OTM - Coming Soon to Midmarket Companies Near You!


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MavenWire, Oracle and Styline Logistics discuss the "Mid-Market Challenge" and how companies can benefit from OTM (Oracle Transportation Management), due to lower barriers to entry. Presented by Samuel Levin at MavenWire.

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OTM - Coming Soon to Midmarket Companies Near You!

  1. 1. Oracle Transportation Management (G-Log) Coming Soon ! To Mid-Market Companies Near You
  2. 2. Agenda •  Discuss the “Mid Market Challenge” •  Demonstrate the benefits of OTM (G-Log). •  Discuss the barriers to implementing OTM (G- Log) in the mid-market. •  Show how to overcome these barriers and allow mid-market companies to leverage OTM (G-Log). •  Have an interactive discussion with the audience & address their implementation concerns/ questions.
  3. 3. Mid-Market Challenge •  Need for highly customizable and user friendly transportation management systems •  Unable to handle the financial burden of high software cost, support, implementation, and maintenance •  Limited resources within IT Department •  Need for Fixed price, low overhead service agreements •  Adoption of new technologies and business Processes
  4. 4. Benefits of Using OTM
  5. 5. Overall Benefits of OTM Solution
  6. 6. OTM Planning and Execution Planning •  Integrate OTM with order management to enhance customer service and control costs •  Use OTM' Routing Guide to clearly define rules for carrier selection and shipment routing Execution •  Use one centralized system to provide multi- carrier-compliant shipping functionality wherever you need it •  Maximize efficiency and automate routing, document production, data exchange, carrier integration, customer integration and notification
  7. 7. OTM Visibility •  Utilize a single source for all shipping activity-whether you operate from one site or many. The result is complete shipping activity and visibility of results in real-time •  Extend visibility to customers and strategic partners with self-serve and data exchange capabilities •  Leverage low cost communications channels such as e-mail and the Internet to automatically and proactively send information to customers
  8. 8. OTM Automation •  Automate your routing guide and use it to control carrier selections in shipping, order entry or your web site. •  Interface with execution systems like warehouse management, financials, driver management, and order management systems to facilitate dynamic automated execution. •  Automate your business process to reduce overall process time and reduce transportation cost.
  9. 9. TMS Accelerators •  Hosting –  Internal Hosting –  Managed Hosting •  Implementation Accelerators –  Data –  Implementation Steps –  Integration –  Procurement •  Leveraging Experts to Implement
  10. 10. Panel Discussion
  11. 11. Thank You! www.mavenwire.com www.oracle.com www.stylinelogistics.com
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