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past simple. spelling rules, pronunciation rules.

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Past simple

  1. 1. Past Simple Regular and Irregular verbs By Mauricio Ramirez
  2. 2. Spelling  The normal rule is to add –ed. worked started If the verb ends in –e add –d.  If the verb has only one syllable + one vowel + one consonant, double the consonant. stopped planned  If the verb ends in a consonant + -y, change the –y to ied. studied carried  There are many common irregular verbs. cut, speak, read
  3. 3.  • • • Add only –d when the base form ends in an -e Live lived care cared die died  If the verb ends in a vowel + y , do not change the y Just add – ed  pray prayed stay stayed destroy destroyed  Do not double final w or  x • Sew sewed • mix mixed  • • • If the verb has two syllables, and the final syllable is stressed, double the final consonant. ad mit’ admitted oc cur’ occurred  per mit’ permitted  If the verb has two syllables, and the final syllable is not  stressed, do not double the final consonant. • hap’ pen happened • lis’ ten listened • o’ pen opened
  4. 4. Pronunciation rules. If the sound is voiceless. If the sound is voiced. If the Word ends in –t or –d sound.
  5. 5. We use past Simple for Completed Action in the Past • Use the Past Simple to express a past action that is now finished. It started and finished at a specific time in the past. • Notice the time expression that are used with the Past Simple. • last night last week last month last year last Tuesday last summer yesterday • Etc.
  6. 6. Examples • I saw a movie yesterday. (Irregular) • I didn't see a play yesterday. • Last year, I traveled to Jordan. • Last year, I didn't travel to Kuwait. • She washed her car. • He didn't wash his car.
  7. 7. Form The form of Past Simple is the same for all persons. Positive I He/She/It We You They worked stopped spoke yesterday.
  8. 8. Negative The negative of the Past Simple is formed with didn’t. He waked. He didn’t walk. Negative I He/She/It We You They didn’t (did not) arrive yesterday.
  9. 9. Yes/No questions The question in the Past Simple is formed with did. she arrived. Question She Did you they Etc. Arrive yesterday?
  10. 10. Short answer Short answer Did you go to work yesterday? Yes, I did. Did it rain last night? No, I didn’t
  11. 11. Let’s practice. 1. Last year I_____________________ (go) to England on holiday. 2. I ________________________(visit) lots of interesting places. I was with two friends of mine . 3. In the mornings we_________________ (walk) in the streets of London. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. In the evenings we____________________ (go) to pubs. I ___________________ (not/study) because of the weather. She__________________(bring) food for the party. But we______________________ (see) some beautiful rainbows. Where _______________________(spend / you) your last holiday?