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past simple. spelling rules, pronunciation rules.

past simple. spelling rules, pronunciation rules.



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Past simple Past simple Presentation Transcript

  • Past Simple Regular and Irregular verbs By Mauricio Ramirez
  • Spelling  The normal rule is to add –ed. worked started If the verb ends in –e add –d.  If the verb has only one syllable + one vowel + one consonant, double the consonant. stopped planned  If the verb ends in a consonant + -y, change the –y to ied. studied carried  There are many common irregular verbs. cut, speak, read
  •  • • • Add only –d when the base form ends in an -e Live lived care cared die died  If the verb ends in a vowel + y , do not change the y Just add – ed  pray prayed stay stayed destroy destroyed  Do not double final w or  x • Sew sewed • mix mixed  • • • If the verb has two syllables, and the final syllable is stressed, double the final consonant. ad mit’ admitted oc cur’ occurred  per mit’ permitted  If the verb has two syllables, and the final syllable is not  stressed, do not double the final consonant. • hap’ pen happened • lis’ ten listened • o’ pen opened
  • Pronunciation rules. If the sound is voiceless. If the sound is voiced. If the Word ends in –t or –d sound.
  • We use past Simple for Completed Action in the Past • Use the Past Simple to express a past action that is now finished. It started and finished at a specific time in the past. • Notice the time expression that are used with the Past Simple. • last night last week last month last year last Tuesday last summer yesterday • Etc.
  • Examples • I saw a movie yesterday. (Irregular) • I didn't see a play yesterday. • Last year, I traveled to Jordan. • Last year, I didn't travel to Kuwait. • She washed her car. • He didn't wash his car.
  • Form The form of Past Simple is the same for all persons. Positive I He/She/It We You They worked stopped spoke yesterday.
  • Negative The negative of the Past Simple is formed with didn’t. He waked. He didn’t walk. Negative I He/She/It We You They didn’t (did not) arrive yesterday.
  • Yes/No questions The question in the Past Simple is formed with did. she arrived. Question She Did you they Etc. Arrive yesterday?
  • Short answer Short answer Did you go to work yesterday? Yes, I did. Did it rain last night? No, I didn’t
  • Let’s practice. 1. Last year I_____________________ (go) to England on holiday. 2. I ________________________(visit) lots of interesting places. I was with two friends of mine . 3. In the mornings we_________________ (walk) in the streets of London. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. In the evenings we____________________ (go) to pubs. I ___________________ (not/study) because of the weather. She__________________(bring) food for the party. But we______________________ (see) some beautiful rainbows. Where _______________________(spend / you) your last holiday?