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MavenWire needed a high-availability hosting platform to power the compute-intensive Oracle® Transportation Management application for customers who could potentially lose hundreds of thousands of dollars for each hour of downtime.

The company deploys a dedicated environment for each customer consisting of Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers and Dell PowerVault™ MD3000 direct attach storage.

• Up to 99.9 percent availability service-level agreements (SLAs) with Dell hardware and four-hour support
• Potential six-figure losses averted for customers per hour of downtime
• Avoidance of days of systems administration time with single-vendor service from Dell
• Fast delivery of Dell servers for customers with aggressive timelines for setting up environments
• Superior performance of Dell servers benchmarked against competition

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Dell / MavenWire - Server Case Study

  1. 1. MavenWire offers upto 99.9% availabilitySLAs with Dell serversand storage and 4-hour •  Servicesresponse support •  Storage •  Systems Management  “Server performance is just critical. [We have] a very complex planning and optimization algorithm which needs to process and analyze many, many records before returning results. So the ability to ensure that these algorithms can run optimally is very important for business.” Samuel Levin, Director of North American Services/ Cofounder, MavenWire Customer Profile Company: MavenWire Industry: Hosting Solutions Country: United States Employees: 70   Benefits Web: •  Up to 99.9% availability SLAs with  Dell hardware and 4-hour support Business Need •  Potential 6-figure losses averted for  MavenWire needed a high availability hosting platform to power the customers per hour of downtime compute-intensive Oracle Transportation Management application for •  Avoidance of days of systems  customers that could potentially lose hundreds of thousands of dollars administration time with   for each hour of downtime. single-vendor service from Dell Solution •  Fast delivery of Dell servers for  The company deploys a dedicated environment for each customer customers with aggressive timelines  consisting of Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers and Dell PowerVault™ MD3000 for setting up environments  direct-attached storage. •  Superior performance of Dell servers  benchmarked against competition
  2. 2. Getting products from point A to point B is a perennial challenge for those whose businesses depend on distribution networks. The logistics puzzle starts with loading the truck at the factory. It continues with decisions about whether travel by other modes of transportation might offer better value or faster delivery options. And it becomes quite complicated when it factors in the optimal volume of product in every container for the particular route the container will take. Yet optimizing these variables is necessary to ensure that products reach their destination cost-efficiently and quickly. Fortunately, these complex calculations When those users click something, they can be automated in a software solution: need to get a quick response. Also,“We benchmark Oracle Transportation Management (OTM). OTM delivers robust transportation Oracle Transportation Management has a very complex planning and optimization Dell, HP, Sun and planning and execution capabilities to shippers and third party logistics providers. IBM servers. And It integrates and streamlines transportation Technology at Work Dell platforms planning, execution, freight payment and business process automation across Services consistently come all modes of transportation, from full Dell™ Financial Services truckload to complex multileg air, ocean out on top. That’s and rail shipments. Dell Support Services why we steer our For expert assistance in implementing Hardware OTM and for hosting the application customers toward to keep it available 24x7, companies Dell PowerConnect™ 6224, 5224 and 3224 Gigabit Ethernet Dell servers.” turn to MavenWire. Based in King of switches Prussia, Pennsylvania, MavenWire wasSamuel Levin, founded by the logistics experts who Dell PowerEdge™ R910 serversDirector of North American Services/ were part of the team that wrote the with Intel® Xeon® processors 7500Cofounder, MavenWire OTM application at G-Log, before series Oracle acquired it. The consulting team Dell PowerEdge R710 and R610 at MavenWire has in-depth experience servers with Intel Xeon processors in both transportation—providing 5500 and 5600 series logistics and supply chain consulting Dell PowerEdge 2950 servers with services to blue chip companies —and Intel Xeon processors 5400 series software applications. Dell PowerVault™ MD3000 Highly Fast performance with   Available Modular Disk Storage compute-intensive application Array Running the massive, compute- Dell PowerVault 132T tape libraries intensive OTM application requires leading-edge server performance. Software “We’re talking about customers that DaCapo benchmark process thousands of transactions Dell Management Console per hour,” says Samuel Levin, director Red Hat Linux AS/ES 5.x of North American Services with MavenWire. “These customers put a large number of users on the system, so server performance is just critical.
  3. 3. algorithm which needs to process and The fact that Dell utilizes the latest andanalyze many, many records before most powerful Intel releases as soon asreturning results. The ability to ensure they become available is an importantthat these algorithms can run optimally is consideration for MavenWire. “Dell isvery important for business. Dell servers always out there with the latest andprovide outstanding performance for the greatest Intel processors as soonthis application.” as they become available,” says Adrian Davies, director of Hosting and Support.Benchmarking  eliminates guesswork Up to 99.9% availabilityMavenWire makes sure that its servers In addition to its outstandingperform at the top of the scale by performance benchmarks, Dell isbenchmarking them periodically using an important partner to MavenWirea suite of benchmarks that accurately because of the speed with whichrepresent OTM’s core activities. These Dell delivers its servers. “A lot of ourinclude VolanoMark, DaCapo and customers have aggressive timelines toSoap-Stone. “We benchmark Dell, HP, stand environments up, so the speedSun and IBM servers,” says Levin. “And with which we can get the hardwareDell platforms consistently come delivered is a major factor,” says Levin.out on top. That’s why we steer our “Another factor is Dell’s support. Thecustomers toward Dell servers. ” four-hour hardware replacementTo support its hosted OTM environment, support that we have obviously factors “Dell is always out into our ability to offer our customersMavenWire uses Dell PowerEdge high availability and high SLAs. Typically there with the latestR710 and R610 servers with Intel Xeonprocessors 5500 and 5600 series and we offer anywhere from 95 to 99.9 and the greatest availability on SLAs, and the hardwarePowerEdge R910 servers with IntelXeon processors 7500 series, all running has never caused us to miss these SLAs.” Intel processorsRed Hat Linux. Internally, the company MavenWire is keenly aware of the as soon as theyuses Dell PowerEdge 2950 servers money that its customers could losewith Intel Xeon processors 5400 series. as a result of downtime. “One of our become available.”For storage, the company uses a Dell first customers came to us after having Adrian Davies,PowerVault MD3000 direct-attached lost $500,000 from eight hours of Director of Hosting and Support,storage array for high performance and downtime,” says Levin. “Any of our MavenWirehigh availability. The company deploys customers could incur six-figure lossesa dedicated environment for each per hour of downtime. If we detect acustomer consisting of PowerEdge hard drive failure, we can replace thatservers and PowerVault storage, with before the customer even becomesDell PowerConnect 6224, 5224 and aware of it, thanks to Dell’s support3224 Gigabit Ethernet switches. “The services, and there’s no downtime.”PowerConnect switches are very fast The company uses Dell Managementand reliable,” says Levin. “They are a Console to monitor powergreat value.” consumption and temperature of itsTypically the PowerEdge R610s are servers and to detect issues before theyon the Web tier, the R710s are on the cause problems. “We rely very heavilyapplication tier and the R910s are on the on the Dell Management Consoledatabase tier. “As part of our relationship because it helps us avoid downtime,”with Dell, we continue to benchmark says Davies. “Because of the monitoringand review what we can adopt from the tools we have developed to integrateIntel release strategy to further improve with the Dell Management Console,the performance that our customers are we avoid having to use one systemgetting today,” says Levin. “Many times administrator to continually monitorwe get the opportunity to benchmark customer environments for issues.”Dell against the competition when MavenWire used Dell Financial Serviceswe are going out to customers having to lease its first round of servers whenperformance problems.”
  4. 4. it first opened for business. “If it weren’t having a supplier model saves us anfor Dell Financial Services, we wouldn’t estimated two weeks per year.”be here today,” says Levin. It also makes life easier for theSaving 2 weeks of administrative  MavenWire team to have one roadmaptime per year  that predicts how their infrastructure will develop in the near future. “Once MavenWire saves time by dealing with every few months, we get together Dell for its servers, storage and switches. with Dell to create a product growth“It definitely saves time to have one call map so that we can see what types of to make for an issue,” says Davies. “It’s processors are coming out and what an easier working environment for the types of servers Dell is planning to offer,” system administration team to call Dell says Levin. “The whole MavenWire team when they need something. We just can know what’s coming out and what had a renewal coming up for a large we’ll want to benchmark right away, group of servers. We got it all done with and what we’ll want for our customers. Dell in a couple of hours. With multiple This way no one is blind-sided and we vendors, it would have taken days. For have an idea of where things are going, server support and warranty renewals, and for what reasons.”View all Dell case studies at: and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit:© December 2010. Intel and Intel Xeon are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States or othercountries. This case study is for informational purposes only. DELL MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED,IN THIS CASE STUDY. Reference number: 10009028