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InnovationPoint -- strategic innovation consulting to Fortune 1000/ Global 500 organizations.

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  • My name is Soren Kaplan and I’m one of the co-founders and principals of Innovation Point. This five minute presentation provides an overview of our firm and our approach to helping our clients drive strategic innovation.
  • Founded by a group of former executives and leaders from some of the world’s most innovative companies, our team possesses deep knowledge and experience in strategy, product, service and business model development, and innovation. Our principals lead every client engagement and our clients include many globally known companies and brands.
  • InnovationPoint focuses on two core practices: Our Growth Strategy practice provides project-based consulting in which we help our clients drive profitable topline growth through White Space Opportunity Identification, Growth Strategy Development and Roadmapping, New Product, Service and Category Innovation, and Product and Technology Roadmapping innovation. For clients focused on building innovation capabilities to support long-term growth, we help design and redesigning organizational structures and processes to support systematic innovation, conduct Innovation Immersions, often in the Silicon Valley, focused on executive and leadership development, and we deliver sessions using our proprietary Decision Accelerator that helps teams come together to collaborate, create new strategies and business models, and make rapid decisions to drive accelerated execution.
  • Our Strategic Innovation Framework guides all of our work. We believe that to create breakthroughs that drive real growth, you need an approach to innovation that includes a set of complementary capabilities, capabilities focused on industry foresight, consumer and customer insight, core technologies and competencies, strategic organizational alignment, organizational readiness and disciplined implementation. When artfully managed, companies can leverage these capabilities for strategic differentiation and advantage, which is driven by new growth strategies, innovative products and services, new ventures, new markets, new business models, new partnerships and new business practices. When institutionalized you have the capability for sustainable innovation.
  • Many of our approaches engage our client teams in highly collaborative and experiential processes, often involving direct interaction with consumers, customers and industry thought leaders. Through this engagement, we lead our clients through a journey of strategic thinking and insight, a journey that drives the kind of organizational alignment that leads to rapid implementation and real business results.
  • Our growth strategy and new product and service innovation initiatives can drive a number of specific deliverables. Unlike many firms that jump into creativity and ideation sessions, we make sure our clients take a step back, explore the strategic landscape and uncover the specific drivers of new opportunities and the strategies and approaches for winning in their markets. From there we identify the opportunity platforms and supporting technologies that will drive long-term business growth. Once this strategic architecture is in place, specific product and service concepts are generated, tested and then refined.
  • Our growth strategy work typically delivers a combination of strategic insight, including new strategies for differentiation and competitive advantage, as well as the specific product, service and business model concepts that represent new revenue generating opportunities. To bring these opportunities to life, our illustrator captures these visually – when coupled with concept descriptions, these concepts represent powerful tools for consumer, customer and even internal feedback and communication.
  • For our clients entering a new market or reinventing their strategies and business models, we help them define their long term growth strategies. From there we work backward, defining the most promising opportunities and specific requirements for success over time. The result is a living strategic roadmap that outlines a compelling path forward and that’s focused on driving growth in the short- mid- and long terms, but that concurrently builds in the flexibility to adapt to changing market and competitive conditions.
  • In many organizations, consumer insights or marketing groups are often misaligned with the technology functions. Often, R&D teams may share technology advancements with their marketing counterparts in the hope that these can be turned into viable new product ideas. Conversely, marketing teams may share compelling product concepts with R&D and ask how quickly they can be developed. This lack of shared vision can make for a less-than-collaborative relationship that leads to inefficient R&D investments and slow time to market . InnovationPoint has a long track record of helping consumer insights and marketing departments to “connect the dots” with their counterparts in R&D – using an integrated framework that identifies high-priority consumer/customer benefits and maps these to the optimal mix of R&D activity, investment and resource allocation. The result is a series of “Benefits Roadmaps” that are then tied to specific R&D programs, and subsequently to the resource allocation and budgeting processes.
  • For companies focused on building an internal capability for innovation, InnovationPoint can help you design and implement the organizational architecture required for sustainable innovation practices. Using a highly collaborative approach, we help you design and align your organizations structure, culture and processes to support your innovation and growth strategy. Some common structures we use to help our clients build capability include: Enterprise growth incubators and internal new ventures for incubating and growing new opportunities; cross group innovation team for driving new solutions; Innovation Councils to support innovation capability and portfolio investments; venture boards that tap into external thought leaders who work with executive teams to evaluate opportunities and set the innovation priorities for the enterprise, and open innovation networks that connect internal capabilities to external sources of technology and strategic competencies.
  • InnovationPoint also leverages our Silicon Valley heritage to deliver customized, immersive experiences for senior leadership teams. Our Silicon Valley Innovation Immersions are typically 1-2 day highly experiential, customized programs that expose a leadership team to a hand-picked group of innovation leaders and companies, to hear their stories and learn about their approaches and practices. The visits include tours, presentations and highly interactive discussions. Following these visits, debrief sessions catalyze insights, reveal implications and prioritize key actions for advancing innovation and driving growth within your organization.
  • And finally, InnovationPoint’s Decision Accelerator methodology is a highly collaborative process that helps large groups and organizations with many diverse stakeholders accelerate decision-making and innovation. Our approach involves designing custom processes that tap into a unique physical environment that we set-up at our clients’ sites, or other specified locations. The environment includes modular furniture, white boards, technology displays, and other advanced meeting management tools that drive focus and discussions that lead to breakthrough results. While we customize every session, hot topics often include challenges and opportunities related to new growth opportunities as well as operational innovation and organizational effectiveness.
  • Thank you for your interest in InnovationPoint. We invite you to contact us . . . to explore how . our unique approach to strategic innovation can be applied to your organization’s high priority business needs.  
  • InnovationPoint online presentation

    1. 1. InnovationPoint Overview
    2. 2. <ul><li>Fifteen year focus on growth through Strategic Innovation </li></ul><ul><li>Principal-led client engagements </li></ul><ul><li>Solid track record of results-focused projects </li></ul>Company
    3. 3. Focus White Space Opportunity Identification Growth Strategy & Roadmapping New Product, Service & Category Innovation Product & Technology Roadmapping Organizational Capability Building Innovation Immersions & Training Decision Accelerator Growth Strategy Organizing for Sustainable Innovation
    4. 4. New Products & Services New Markets/Segments New Growth Strategies New Partnerships New Business Models New Business Practices New Ventures Results Strategic Innovation Framework Consumer/ Customer Insight Articulated & unarticulated needs, inspired solutions Disciplined Implementation Momentum, support, systematic project management Industry Foresight Emerging trends, opportunities & Next Practices Strategic Alignment Rapid decisions, communication Core Technologies & Competencies Capabilities & assets Organizational Readiness Culture, structure, processes Managed Innovation Process Creative, holistic methodology, strategic thinking Sustainable Innovation
    5. 5. Approach
    6. 6. Growth Strategy Development Drivers of Strategic Innovation Themes & Insights Supporting Technology Platforms Core Technologies & Competencies Strategic Alignment Industry Foresight Consumer/ Customer Insight Consumer need/benefit platforms & product concepts Opportunity Platform Opportunity Platform Opportunity Platform Opportunity Spaces Concept Concept Concept Concept Concept Concept Concept Concept Concept
    7. 7. Product & Service Innovation
    8. 8. Growth Strategy Roadmapping Solutions Business Models Services Core Tech Target segments Strategic Focus Marketing Strategies Growth Strategy Overarching Value Proposition Supporting Strategies & Tactics XX XX XX XX Short-term XX XX XX Mid-term XX XX XX XX XX XX XX Long-term XX XX XX XX XX XX XX
    9. 9. Product & Technology Roadmapping Consumer/Customer Benefit Platform 1 Consumer/Customer Benefit Platform 2 Consumer/Customer Benefit Platform 3 Target Benefit Short-term Target Benefit Target Benefit Target Benefit Long-term Target Benefit Target Benefit Target Benefit Mid-term <ul><li>Concepts </li></ul><ul><li>Technology Platforms </li></ul><ul><li>Specific Technologies </li></ul>
    10. 10. Organizing for Sustainable Innovation Growth Incubator New Venture Innovation Council X-Group Innovation Teams Venture Board Innovation Networks
    11. 11. Innovation Immersions & Training
    12. 12. Decision Accelerator <ul><li>Consumer & Customer Experience Design </li></ul><ul><li>Business Model Design </li></ul><ul><li>Strategy Development for Growth </li></ul><ul><li>Organizational Designs for Innovation </li></ul><ul><li>Product & Technology Roadmapping </li></ul>
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