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Phone Sourcing Glossary
Sourcecon Atlanta 2014
Phone Sourcecon Workshop Materials

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Sourcecon ensorceler world glossary spring2014

  1. 1. Spring 2014 Ensorceler World @MaureenShari
  2. 2. Ensorcel • The new context in sourcing today • ensorcel: To find and engage; connect • • en·sor·cell or en·sor·cel (ĕn-sôr′səl) • To enchant; bewitch • [From Old French ensorceler, ensorcerer] @MaureenShari
  3. 3. Phone sourcing is an elegant return to flawless basics. @MaureenShari
  4. 4. 800 NUMBERS • 800 numbers are “call un-blocked” if you’re using a Call Block service. • Dial *67 to block your call. • Dial *82 to unblock your call. • Some numbers today are returning a fast “busy” signal to call-blocked numbers. @MaureenShari
  5. 5. Acquihiring • (a portmanteau of "acquisition" and "hiring") is the process of hiring by acquisition • "Every engineer on staff adds $1 million in valuation to a company,” the saying goes in the tech community. @MaureenShari
  6. 6. Acquisourcing Identifying companies that might be acquired (sometimes just for their employees although this is changing) and the sourcing and engagement of their owners for the beginning of the acquisition process. @MaureenShari
  7. 7. ASK • Actively inquiring after information; usually on the telephone. • “I asked the Receptionist Gatekeeper to tell me who all the Food Technologists were in the R&D group and she did!” @MaureenShari
  8. 8. Blocked Calls Resource used by phone sourcers to mask where they’re calling from; prevents lots of nosey call-backs! @MaureenShari
  9. 9. Bomber Command • A quick-witted phone sourcing group should be a vital part of your recruiting team's fleet-footed Bomber Command Sourcing Unit. @MaureenShari
  10. 10. Build Out The function of moving (and gathering) horizontally or vertically through a specific person’s group within a specific organization. @MaureenShari
  11. 11. Burrow The act of digging; relentlessly, deeply. @MaureenShari
  12. 12. Carat Level • Overall effectiveness level of sourcing results with unchecked Internet results being the lowest and just-off-the-phone-Igot-me-a-hot-one! being the highest. @MaureenShari
  13. 13. Channeling • A state of consciousness that elicits a flow of communication between two people. • Sources may include angels, discarnate former humans, extraterrestrials, and other levels of consciousness. They may also include telephone directories, receptionists and anybody else flesh- and-blood you get on the telephone. @MaureenShari
  14. 14. Spring 2014 Ensorceler World @MaureenShari
  15. 15. Charm The power to effect work without employing brute force (Ellis); a way of getting the answer “yes” without asking a clear question (Camus). @MaureenShari
  16. 16. Cocoon • The environ many employees are surrounded by inside companies; enveloped, protected, hidden, invisible • “These people are deeply cocooned within the organization.” @MaureenShari
  17. 17. Company (Employee) Attitude: Many times discernable through listening to multiple employee Voice Mails. @MaureenShari
  18. 18. Phone Sourcing FA S T @MaureenShari
  19. 19. Competitor Entities involved in, or based on, competition with each other striving for the same object, position, technology, employee, etc. @MaureenShari
  20. 20. Decipher Piecing together pieces of information; in phone sourcing fifteen Voice Mails in one company all directing the listener to the same Administrative Assistant is a good indicator of a group that “hangs together” (works together) inside that company. @MaureenShari
  21. 21. Deep And Actionable Data • Phone sourcing provides "deep and actionable data” when you can hang up the phone and dial another number and be assured you’ll be reaching live a qualified potential hire. • Hat Tip to Glen Cathey for the term “deep and actionable data”! @MaureenShari
  22. 22. Spring 2014 Ensorceler World @MaureenShari
  23. 23. Disparate Impact Employment (and sourcing!) practices may be considered discriminatory and illegal if they have a disproportionate "adverse impact" on members of a minority group. @MaureenShari
  24. 24. Phone Sourcing Tip • In some phone systems, hitting 0 ("zeroing out") will take you to an administrative assistant for a department - occasionally to another department member! @MaureenShari
  25. 25. Elicitation Knowing what to say, when, to get what. @MaureenShari
  26. 26. Phone Sourcing Tip Collecting direct dials (or extensions) of persons you meet/learn about along the way on the inside of a company will help you create a bird’s eye view/a valuable dossier sometimes on a company’s organizational structure. @MaureenShari
  27. 27. Emotional Intelligence The ability to default to grace under the onslaught of an ugly Gatekeeper. @MaureenShari
  28. 28. ensorcel; ensorceler (Middle French) • To enchant, bewitch • Sourcers are challenged today to become ensorcelers; work to develop the ability to engage not only Gatekeepers but also candidates on a level that captures their attention to your message. @MaureenShari
  29. 29. Fear That thing that clutches at your throat, makes your hand sweaty, your gut sick every time you think about making a phone call to a Gatekeeper to gather information. @MaureenShari
  30. 30. Gatekeeper That woman (or man) you imagine to be the 400 lb guerilla on the other end of the phone every time you make a call to find out who somebody is/is not/might want to do/not do/be/not be something. @MaureenShari
  31. 31. Spring 2014 Ensorceler World @MaureenShari
  32. 32. Grunt • The individual contributors inside companies who elude detection and capture mostly because they’re too busy doing what they’re doing to “list” themselves on the Internet in any capacity that reveals to the world exactly who, what and where they are. @MaureenShari
  33. 33. Phone Sourcing is the quiet prowling about. @MaureenShari
  34. 34. “How Many Names?” A good question the answer to which divides, really, phone sourcers from Internet sourcers. In general, a phone-sourced job requires less names than an Internetsourced job. @MaureenShari
  35. 35. Inveigle • To win over by coaxing, flattery, or artful talk. • Idioms: lead astray @MaureenShari
  36. 36. Lift-out • When an entire team of employees is recruited from a competitor at once: • "Good news: We engineered a complete liftout of ACME Corporation's programmers." • Can be dangerous and cause for legal action. @MaureenShari
  37. 37. Magic A subtle mixing of science and art that harnesses statistics, human nature, psychology and technology to produce effective practices in phone-sourcing. @MaureenShari
  38. 38. MySpace Remember it? @MaureenShari
  39. 39. Who’s Next? @MaureenShari
  40. 40. Will it be you? • “You can never plan the future by the past.” ~Edmund Burke 1729 – 1797 Irish orator @MaureenShari
  41. 41. Mysterious That state of being that causes the radar of many Gatekeepers to begin clicking. The more mysterious your call “sounds” the more questions she’s likely to ask of you. @MaureenShari
  42. 42. Organizational Chart A graphic presentation of the relationships and interrelationships within an organization that identifies the lines of authority and responsibility - changes consistently and often in many organizations. @MaureenShari
  43. 43. Spring 2014 Ensorceler World @MaureenShari
  44. 44. Phone Sourcing Tip Stating your name to the Receptionist Gatekeeper calmly and matter-of-factly when she answers will go a good ways towards increasing your chances of her giving you information. @MaureenShari
  45. 45. “Do not let spacious plans for a new world divert your energies from saving what is left of the old.” ~Winston Churchill @MaureenShari
  46. 46. Outrageous Sourcing That which Phone Sourcing is considered to be by many (in its truest and most threatening mold-breaking definition.) @MaureenShari
  47. 47. Palaver • Idle chatter/talk intended to charm or beguile. To flatter or cajole. • Idioms: run off at the mouth, shoot the breeze, bull @MaureenShari
  48. 48. Spring 2014 Ensorceler World @MaureenShari
  49. 49. Passing The Buck The habit some employees have of passing responsibility to their managers and/or subordinates. Is most easily discernable listening to employee Voice Mail greetings; as in, “Hi. This is Rob, Manufacturing Engineer. I’m on vacation until November 15. If you need help with automation issues contact my Manager, Jose Perez at extension 487.” @MaureenShari
  50. 50. Phone Directory Usually contains a listing of every employee inside a specific company location. Many times a company’s phone directory will lead you into individual Voice Mails offering these as an alternative to speaking to a Receptionist Gatekeeper or after-hours to assist callers; a virtual treasure trove of information if perused carefully. @MaureenShari
  51. 51. phoneme (fo-neem) The smallest sound unit in a language that is capable of conveying a distinct meaning, such as the s of sing and the r of ring. @MaureenShari
  52. 52. Phone Sourcing In recruiting and sourcing, the leveraging of techniques (primarily the phone) to identify candidates with limited to no presence in any easily accessible public forum (the Internet, published list, etc.) It requires the uncovering of candidate information via a primary means of calling directly into organizations to uncover data on people, their role, title and responsibilities. @MaureenShari
  53. 53. Scary, huh? @MaureenShari
  54. 54. Poaching The practice of contacting and offering another company’s employees another opportunity. @MaureenShari
  55. 55. Poaching In general, if you’re not acting purposely and maliciously to destroy a competitor, you are free to source into a competitor for good employees. @MaureenShari
  56. 56. Pocket Hunting Pursuing and capturing an entire group (pocket) within an organization. Generally speaking, if you can find one in a group online there are several more in that group you can’t find online! @MaureenShari
  57. 57. Didn’t think about that, did you? @MaureenShari
  58. 58. Pretexting (AKA Rusing) • The act of creating and using an invented scenario (the pretext) to engage a targeted victim in a manner that increases the chance the victim will divulge information or perform actions that would be unlikely in ordinary circumstances. • Also known in the UK as blagging or bohoing @MaureenShari
  59. 59. Pride Disease When your recruiter (or yourself) doesn’t want to ask the “dumb questions.” Force the issue! @MaureenShari
  60. 60. Rainmaker • The person in an organization who makes it happen. • Is it you? @MaureenShari
  61. 61. Remuneration Payment for services. In phone sourcing today per-hour rates seem to remain in the broad $35-$125/hr. range and the per-name rate seems to fall in the $35 -$75 per name range. @MaureenShari
  62. 62. Spring 2014 Ensorceler World @MaureenShari
  63. 63. Resistance A force that tends to oppose or retard motion. In phone sourcing resistance is met more on the inside of our own expectations than it is on the outside in reality. @MaureenShari
  64. 64. Ruse • a deceptive maneuver (especially to avoid capture.) • Also spelled “rouse” and “rouge” as in, “I’m so ashamed by my lying that my cheeks turned rouge.” @MaureenShari
  65. 65. Ruse: Controversial Rusing may be a right-of-passage in so much that phone sourcers who began their careers “rusing” - lying to get information – were so uncomfortable doing so that they’re challenged to increase their communication skills to the point where it’s no longer necessary to ruse. This is a common experience for many seasoned phone sourcers. @MaureenShari
  66. 66. "While I don't have a need for any phone sourcing right now, it's how I learned to recruit so I understand the results you get.” ~Note on LinkedIn invitation @MaureenShari
  67. 67. Savio A potential candidate who understands (is savvy) about the relationship he holds with the Internet. @MaureenShari
  68. 68. Security Any high fence around a company’s information. Most companies don’t address the issue, ignoring the cracks in their doors through which the curious public may peer. Knowing these armor fissures allows a phone sourcer entry and access. @MaureenShari
  69. 69. Silent Keyboard Allows for the (mostly) silent transcription of information as it is heard from a Gatekeeper’s lips to a phone sourcer’s ear as to not alarm Gatekeeper that her loose lips sinking her ship are being recorded. @MaureenShari
  70. 70. Singing • Accomplished with the lips open; singing is the act of disclosing information. In most cantabile form it is smooth and flowing and has a musical quality. • Known also as “Spilling” in the industry. @MaureenShari
  71. 71. Spring 2014 Ensorceler World @MaureenShari
  72. 72. “A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.” ~Mark Twain @MaureenShari
  73. 73. Skell The art of being a detective. @MaureenShari
  74. 74. Social Engineering • The definition of social engineering is, according to Webster’s, “management of human beings in accordance with their place and function in society—applied social science.” @MaureenShari
  75. 75. Songbird Any person whose vocal organ is developed in such a way as to produce various sound notes that translate into names or information that leads to other names or more information. The cant normally sounds like music to a phone sourcer’s ear and usually requires prompting to elicit. @MaureenShari
  76. 76. Phone sourcing uncovers 100% of the 90% missing in social media. @MaureenShari
  77. 77. Spilling The act of someone (or something) “giving up” or “offering up” information about others or facts inside an organization. Sometimes accomplished with the knowledge of the one doing the spilling (for reasons known only to them.) Usually follows prompting (social engineering.) @MaureenShari
  78. 78. Stabbing In • The practice of calling into a company’s direct-dial system in an ordered fashion, after learning the internal prefixes. Requires discerning internal prefix first; sometimes as easy as asking the receptionist for someone’s direct dial; usually requires investigation on the Internet to uncover. Very effective and for an experienced phone sourcer rarely takes beyond three calls to obtain helpful information from someone on the inside. @MaureenShari
  79. 79. Spring 2014 Ensorceler World @MaureenShari
  80. 80. Stinkin’ Thinkin’ The self-immolation we offer ourselves up to before attempting a task. Some of us possess more of it than others. A few are blessed with its absence. Usually precedes or is accompanied by pain and suffering and always leads to failure. Requires professional help. @MaureenShari
  81. 81. Strike Acting on your senses; as in when you sniff a whiff of information you circle in fast and when it starts to leak blood - strike hard and take all you can get. @MaureenShari
  82. 82. Watch where you’re cuttin’! “You don't get no closer to the bone than phone sourcing.” ~ Remark heard in a recent phone sourcing chat on the MagicMethod network @MaureenShari
  83. 83. Target The organization you’re going into to source talent. Some organizations are sourced repeatedly in certain fields – they’re usually the market leaders in their business segment. They know it and many of them, in turn, source talent repeatedly from their competitors. @MaureenShari
  84. 84. Spring 2014 Ensorceler World @MaureenShari
  85. 85. Phone Sourcing Tip What a Gatekeeper doesn’t say may be just as important as what she does say. @MaureenShari
  86. 86. “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” ~Walt Disney @MaureenShari
  87. 87. Phone Sourcing Tip "Phone sourcing seems to be an overwhelming task/you helped simplify it breaking it down into small manageable tasks.” ~ Newbie Phone Sourcer learning the ropes @MaureenShari
  88. 88. Telesourcing • The act of getting on the telephone and asking for information - very simple; very effective; very difficult to overcome fear of. • A must-have mastery for most people who desire sourcing success. @MaureenShari
  89. 89. Spring 2014 Ensorceler World @MaureenShari
  90. 90. Tenacity • doggedness: persistent determination • “He’s a real bull-dog phone-sourcer.” @MaureenShari
  91. 91. Time The only thing in the world you can never get more of. @MaureenShari
  92. 92. Time “The more things change the more things stay the same.” ~ Alphonse Karr 1808 – 1890 French novelist @MaureenShari
  93. 93. Time “You can never plan the future by the past.” ~Edmund Burke 1729 – 1797 Irish orator @MaureenShari
  94. 94. Phone sourcing isn’t for everyone. It might not be for you. @MaureenShari
  95. 95. One thing’s for sure, though… @MaureenShari
  96. 96. Title Strike Titles vary depending on the size of the company, but in general, the bigger the company, the lower your title-strike might be, and the smaller the company, the higher the title-strike might be. In other words, a Manager level in a $3 billion sale company could be at the same experience level as a Director in a $900 million sale company or a VP in a $100 million sale company. @MaureenShari
  97. 97. Spring 2014 Ensorceler World @MaureenShari
  98. 98. Trampolining • Also referred to as going “from pillar to post” • A phone-sourcing technique of going (bouncing) from one person to another inside a company acquiring different pieces of information along the way. @MaureenShari
  99. 99. Voice Mail • A treasure chest of information • Many times (especially around holidays/vacation times) Voice Mails contain exquisitely detailed information about the person and/or the person’s group. @MaureenShari
  100. 100. Weeding That act in sourcing where you choose the wheat from the chaff. Requires discernment and iron decision-making ability and willingness to ask the hard questions. “Does she work on the front end or the back end of the product? Which member does what? Does she have any reports? Who are they? Can you give me their phone numbers?” @MaureenShari
  101. 101. Wheedle • Influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, repeated appeals, teasing or flattering • "He wheedled her into going along." • wheedle, cajole, palaver, blarney, coax, sweet-talk, inveigle @MaureenShari
  102. 102. When the going gets tough, are you tough enough? @MaureenShari
  103. 103. Yapping That tendency a phone sourcer has to say too much when asking for information. Yapping sends up red flags and intimates that the yapper is nervous about something and makes the person being yapped at cautious. Also known as “babbling”, “acting like an idiot” or “talking too much.” @MaureenShari
  104. 104. @MaureenShari
  105. 105. Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. ~Buddha • I hope you’ve enjoyed this Sourcecon Spring session’s Glossary presentation on phone sourcing – there’s probably nothing else like this anywhere in the sourcing ecosystem! • Maureen Sharib • Ensorceler • 513 899 9628 • • Maureen at @MaureenShari