Laptop, native mobile and tablet apps for maximum reach. • Features include, (i) Artist-Driven Social Network, (ii) Content Hosting, (iii) Fan-Based Social Community, (iv) Integrated Social Commerce, (v) Dynamic Polls & Contests, (vi) Personalized Video-Chat system, along with a (vii) Content Management System, and a (viii) Data Analytics Platform. The Platform: 1.
  • 8. 1.
  • 9. StyleMate App (Available in App Store) Position: Head of Product - System Architect - Lead Designer Duties: • I was contracted to take a product concept to market by Sennet Devermont & Aimmee Song ( • I was the sole product engineer that designed the product (all UI and UX) and defined the features and functions of the product. • I had to develop a simple, yet effective formula that took the current weather from, find its average, and place it into a weather range that suited our ‘Occasions’ parameter. • This project was a total of two months from first conversation to Apple Submission. • Developed with HTML5, StyleMate is available on iOS, Android, and the web. 2.
  • 10. StyleMate App • StyleMate is a fashion-facing mobile application that gives the users style inspiration for based on Style, Occasion, and Weather. • Users log in and begin entering their various style preferences as well as select up to 5 of their favorite cities to quickly navigate through recommendations. • Once the user selects their set styles and locations, they can either “Dress for Today”, or “Dress for Later”, in which we aggregate the weather parameters for that date and time to give the best outfit recommendations. • Utiliing the Weather API, we aggregate the weather then place it in a “Occasion Parameter” • 6 occasions total (3 for Daytime & 3 for Nighttime) • Once the user enters her occasion selection, we show various inspirational fashion photography in which we allow the users to shop the items within that image and get recommendations at various price points. The Application: 2.
  • 11. Custom Designs that show based on (i) Time of Day, and (ii) Current Weather Users can select up to 10 Styles that aide in our recommendations; and various occasion to choose from. 2.
  • 12. Get Inspired Find the Look Shop the Look 2.
  • 13. ScoutEm App (Development begins Oct, 1st, 2013) Position: Head of Product - System Architect - Lead Designer Duties: 3. • Contracted by Sennet Devermont & Kevin Hall from Universal Music to take their idea of an A&R app from concept to creation. • I was responsible for analyzing market conditions and defining features or functions of a product - this includes all site-maps, wireframes, use cases, user stories, and UI/UX designs. • Sole product engineer behind this app. • I studied the market and analyzed current pain-point from artists trying to get their music into the hands of professional A&Rs • ScoutEm is the first version (in what hopes to be) an industry transformation - No longer will the “Justin Bieber’s” rely on YouTube, they now have ScoutEm.
  • 14. • ScoutEm is an all new mobile application that allows up-and-coming musicians send their tracks directly to professional Artist & Repertoires. • ScoutEm leverages in-app purchasing and social influence to streamline the process of getting their music heard by the most influential people in the music industry. • The ScoutEm application offers something for everyone; (i) A platform for emerging talent to get heard, (ii) Consolidating & streamlining the process for A&R’s, and (iii) Offering fans a platform to find, and stay up to date with their favorite emerging artists. • Features include, (i) Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud API integration, (ii) Curate and save songs to a playlist, (iii) In-app purchase to send songs direct to A&R, (iv) Custom App just for A&Rs, (v) Custom CMS for Lead A&Rs with data and analytics. The Application: ScoutEm App 3.
  • 15. ScoutEm allows users to seamlessly upload their music already hosted on SoundCloud, YouTube, and DropBox and send their tracks direct to an A&R with a 72 hour response. 3.
  • 16. 3.
  • 17. TravelMate App (concept) Position: Founder - System Architect - Lead Designer • Sole Founder • From Idea to Full Designs in < 2 weeks • TravelMate is a mobile application that tells you exactly when to leave your home to the airport - with perfect timing. • We are the first-of-its-kind to combine aggregate travel data with user-generated information to provide a platform to alleviate the stresses of airport wait times. • Features include, (i) GPS, (ii) Real-Time Airport & Flight information, (iii) Push notifications, (iv) User-Generated data about traffic & airport security, (v) One-click car booking (TaxiMagic API), and (vi) Proprietary algorithm for the most precise ETA estimations • This was just a fun concept I was playing around with...designs are all “Alpha” The Application: 4.
  • 18. 4.
  • 19. Position: Founder - System Architect - Lead Designer StarMaps App (concept) The Application: • Sole Founder • From Idea to Full Designs in < 2 weeks • The Application is designed to take the whole “Star Maps” idea - and bring it to the mobile phone. • Users download the app and instantly have access to (i) Star Tours, (ii) Celebrity home addresses, (iii) Landmark locations, (iv) the ability to create custom tours with marked destinations, (v) and one-click Routing or Car Service integrations. • This was just a fun concept I was playing around with...designs are all “Alpha” 5.
  • 20. 5.
  • 21. Position: Founder - System Architect - Lead Designer InstaVid App (concept) The Application: • Sole Founder • Simple Video Editor designed for Instagram users. • Trying to solve the problem of Instagram Video uploading. • With Instagram - it is impossible to make a collage out of already taken videos with an intuitive video editing system that allows (i) photos & videos, (ii) animated transitions, (iii) image slideshows, (iv) multiple filter selection on various video segments, (v) one-click share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more... • Conceptualized & designed with iOS7 in mind. • This was just a fun concept I was playing around with...designs are all “Alpha” 6.
  • 22. 6.
  • 23. THANKYOU Max Leonard Klein e: p: 818.943.2034