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Social Media 101 for Business
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Social Media 101 for Business


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Published in: Business
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  • As of May 2009, it had more than 20 million registered users, spanning 150 industries.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media 101 Social Networking for Businesses ULI Philadelphia February 26, 2010
    • 2.
      • Co-Founder of Maven, a full service, strategic communications agency located in Philadelphia
      • Big Agency Experience, Entrepreneurial attitude
      • B-to-B, B-to-C and nonprofit clients
      • Specialized expertise in legal, commercial and residential real estate communications
      Rebecca Devine, Principal Maven Communications
    • 3.
      • Social media is an umbrella term that defines that various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, video and audio.*
      • A social network is a group of people of that are members of a community for the purpose of connecting, learning and interacting within the context of a shared interest
      • *
      What is social media?
    • 4. What is social media?
      • Allows people to connect and form personal and business relationships
      • People are connecting with each other - not brands
      • The conversation is happening - with or without you!
    • 5. What is Social Media?
      • Blogs & Micro Blogs
      • Online Chat
      • RSS
      • Widgets
      • Social Networks
      • Social Bookmarks
      • Message Boards
      • Podcasts
      • Video Sharing Sites
      • Photo Sharing Sites
      • Virtual Worlds
      • Wikis
    • 6. How many people use it?
      • More People Use Social Networks today than Email.
      • Adoption of social media grew 31% last year alone.
      # of users (in millions)
    • 7. How many people use it? *
      • >5M users
      • >60M Professionals in 200 countries
      • > 400 million users
      • > 300MM Worldwide Visitors a Month
      *as of January 2010
    • 8. What are the benefits of Social Media?
      • Targeted increase of website traffic
      • Create positive brand association
      • Grow brand awareness
      • Conversions and sales
      • Promote properties or services
      • Business development
      • Industry Research
      • Customer loyalty
      • People prefer doing business with those they know!
    • 9. How can businesses use social media? Executive Positioning:   Demonstrate thought leadership and become an expert. Network and build your list of prospects and contacts. Sales and Marketing:  Post links to press releases, company news, relevant community news, speaking events. Human Resources:  Prescreen candidates on LinkedIn; foster better internal communications through internal communities Market Research:  "Listen" and gain insight into trends or opportunities Community Relations:  Raise awareness for community relations projects and corporate giving initiatives
    • 10. What are business uses for...?
      •   : Company profiles, groups, answers
      • : Company pages, fan pages, groups, widgets
      •   : Micro blogging with 140 characters or less. Search and attract followers, send updates of value to your community
      • : Video marketing, event marketing, fundraising opportunities, product demonstrations
      • : Thought Leadership and expert positioning, connect with customers, generate media interest
      • : Internal social network to identify employee issues, communicate news, build relationships
    • 11.
      • Why Linked-in?
      • Recruiting
      • Expert positioning
      • Expand contacts
      • Get PR visibility
      • Reinforce business brand
      • Conduct market research
      • Integrates with Wordpress, slide share and RSS
    • 12.
      • Why Facebook?
      • Why Facebook?
      • Facebook fan pages & groups industry groups allow for easily sharing content
      • Paid Demographic targeting: Facebook ads
      • Distribute Company news instantly into your company “fans” news feed
      • Connect with media and other industry related groups
      • Set up corporate fundraising pages for charitable initiatives
    • 13.
      • Why twitter?
      • Largest growing social media tool
      • Create your name @yourbusiness name (brand recognition)
      • Discover industry trends
      • Drive traffic to web site and create face-to-face networking opportunities (“tweet ups”)
      • Request instant feedback
      • Build connections & reach prospects
    • 14. Video, Presentation & Photo Sharing
      • Why YouTube, SlideShare & Flickr?
      • The #1 activity online is watching videos – businesses can take advantage!
      • Use video to promote
        • Presentations, speaking engagements and panels
        • Share videos and photos of recent community fundraisers and events to increase participation for next year
        • Use video and photos to promote product demos
    • 15. Blogs
      • Why a Blog?
      • Create thought leadership opportunities by positioning executives as experts
      • Shape the conversation - determine key messages and share company Point-of-view
      • Generate awareness for the "softer side" of a corporation
      • Generate leads and referrals
      • Attract media opportunities
      • Increase search engine ranking
    • 16. RSS: Creating content RSS brings content to you
      • HOW?
      • Choose an RSS aggregator (Google Reader, Bloglines)
      • Create an account
      • Go to your favorite sites and add them by clicking on the icon
      • New posts and stories appear on your reader page
      • RSS Feeds: How to Make It Come to You
    • 17. How do I measure success?
      • # of Followers/Fans
      • Web traffic
      • Sales
      • Engagement and participation
      • Track with Tools
        • Google Analytics
        • TweetDeck
        • Facebook Insights
    • 18. Next Steps How do we get started?
    • 19.
      • Set clear, measurable objectives.  Is your objective to:
        • Drive traffic to the website?
        • Raise money?
        • Promote a specific service, property or event? 
      • Target your audience:   who, what, where? 
      • Listen to the conversation
        • Follow on Twitter
        • Google Alerts
      • Set Guidelines
      • ENGAGE
        How do I get started? Phase I
    • 20.
      • Setup accounts at Facebook, twitter, linked-in, YouTube, etc.
      • Reserve your names now - you can always use them later
      • Allocate appropriate resources - Networks need regular maintenance to keep them valuable
      • Create content worth talking about
      • Link blogs and other social media accounts to your website to ensure seamless integration
      • Measure results, adjust
      How do we get started ? Phase II
    • 21.
        • Transparency & authenticity
        • Develop relationships & encourage the conversations
        • Try to add value to your industry and community
        • Connect with the influencers / help them find you
        • For maximum ROI: “Build communities” instead of “doing communications”
      Tips for Social Media Success
    • 22. Still unsure?