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OTM DELIVERED : How Business Process Outsourcing and Preconfigured Solutions Deliver Rapid ROI


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How to leverage BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) to reduce your OTM (Oracle Transportation Management) implementation costs and focus on your core competencies. …

How to leverage BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) to reduce your OTM (Oracle Transportation Management) implementation costs and focus on your core competencies.
Presented by Samuel Levin at MavenWire.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. OTM DELIVERED How Business Process Outsourcing and Preconfigured Solutions Deliver Rapid ROI OTM SIG User Conference 2009
  • 2. MavenWire: Proven Experience !   “MavenWire” Defined: !   Maven (ma’van) A trusted expert or knowledgeable enthusiast who seeks to pass his or her knowledge to others. !   “Wire” Defined: (wir) A conduit for transferring energy from one point to another. !   Established in 2006, 57 OTM skilled consultants worldwide with a average 5+years of OTM expierence !   Marketplace penetration for global projects !   US, Europe, Asia (in partnership with EII Solutions) !   Offshore center of excellence for consulting and development (in partnership with 7Hills)
  • 3.          MavenWire: Proven Experience Continued... !   Specialist in Oracle Transportation Management application (formerly G-Log) !   US, Europe, and Asia !   Global coverage with organisations in North American, Europe and APAC !   Leading provider of independent OTM BPO services including functional and technical, consulting, hosting, training and customer support !   Strong domain experience covering operational and system implementations for premier OTM customers !   Active part of the OTM Special Interest Group (SIG), now part of OAUG
  • 4. MavenWire: Partial Client List !   Retail !   Consumer Goods −  Family Dollar −  ACCO −  Tesco −  Electrolux −  Garmin !   Process Manufacturing −  Newell Rubbermaid −  Baillie Lumber −  Smurfit-Stone !   LSPs −  Coca-Cola −  Exel Logistics (DHL) −  Dawn Foods −  Geodis −  Elkem −  Schneider Logistics −  Macsteel −  Toll Logistics −  Rohm and Haas −  UTI −  UPM
  • 5. MavenWire: Customer Testimonial "Newell Rubbermaid engaged MavenWire to assist with the implementation of freight payment utilizing OTM’s Settlement functionality to enhance the previous in-house process.  MavenWire’s resources brought a deep knowledge of expertise across OTM technical and functional levels that resulted in a seamless implementation of new processes and successful integration with a new ERP system.” Brian Montalbano Global Manager, Transportation Services Newell Rubbermaid
  • 6. MavenWire: What the Analyst are saying? “PPG Industries, a $10 billion diversified manufacturer. PPG operates a load control center to plan and execute shipments for 35 North American manufacturing plants and 16 distribution centers. PPG moved to an on-demand transportation management system to power its load control center to improve load consolidation and carrier interactions and enhance visibility. Results have included a $1 million to $2 million annual freight savings; typical per-load savings of $40 to $70 for motor freight; and a 50% increase in shipments per planner” Aberdeen Group The Transportation Benchmark Report; How “Best-in-Class” Companies are Responding 2006
  • 7. MavenWire: What the Analyst are saying? “At its core, business process is all about how work gets done. Knowing how and where to start in defining, improving, and redesigning a business process can be daunting. In spite of the challenge and complexities, the shift from functional/ departmental processes to cross-functional and inter-enterprise business processes is a long-term business imperative that drives enterprises to: 1) engage professional service organizations to assist with business process improvement and redesign; 2) implement business process management (BPM) suites to better automate, manage, and optimize business processes; and/or 3) outsource their business processes to an organization that specializes in those processes.” April 6, 2006 ARC Research Analyst Topic Overview: Business Process Definition, Improvement, And Management, By Christine Ferrusi, Connie Moore
  • 8. MavenWire: What the Industry is saying? “Over the last few years, there has been growing interest and adoption of on-demand TMS (Transportation Management System) technology. That interest should only increase, as the on-demand solutions become more mature, and companies in the current economic climate are perhaps more likely to look for solutions that require less upfront investment. On-demand TMS solutions offer not only the potential for a different economic model (up-front software license versus subscription/”pay-as- you-go” model), but most vendors also tout that there are much lower implementation costs.” January 27, 2009 – SC Digest Editorial Staff
  • 9. MavenWire: Oracle Partnership !   An Oracle Partner since 2007 −  Certified SI providing a full range of services for Oracle OTM products −  OTM Functional Consulting (project based and full implementation) −  OTM Technical Consulting (development and architecture/tuning) −  OTM Training (functional and technical) −  OTM Hosting Services −  OTM BPO/SAAS Services −  OTM Support Services !   Oracle Development Partner since 2008 !   Oracle Partner for OTM Consulting, BPO and Hosting Services !   Oracle Development Partner !   Member of Oracle’s Applications Integration Partner Strategy Council −  Provide input and direction into the future of Oracle’s application integration efforts, including AIA
  • 10. MavenWire: Oracle Relationship !   Regular interaction at the executive and operational levels −  Client and account management −  Implementation projects −  Support and training −  Development activities !   Executive level steering committee meetings on major projects −  Ensure on-going feedback into Oracle's client management and product development organizations
  • 11. MavenWire : OTM Services Consulting Services Implementation Services   Transportation Process Development   End to end OTM implementation   Process Re-engineering /Refinement   DELIVER Methodology   OTM Infrastructure Consulting   Rapid Implementation Tools   OTM Technical Integration Consulting   Global Delivery Model Solution Services Customization / Dev Services   DELIVERED Business Process   Customization Outsourcing (BPO)   Extension Development   Full OTM Training Syllabus   Custom Interface Development   Provision of specialist OTM services   Report and FTI KPI development Support Services Hosted Managed Services   24 X 7 Multi-level User Support   OTM Hosting Help desk   World class data center   Business Support Services   Incubator rapid deployment   Monitoring Services   Online Monitoring   Data Maintenance   Infrastructure support 24/7 Globally
  • 12. OTM DELIVERED: MavenWire’s BPO Solution Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the practice of using a third party contracted to perform specific, specialized processes on a company’s behalf. Outsourcing Ownership Finding the right balance of ownership versus outsourcing allows organizations to Retention of Specialist Skills concentrate on core Service & competencies to achieve success Maintenance Customer Relation Carrier& Custom s er Relations Execution Of Go ods Transactional Processing
  • 13. OTM DELIVERED: The BPO Model OTM DELIVERED OTM FIRST Support Services Hosting Services
  • 14. OTM DELIVERED: BPO Preconfigured Solutions Rate Management Business Need – Decentralized rate management with no central source for validating shipping rates and carrier invoices. Solution - Allow MavenWire to manage the creation, updates, and expiration of rates in your OTM application while giving you access to validate shipping lane costs. Benefits - Radical reduction of turn-around time & discrepancies with claims and actuals. Higher customer satisfaction. • Carrier Bid Process MavenWire • Rates Loaded in Test Customer • Rates Promoted to Completed • Rates Tested Using RIQ Production • Rates entered in • Rates Transformed into • Customer Notified Rates • Rates Stored on Contract Management CSV Loaded in Test Network for Historical Form • Customer Sign’s off on History Load to Production • Shipping Lane Cost Validation Available Customer OTM MavenWire
  • 15. OTM DELIVERED: BPO Preconfigured Solutions Settlement Business Need – Customers challenged with carrier performance and invoice accurately with manual processes to manage freight settlement. Solution - The module focuses on automation of the invoice matching and approval process according to predefined customizable tolerances, and also provides a ‘dashboard’ (known as the Business Monitor) to detect and display unmatched invoices and out-of- tolerance approvals. Benefits - Reduction in invoice payment administration, exception alerting and visibility, creation of carrier performance history, increased collaboration between internal and external parties. • Map and upload carrier Match • Choose Approval Rule Notify • Automatically send Invoice • Choose Approval Party payment Voucher • Map and upload • Automatically Match • Automatically Approve • Notify unmatched • Map Voucher to AP Shipments Invoices to Shipments Invoices within chosen Invoices system • Or create OTM self bill tolerances • Notify Invoices requiring approval (out of tolerance) Invoice Approve Pay
  • 16. OTM DELIVERED: BPO Preconfigured Solutions Visibility Business Need – Customers that have decentralized separate applications or manual process to manage their order to cash processes. Solution – This module provides you with a platform to collect shipment status information and to accurately monitor and track shipments. Benefits – Visibility of inventory in transit, ability to gather historical data to track carrier and supplier performance, provides visibility to your customers, and provides ability to react to shipping issues. • ERP Processes OTM • Carrier Sends Events OTM Create Order and or Against Order Shipment • Order Created • Carrier Sends Events • Order Updated with • Shipment Created Against Shipment Carrier Events • Monitors Triggered to • Shipment Updated Track Events with Carrier Events Customer Carrier
  • 17. OTM DELIVERED: BPO Preconfigured Solutions EBS/OTM Logistics Order to Cash Business Need – For Existing EBS Customers that require a more robust planning and optimization engine that can not be leveraged from within the current EBS Shipping Application. Solution - This module provides a full Logistics order to cash solution leveraging Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Transportation Management. Benefits: Provides Accelerated Full Cycle Implementation, Rapid ROI, Ongoing reduction in invoice payment administration, exception reporting across the order to cash processes.
  • 18. OTM DELIVERED: BPO Services EDI VAN Connectivity Custom Master Data Development Maintenance Functional & Customer On Technical Boarding Consulting Carrier On KPI Reporting Boarding
  • 19. OTM DELIVERED: ROI Realized Savings: 50% 25% 25% 25% 25% Hosting costs reduced year after year for substantial savings…
  • 20. OTM DELIVERED: ROI Realized Saving of $312,000 (33%) over 5 years!
  • 21. OTM DELIVERED: BPO Benefits •  OTM DELIVERED allows for complete customization to best match your business needs. A focused solution provides greater cost savings. •  Provides near-term ROI without the need for additional headcount. Rapid implementation procedures and proven methodology allow you to realize cost savings while still growing your business. •  Partnering with the team who helped develop OTM. You can be rest assured that you’re in good hands. •  Allow use of a cutting edge transportation management application with zero overhead. No effect on your company’s technical infrastructure and team. •  Web-based application allows for global collaboration. Connectivity with providers, partners, and customers. •  Benefit from the tax advantages and additional savings. OTM DELIVERED costs can be allocated as an operational expenditure, rather than a capital expenditure.
  • 22. Partner With Us Thank you. Find out more at