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This was a team project where we were tasked with developing a campaign proposal for a new product. Other team member names have been removed. I was responsible for the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors and for the launch event

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Sony Xperia Campaign Proposal

  1. 1. Sony XperiaZ Public Relations Campaign Proposal 1
  2. 2. IntroductionTo: Chief Marketing Officer at Sony Electronics, Inc.Dear Mike Fasulo,First of all, thank you on behalf of everyone at Edelman. We are truly excited and humbledby the opportunity to present the following strategic communication campaign for thelaunch of the XperiaZ smartphone and tablet.We have assembled a highly qualified team of public relations specialists to create thefollowing proposal, and hope to have the opportunity to continue to work with you toimplement this plan over the next 12 months. Should we be presented with this continuedopportunity, our specified team will be dedicated to the revitalization of the Sony brand inmobile marketplace in the United States.In today’s ever-changing mobile landscape, we believe it is essential to play upon Sony’suse of previously successful technologies in their line of mobile products. While Sony is astand-alone brand in many arenas, its venture into mobile is new, and we believe this is thecampaign to help it make a memorable and impactful splash in that space.The follow page details the individual facets of the plan and where you can find them.Sincerely,Edelman TeamStrategic Communications TeamEdelmanTable of Contents 2
  3. 3. Introduction 2Table of Contents 3Situation Analysis 4 Customer Profile Team Member 1 Strengths and Weaknesses 10 Team Member 2 Marketplace and Competitors 12 Maureen Mohan Implications and Insights 17 Team Member 3Objectives 18 Team member 3Strategies 19 Team member 2Launch Event Tactics 21 Maureen MohanOngoing, Sustained Tactics 25 Team member 1Timetable 28Situation Analysis 3
  4. 4. Customer ProfileSmartphonesThe smartphone market has experienced a major growth over the last four years with nine out often people using a mobile device with Smartphone capabilities daily. Current smartphone userdemographics range broadly but contain two age groups dominating the main consumerdemographics of 18-29yrs and 30-49yrs. These age demographics are primarily using the devicefor texting, surfing the Internet, taking pictures and, lastly, making phone calls.Market segments can be broken into four unique categories, which contain some overlap. Moborati This segment represents the mobile generation that has grown up with cell phones and cannot imagine life without one. The Smartphone devices are a central part of their daily lives. Social connectors Communication is a central part of this particular segment and the Smartphone allows them to keep up to date with friends and social events. Their mobile device becomes a bridge to their social world. Mobile professionals The Smartphone helps to keep up with this segments professional lifestyle in addition to their personal life. This group is more likely to own a Smartphone than any other segment. The Smartphone has become an all-in-one device for all of their communication and information needs. Pragmatic adopters Although this segment has adapted to the Smartphone, it is not an integral part of their lives. These individuals are now learning that there are other things they can do with the Smartphone than just saying “hello”. Although the Smartphone is still a part of their everyday life, they use the device as more of a functional role than that of entertainment. 4
  5. 5. Psychographic DataAll data is based around the age segments of 18-29 and 30-49This data is comparable to tablet owners as well.The personality of smartphone owners:  Typically are educated with at least a bachelor’s degree or higher.  They are avid readers, who stay current with news and global issues.  Are more likely to be optimists, who prefer spending their money on vacations and new technology.  Claim they are high-maintenance.  Have a stronger verbal aptitude.  Are more likely to state they lead rather then follow.Life experiences:  Are likely to have traveled outside their native country.  Tend to shop at bulk stores / club stores.  Play some sort of musical instrument.  May have first used the Internet before 1998.  Are more likely to back up their computer consistently.  More likely own pets.  Vacation regularly, probably in the last six months.Technology:  More likely to be early adopters.  Prefer a sleeker looking device with limited features than an ugly one with many features.  Are likely to have three or more email addresses, owning domains associated with work, school, or their website. 5
  6. 6. Phone behavior:  Are likely to hang up on telemarketers immediately.  Will text while driving.  While waiting in line will check email.  Will text to pass time.  Are more likely to have songs rather than beeps or tones as their ringtone.  Will answer an unknown phone call by stating, “Hi, this is….”Demographic DataAnnual household income:Total number of cell phone owners in study (N=2,581)Less than $30,000/yr (n=690) Total in study 78% had a cell phone$30,000-$49,000 (n=456) 78%$50,000-$74,999 (n=345) 89%$75,000+ (n=646) 90%Although this study contains only financial information about general cell phone ownership, thisstudy also demonstrates that households that produce an annual income of $50k to $75k are thepredominant owners of smartphones.Education level:Total number of cell phone owners in study (n=2,581)No high school diploma (n=187) Total in study 65% had a cell phoneHigh school grad (n=681) 75%Some college (n=679) 85%College + (n=1,020) 86% 6
  7. 7. This study correlates level of education and cell phone ownership, revealing most individuals withhigher levels of education are more likely to own a cell phone.TabletsTablets are quickly replacing PCs as the mobile device of choice. Tablets continued to gaintraction in the US in 2012; with 52.4 million US tablet owners as of December 2012. The rapidadoption of tablets is speeding up, and is expected to replace the laptop.When compared to iPads, the overall tablet penetration is rising more quickly and will reach29.1% of Internet users by the end of this year; however market growth will still fall to 11.9% by2015. When broken down by age demographics, two markets have the lowest penetration, 12 andunder group and 65+ groups. The age group most likely to use a tablet remains between the agesof 18-49, which makes up one-third of the total tablet population.There are distinct differences across iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire audiences. iPad owners skewmale (52.9%), and slightly younger with 44.5% of owners under the age of 35. These individualstypically come from wealthier backgrounds with 46.3% of this age group residing in householdswith a combined income of $100k or greater. In comparison, Kindle Fire owners skew femalewith 56.6% of its audience. Both Android and the Kindle Fire saw household incomes below thatof iPad owners, aligning more closely with household incomes reported by smartphone owners.Statistical data: Demographic profile of tablet owners in the US GENDER: 
 - Male: 50.0%
 - Female: 50.0% AGE: 
 - 13-17: 5.5%
 - 18-24: 13.0%
 - 25-34: 24.2%
 - 35-44: 20.6%
 - 45-54: 18.1%
 - 55-64: 11.0%
 - 65+: 7.6%
 - <$25k: 7.8%
 - $25k to <$50k: 18.1%
 - $50k to <$75k: 19.1%
 - $75k to <$100k: 16.7%
 - $100k+: 38.4%In 2012, the number of iPad users in the US grew by over 90% to 53.2 million. Loyal usersreplaced their older models with the most recent, while new consumers purchased the currentdevice. However, the level of growth is still down significantly from last year’s 143.9% spike, andis foreseen to continue to decline by 2015. The number of iPad users will rise by 12% but by thenmore than one-third of all US internet users will own a mobile device, explaining the decline inmarket growth.US iPad users, 2010-2015: 
 - 2010: 11.5 million 
 - 2011: 28.0 million (+143.9%)
 - 2012: 53.2 million (+90.1%)
 - 2013: 70.5 million (+32.6%)
 - 2014: 81.1 million (+15.1%)
 - 2015: 90.8 million (+11.9%)Compared to iPad, overall tablet usage is rising quickly, and will reach 29.1% of Internet users bythe end of this year; however growth will still fall to 11.9% by 2015. In 2013, the iPad willcontinue to be in the hands of more than three-quarters of all tablet users, but by 2015 thispercentage is expected to decline.Tablet adoption is expected to increase more quickly than smart phone’s in the US, from a base ofnearly 55 million by the end of 2013 to almost 90 million in the next two years. By 2015, morethan one in three US Internet users will own a tablet device.US tablet adoption, 2013-2015: 
 - 2012: 54.8 million (22.9% of internet users)
 - 2014: 89.5 million (35.6%) 8
  9. 9. E-readers, connected game consoles, internet-enabled TVs and other connected gadgets havebecome essential to a society that demands instant and constant access to digital media.Combination Phone & Tablet:Both tablets and smart phone markets are expected to grow in the next two years. A consumerwho would buy both a smart phone and tablet are between the ages of 18-49. These segments arethe largest consumers of mobile technology. If given features that were only found on one productand not the competition they would become loyal to a brand. Apple has dominated thesmartphone/tablet industry, but demographics depict over the next two years consumers will beenticed to buy products that work in harmony with one another alleviating the problem of syncingmultiple devices. Time management is a tremendous factor for these age groups who demandinstant gratification from technology. 9
  10. 10. Sony Xperia Z-Line Strengths and WeaknessesXperia ™ Z SmartphoneIn a world where smartphones are the norm, Sony seeks to differentiate their mobiledevices through a variety of features including the first ever 5-inch display using SonyBRAVIA ® TV technology, resistance to dust and water and a 13 megapixel, fast-capturecamera. The XperiaZ smartphone excels in design, sound, display and especiallyconnectivity.The XperiaZ has a clear advantage when it comes to screen and display. Sony is knownfor their television technology and the use of this technology when venturing to the mobileplatform creates an unmatched user experience. It is the first smartphone on the marketwith a 5-inch display screen, a full inch larger than the latest generation iPhone. The screensize paired with the 1080 x 1920 full HD Reality Display makes the phone desirable forthose consumers concerned with picture and screen quality.The phone meets IP55 and IP57 standards, meaning it can survive a dunk in up to 1m ofwater, being squirted with water jets, and the ingress of dust (which can play havoc withelectronics).Sony is known for its sleek design, and this phone is no different. The company brands thisphone as minimal yet distinctive with its new OmniBalance design and they achieve thiswith quality craftsmanship, seamless surfaces and slim frame, at 7.9 millimeters. Thephone is also available in three colors: black, white and purple, which are one more thanmost of the phones in the marketplace.One of the major advantages of the XperiaZ is its unmatched connectivity with other Sonydevices. The phone incorporates one-touch connectivity technology so that the device canconnect with Sony speakers, the Sony Personal Content Station, the XperiaZ tablet, orother XperiaZ phones with the touch of a button.While the XperiaZ touts a better battery life with its STAMINA battery mode feature, thebattery leaves much to be desired in terms of lifetime, according to Chris Davies The11 hours or talk time or 550 hours of standby quoted by Sony wereconfigured without the display on, which requires a major amount of power when in use.According to Dragan Petric of Brighthand: smartphone News and Reviews, the batteryperformance lacks, especially when running multiple applications. Also noted by Davies,the browser performance is 50 percent slower than its marketplace counterparts.The XperiaZ has no advantage when it comes to performance; Davies noted that thephone has the same core hardware as many other phones to market.Overall, the XperiaZ is a solid contender in the marketplace, but struggles with brandrecognition for mobile devices. Sony, unlike Apple or Samsung, is not known for its mobiledevices and therefore must put an exceptional phone to market in order to garner respect. 10
  11. 11. The XperiaZ is closer than Sony has ever been to matching and exceeding competitors inthe smartphone space.Xperia™ Z TabletIn a space where Apple is king, Sony gives the iPad a run for its money with the XperiaZTablet. Like its smartphone counterpart, the XperiaZ has an unmatched level ofconnectivity between devices, which is something the iPad lacks. The tablet incorporatesone-touch connectivity technology so that the device can connect with Sony speakers, theSony Personal Content Station, the XperiaZ phone, or other XperiaZ tablets with the justthe touch of a button. Additionally, the tablet appeals to the gamer with the PlayStationMobile aspect, bringing HD gaming to your tablet.The XperiaZ tablet is lighter, slimmer and more transportable than other tablets as it isthe thinnest in the market weighing just over 1 pound and is 6.9 millimeters thick. Thedevice incorporates Sony BRAVIA® TV technology, creating a clearer picture and superiorsound.The first and only tablet to use Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon S4 quad-core processor,the XperiaZ is unmatched when it comes to performance and power. Both the iPad andthe Nexus tablet devices use dual core processors.At $100 cheaper than the competition, the XperiaZ tablet has double the memory of theiPad, clocking in at 2GB of memory.Overall, Sony does a good job of utilizing existing technologies proven successful inprevious product to create a hybrid of features in the XperiaZ. Andy Boxall says that the XperiaZ is easily one of the most attractive tablets we’veseen in years.Harry McCracken of TIME Magazine’s Technologizer says the XperiaZ tablet’s Androidrunning system as a cause for concern as it has yet to be perfected in tablets. Also noted isthat its web browser doesn’t support Adobe Flash, which is requires by a lot of games andvideos on web.Lastly, the XperiaZ tablet has the lowest screen resolution among its competitors. As withother Sony mobile devices, the XperiaZ tablet struggles with brand and productreputation in the marketplace.All in all, Sony puts forth a strong contender in the tablet space.Marketplace and Competitors 11
  12. 12. Maureen MohanCompetitorsSony’s XperiaZ phone and tablet can be compared to its competitors in multiple ways; byphone, tablet and interconnectivity. All have positives and negatives but ultimately it willcome down to how functionality and compatibility is marketed to consumers.PhoneThe main competitors the Sony XperiaZ phone faces in the cell phone market are theiPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Google Nexus 4.Apple iPhone 5:When comparing the iPhone to the XperiaZ, the XperiaZ has a better camera with bettercolor and contrast technologies. The iPhone has a smaller 4-inch screen compared to theXperiaZ’s 5-inch screen, which makes the iPhone better for putting in a pocket but theXperiaZ better for viewing on a larger screen. The XperiaZ offers a full 1080p resolutionand 448 pixels per inch compared to the iPhone’s 640 resolution and 326 pixels per inch.The XperiaZ uses Sony’s BRAVIA® TV technology, which automatically adjusts the contrastand brightness to the environment it is in, this makes for a better viewing experience thanthe iPhone’s retina display.The XperiaZ is waterproof and dust proof, it also includes more color options (offered inblack, white and purple), a microSD slot for expanding memory and easy customization,due to the Android platform being open source and has a large development communityavailable to make it easier to customize the phone. The XperiaZ features the batterystamina mode that can help save battery life by turning off apps and functions not beingused when the phone is in stand-by mode. Sony is known for its PlayStation game systemsand online community and the XperiaZ can access the PlayStation store as well as theGoogle Play Store. Finally, the XperiaZ has Near-Field Communication (NFC) capabilitythat allows phone owners to use their phone as a mobile wallet, remote control and allowsfor easy transfer and playing of music, video and more between devices. XperiaZ ownerscan also purchase Smart Tags, when these are touched to the phone specific settings andapps will automatically start.The iPhone would not survive a 30-minute soaking in water like the XperiaZ and has beencriticized by some about low battery life and lack options to conserve battery. The iPhone isonly available with certain storage capacities (16GB, 32GB and 64GB) and cannot beexpanded with an external memory card. However if an iPhone user has purchased the64GB version then they have more memory than the XperiaZ’s maximum capacity of 48GB.The iPhone also has fewer customization options available through its developmentcommunity and discourages people from ‘jailbreaking’ their phone but it is much faster infixing bug errors that are discovered on the operating system; Android can take months to 12
  13. 13. fix bugs compared to Apple’s couple week timeline. Consumers interested in the XperiaZcannot currently buy the phone through a carrier like Verizon or AT&T and have to go toexternal websites to purchase it off contract. Because of this, the XperiaZ costs a lot morethan the iPhone ($800 at most websites) and users do not have a long warranty orcustomer support available like they would if they purchased an iPhone. One maindrawback for the iPhone is that it currently does not have NFC technology available,meaning that users cannot use their phone to wirelessly transfer files to other devices.Samsung Galaxy S III:When comparing the XperiaZ to the Samsung Galaxy S III, there are some tradeoffsbetween the two devices. The XperiaZ has better screen resolution and more pixels thanthe Galaxy and both devices are similar in screen size, XperiaZ at 5-inches and the Galaxyat 4.8inches. The Galaxy has better talk-time battery life, about 22 hours compared to 11with the XperiaZ, and better stand-by time, 34 days compared to 23 with the XperiaZ.Both phones have quad-core processors but the Galaxy has more storage capability, theXperiaZ has 16GB built-in storage and is expandable up to 32GB while the Galaxy has32GB built-in storage and is expandable up to 64GB. The Galaxy has an 8 megapixel (MP)rear camera and a 1.9 MP front-facing camera, while the XperiaZ has a 13.1 MP rearcamera and a 2.2 MP front-facing camera. Finally, the Galaxy supports Flash files and theXperiaZ does not. Overall, a deciding factor between the two phones would be screen andcamera quality versus battery life and productivity.Google Nexus 4:The Nexus is the least competitive smartphone for the XperiaZ. The XperiaZ has betterscreen resolution and higher pixels per inch in addition to a better battery life than theNexus. The Nexus only has 8 GB storage capability while the XperiaZ is expandable up to48GB total. The XperiaZ has a 13.1 MP rear camera and a 2.2 MO front camera where theNexus has an 8 MP rear camera and a 1.3 MP front camera. The Nexus only supports MP3audio files and does not have a radio, which both are not major drawbacks, but may hindersome of the entertainment focused consumers.TabletThe XperiaZ tablet is not as advanced as the phone is which makes it difficult to competewith other tablets. It is the lightest table yet and as long as 3 ports (headphone jack,charging port and microSD slot) are covered it is fully submersible in 3 feet of water for 30minutes.Amazon Kindle Fire HD: 13
  14. 14. The Fire is competitive with the XperiaZ in functionality. While the Fire is smaller with an8.9-inch screen, or 7-inch screen depending on the version, compared to XperiaZ’s 10.1-inch screen they both have the same screen resolution and the Fire has more pixels perinch than the XperiaZ. The Fire has a dual core processor while the XperiaZ has a quad, italso has expandable storage up to 48 GB and the Fire has a 32GB storage option with theonly other storage add on to 64GB available in the 4G LTE versions. The Fire has a frontcamera but not a rear and the XperiaZ has a rear camera, but not a front. The Fire offersseveral options as far as storage and size; a 7-inch version is available at 16GB and 32GBwhich is priced at $199 and $249, the 8.9-inch version is available in 16 GB and 32 GB for$299 and $369 and the 4G LTE version which will allow users to use internet anywhereavailable in 32GB and 64GB for $499 and $599, with a 12-month 250MB data package for aone time payment of $49.99. Not much is known about options on the XperiaZ, but if it justhas the one 32GB, 10.1-inch screen option for $499, then the Fire offers more of a variety ofsize, storage and pricing which makes it more competitive to the XperiaZ.Apple iPad and iPad Mini:The XperiaZ falls in between the iPad and iPad Mini in weight, weighing more than theMini but less than the iPad. The XperiaZ has the biggest screen of the three but does nothave as good of a screen resolution or pixels per inch as the iPad, but does have betterresolution and pixels per inch than the Mini. Internal specifications give the XperiaZ anedge over the iPad and Mini because the XperiaZ has a quad core processor while the iPadand Mini both have dual core (the iPad with Retina Display has a quad core graphicsprocessor), the XperiaZ has the highest RAM (2x the iPad and 4x as much as the Mini) andcomes standard with 16GB and is expandable to 48GB storage compared to the iPad andMini which start at 16GB and to get more storage a consumer has to pay a lot more. TheXperiaZ has a better camera at 8 MP than the iPad and Mini which both have 5 MP camera;the iPads have a front camera though, which the XperiaZ lacks. The Mini starts at $329 fora 16GB and goes to $529 for the 64GB model, placing the XperiaZ closer to the 32GB priceoption. The iPad 2 is only available in a 16GB option with Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi and 3G,priced at $399 and $529. The iPad with retina display has several options from 16GB to128GB storage options and Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi plus cell phone provider connection, the Wi-Fionly options range from $499- $799 and the cellular able range from $629 to $929. Becausenot much is known about the XperiaZ cellular provider/ data package options, it is unclearhow much this will add to the price tag but the 16GB version is available for around $499(in Europe) and the 32GB version is about $600. Making the price close to some options ofthe iPad line.Google Nexus 7 and 10:The XperiaZ has the same screen size as the Nexus 10 but has lower resolution and pixelsper inch. The Nexus 7 has a smaller screen and lower resolution than the XperiaZ, but hasalmost the same pixels per inch. There is no data on battery life for the XperiaZ tablet, butthe Nexus 10 has 20 days of stand-by time and the Nexus 7 has 12 days of stand-by battery 14
  15. 15. life. Both the Nexus 7 and the XperiaZ have quad core processors and the Nexus 10 has adual core processor. The XperiaZ beats both the Nexus 7 and 10 in storage with its 32GBstorage that can be expanded further, both Nexus models have 16GB or 32GB storageoptions with no way to further expand. The price for the Nexus 7 starts at $199 for the16GB version, $249.00 for the 32GB and $299 for the 32GB cellular capable version. TheNexus 10 does not have a cellular option and is $399 for the 16GB version and $499 for the32GB version.ConnectivitySony:The key feature for the Sony XperiaZ series tablet and phone should be the connectivitybetween the two, but because of the NFC (Near-Field Communication) feature neither arelimited to just sharing with one another. The XperiaZ tablet or phone can mirror its screento a Sony BRAVIA® TV television by touching the remote for the TV with the tablet orphone, allowing a user to see pictures from the tablet or phone on the television screen.The phone is able to be touched to other Sony equipment in order to share pictures, files,videos and music. It can also be touched to a wireless speaker or headphone to play musiceasily. Sony also has available a smartwatch and smart tags that can be used with theXperiaZ. A consumer can keep a smart tag in their car or in the office and the phone ortablet will sync with it and change settings for that tag, i.e. a smart tag for the car would betouched to the phone and it would turn on GPS, Bluetooth and music automatically. Thiskind of interconnectivity between devices allows users to easily share and change settings.Sony PlayStation 3 owners are able to connect their XperiaZ phone or tablet to thePlayStation and use it as a controller for the game consol. Sony has just recently entered thecloud market, it has developed its own ‘PlayMemories Online’ which offers a storage placefor music, photos, videos and games that can then be connected to other Sony devicesincluding the XperiaZ phone and tablet.Samsung:Samsung does not have an abundance of information about its connectivity options, but itdoes have some available on its website. Owners of Samsung phones with NFC capabilitiescan S-beam data to each other by touching the backs of their phones together. Samsung hasan ‘All Share Play’ feature, which shares content with everyone and allows users to accesscontent when they are not near a computer. Samsung users can use their phone to sharewith a big screen TV and even play games while the phone doubles as a controller. Samsungphones respond to voice commands with S-voice to set alarms, send texts and answer orplace calls, it can also tell if the user is looking at the screen and will turn off when notlooked at, such as if they fall asleep while reading a book on the phone; critics say that the svoice is disappointing when compared to Apple’s Siri. Samsung has not entered the cloudmarket yet so users of its technology have to use other cloud services that will connect toSamsung products but that may not transfer easily to other Samsung products. 15
  16. 16. Apple Cloud, Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud:Apple has succeeded with its connectivity efforts by using its cloud service. Apple users areable to backup their data and content on the iCloud which can be accessed anywhere and isautomatically backed up when new content is added. Whenever a user purchases newcontent on iTunes any device can access it at anytime. The iCloud serves as a backup forApple users, erasing the need to them to store entertainment anywhere else, the iCloud canalso automatically send new content purchased on an iPhone to the iPad and laptopregistered to that account.Amazon functions almost the same way as Apple’s iCloud, but they have integrated theAmazon marketplace with its cloud service. Amazon prime owners can buy content in themarketplace and it is backed up on the cloud, which can then be accessed by other devices.Also, any actual CDs that Amazon users have purchased with their Amazon account areadded to the cloud for free, essentially giving the user a digital copy of a physical CD.Google has two separate platforms, Google Drive, which functions as a document and databackup and Google Play, which stores entertainment like movies, music, TV shows, appsand pictures, much like Apple’s iCloud and Amazon’s Cloud functions. Google Play has alarger storage space, allowing 20GB of storage before charging users. Apple and Amazoneach allow 5GB of storage for free and then charges after that has been used, Apple chargesyearly fees of $20 for 10GB, $40 for 20GB and $100 for 50GB of storage. Amazon is slightlydifferent because they separate their pricing into files and music, the file storage option ispriced less than Apple with 50GB of storage costing just $25 per year, the music option onlyallows 250 imported songs for free or 250,000 imported songs for $25 per year; both Appleand Amazon do not count content purchased through their store against the storage space.Broader Marketplace issuesSo much of the technology today is similar to one another with the main differences being aslightly better camera, a little better resolution or more storage availability. Whatdetermines a successful device is what applications it has available and what the developerand support looks like for the operating systems. Some consumer prefer an open market sothat they can create their own apps for their phone, these are Android users. Otherconsumers prefer an operating system that will quickly fix any bugs or issues that arise andwill gladly purchase whichever apps have been approved, these are Apple users.Increasingly, how devices are integrated and shared with other technology throughout thehome has begun to play a role. The marketplace has seen an increase in consumers whopurchase brands for their home because they are easily connected to one another and tosome other mass storage device whether that be a physical one or a cloud service. Becauseconsumers have the option to backup all of their content via Google, Apple, Amazon orother manufacturer’s cloud services, they are unlikely to move all this content to anotherservice if they want to try out new technology, this has increased the likelihood for brandloyalty or at least cloud service loyalty.Implications and Insights 16
  17. 17. ImplicationsThe highest consumers of smartphones are men and women ages 18-49. This implies thatthe campaign must be active in social media. The audience is hardly using traditional massmedia anymore, Sony can raise awareness with the older generation by having pressconferences, but the majority of the campaign will be active in social media.Sony is a brand that competitive in many aspects of technology, but it is not on theconsumers’ radar when it comes to mobile communication, and at Edelman we know thatwe must overcome this obstacle. To raise awareness in the emergence of Sony in portablecommunication we will have a stellar launch event. The Sony XperiaZ launch event willdemonstrate to the consumers that they are the newest and most advanced brand to enterthe portable communication world.The Sony XperiaZ phone is competing against Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy S III, andGoogle’s Nexus 4. The Sony XperiaZ campaign has to show consumers what thecompetition phones are not capable of and how they are not as advanced as the SonyXperiaZ. The consumers know what the competing phones do, they own them, but theywill see the Sony XperiaZ differently and as a consideration when they upgrade if they seewhat their phone doesn’t do, or have.The Sony XperiaZ tablet is not as advanced as its companion phone. The tablet will need tobe sold with the phone as much as possible. The XperiaZ campaign has to highlight its NFCtechnology and its connectivity to other Sony products. Samsung has NFC with its phones,but not with other devices such as, the Sony DVR and Sony BRAVIA® TV technology. Applehas cloud service, which acts as a storage for all purchases and data, but the backup still hasto be downloaded to the phone, no NFC capabilities. It is light and waterproof, but not asadvanced as its competitors. So, connectivity is key in the competitive market. Today,everything is about simplicity, what better way to make it easy on the consumer thanmaking all their technology savvy devices the Sony brand. NFC will just prove the effortlesstransition that they will be making when switching to a new Sony device. The purpose ofstressing its connectivity with other Sony products is Sony has customer loyalty in itstelevisions and home entertainment, but not mobile communication.The Sony XperiaZ phone is much more costly at this time. The average phone boughtoverseas, is about $800. The Sony XperiaZ needs to be first marketed to opinion leadersand innovators. Once the phone launches in the United States, cost to buy the phoneoutright will still be high, but with a carrier agreement the cost is likely to go down. Thiswill bring the price comparison close to its leading competitors.Objectives 17
  18. 18. The overall purpose of this situation analysis is to generate knowledge and awarenessrelated to Sony’s XperiaZ on a national level. Specifically, Edelman will reshape Sony froma brand that is known for its television and music entertainment, and gaming into a brandthat is known for premium and innovative mobile communication devices.Measureable Goals  Increase unaided awareness and aided awareness to the target audience (men and women ages 18-49), by 20% over the next year.  Increase product consideration among the target audience, by 25% over the next year.  Increase responsiveness to the connectivity feature of the Sony XperiaZ phone and tablet, and its other Sony products, by 30% over the next year.  Increase the Sony brand trust by 25% over the next year.Strategies 18
  19. 19. Core MessagesOur campaign relies on the following messaging for content, events, tactics and any publicrelations activity throughout the process. 1. Sony provides consumers an exclusive aspect of connectivity with other Sony products (Sony speakers, the Sony Personal Content Station, the XperiaZ tablet and XperiaZ phones), creating seamless integration between the XperiaZ tablet and smartphone. 2. Sony creates smartphones and tablets that utilize the best features and technologies from other Sony products to bring the newest mobile innovations to consumers that have proven to be successful. 3. Sony is an innovative brand that has been providing quality products for the last 67 years without sacrificing affordability or style.General StrategiesAs with any campaign focused on brand awareness and reputation, our proposal utilizes avariety of communication methods to ensure our messaging is broadcast in an effective andcreative way.Through a combination of traditional public relations tactics, special events, new-age socialmedia, experiential marketing and promotion to create heightened publicity, our campaignwill emit our core messages and brand essence with consistency and accuracy.The reasons we have chosen these methods above has to do with heavy research into thetarget market. While many targeted consumers use social media as an information source,they have not neglected traditional outlets and publications entirely. A pairing oftraditional and digital is the common thread through the communication of this planbecause there is the same combination reflected in the target segment. Targetingtraditional publications like Wired and PC Magazine in combinations with business tradessuch as Wall Street Journal and New York Times, we will adequately reach the targetaudience.We have chosen to sponsor a survey that will look at the behaviors and habits of Americansin relations to their mobile devices. By collaborating with this type of research, we will putthe logical connection of mobile and Sony into the minds of consumers, which will help tobuild brand reputation in the mobile space.Additionally, we will utilize this survey data in conjunction with our spokespeople formedia events of all kinds. This data and our spokespeople will help to keep the momentumof our campaign after the initial launch event. The spokespeople, Jimmy Kimmel and EmmaStone, will be media-trained and prepared for interviews every step of the way.Spokespeople and experiential marketing events will be further promoted to the youngerdemographic through a nationwide college campus tour. 19
  20. 20. Our massive, bi-coastal launch event will display the new products in a new and uniqueway that combines experiential marketing with social aspects to create engagement andexcitement among our target audience. Utilizing Sony technology to create publicity andhype leading to the launch, we plan to have two launches, one dedicated to consumers,while the other will focus on media including bloggers, social influencers and traditionalmedia.Pairing with technological companies like Best Buy and sponsoring the XXII OlympicWinter Games in Sochi will increase brand awareness and recognition for the XperiaZline.Launch Event Tactics Maureen Mohan 20
  21. 21. Soft- LaunchThe main launch event is going to be two-stages. First there will be a soft-launch takingplace simultaneously in Palo Alto, California and Boston, Massachusetts on August 1, 2013.This event is going to be a low-key cocktail party for tech industry insiders, journalists andtop bloggers. Sony will have XperiaZ phone and tablets available for attendees to usethroughout the night. Sony will set up smart tag areas around the venue where people cango and see how the smart tags integrate seamlessly with the phone or tablet. There will bevideo of the Bay Bridge light show live-streamed onto Sony BRAVIA® TV television screensthroughout the venue with some TVs available for guests to use their tablet or phone toconnect with the TV. Music will be played on Sony wireless speakers and will encourageguests to act as DJ by using music already loaded on the phone and tablet. The purpose ofthis event will be to get the attendees to write about their experience with the Xperiaphone and tablet so they can introduce them to the general public from a user and technicalexpert perspective.Following the soft-launch we will have a weeklong media and Internet blitz. This effort willbe to draw more consumer attention to the product and will build up the second launchevent that will take place the following week. Each television appearance by thespokespeople, television commercial and internet video in the east and west coast marketswill include teasers for the big launch event on August 9 and invite people to comeexperience the Xperia for themselves. The efforts on the coasts will be online and localmedia but will be included in national television and newspaper efforts. Teaser videos ofthe bridge light show with the Sony logo will be released on YouTube and to media outlets.Bridge Light ShowsThe main feature of the launch event is Sony taking over the two longest suspensionbridges in the United States, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in New York City and the SanFrancisco Bay Bridge (the Golden Gate Bridge). Both bridges will be lit by thousands ofindividually controlled LED lights. Artist Leo Villareal has already done this with the BayBridge and he creates a never-repeating light display every night, we will work with thisartist to accomplish a similar feat on New York City’s Verrazano-Narrows bridge. The nightof the launch party the light show in San Francisco will be different than viewers are usedto and will the premiere night for the Verrzano-Narrows Bridge. We will partner with twoDJs, one at each general public event, the DJ will play music that will follow with the lightshow; the end of the light show the bridge will have “Xperia” spelled out on it. Public andVIP launch events, described below, will precede the light shows.Public Event LaunchThe second part is going to be a big launch event that is geared toward the general public.This general public launch event will take place simultaneously at Liberty Island in NewYork City and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in San Francisco. The events willbe similar in both locations and will feature live local bands, food from area restaurantsand Sony booths where attendees can come try out the Xperia phone and tablet, the Sonybooths will have drawings to win both the phone and tablet. In order to encourage a family-friendly environment, there will be mini events from the summer and winter Olympics aswell as the x-games available for kids. They will have the chance to jump hurdles, run races, 21
  22. 22. ride BMX bikes and skateboard a small ramp. The winter game activities will use waterinstead of snow or ice and will include events such as water bobsled and a water luge. TheOlympic events for kids is to promote Sony’s sponsorship of the 2014 winter Olympics.There will be information provided for the adults about special content available only toSony XperiaZ users including videos taken by athletes and exclusive interviews with goldmedal winners.The event in New York will conclude with a program featuring Emma Stone with herXperiaZ phone. While the event in San Francisco will kick off with a program featuringJimmy Kimmel with his XperiaZ tablet. Because of the time difference between the coasts,it is necessary to place each spokesperson’s program at different parts of the event. Duringtheir program Emma Stone and Jimmy Kimmel will live stream the other coast and interactwith one another by talking and joking about how their device is better but that they heardif they can get the phone and tablet together then it is even better, they say that they willmeet up on Jimmy’s show somewhere in the middle of the country in order to see whathappens when the phone and tablet are together. This will kick off an ongoing portion ofthe event “Where is Jimmy?” or “Where is Emma?” which will be online through a website,social media and YouTube. The New York event will then conclude with Emma Stoneintroducing the main event, the light show on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and the SanFrancisco event will have another appearance by Jimmy Kimmel at the end to introduce themain event, a special light show on the Bay Bridge.VIP EventDuring the simultaneous general public events, VIP parties will also be held. These VIPevents will be for Sony’s charity, which donates equipment and raises money to puttechnology in the classrooms of inner-city schools. The San Francisco VIP event will be heldat the Top of the Mark at Intercontinental Mark Hopkins, this location is a rooftop eventspace with 360-degree views of San Francisco. The New York City event will be held at EllisIsland. These VIP events will draw in high profile and influential people because of thelocations and opportunity to have their names associated with a charity for children. At theevents, VIPS will have a chance to see the phones and tablets in action as some of thefunctionality will be framed as ‘moving art’ displayed on Sony BRAVIA® TV televisionscreens. This party will include appetizers and plated dinners prepared by acclaimed chefsfrom each city, they will have a clear view of the light show on the bridges and later in theevening will be joined by that locations’ spokesperson; Emma Stone will join the VIP partyin New York and Jimmy Kimmel will join the party in San Francisco.Post Launch EventDuring the main launch event Jimmy Kimmel and Emma Stone interact with one anotherand say that they hear the phone and tablet can do some really cool things when they areput together but since Jimmy has the tablet and Emma has the phone and they are onopposite coasts, they should meet somewhere in the middle to see the phone and tablettogether. This will kick off a tour where once a month Jimmy Kimmel Live will be filmed onthe road making its way to Chicago. Most of their ‘journey’ will take place on YouTube and 22
  23. 23. through social media, which will make it appear as though each star is taking a much longertrip. While they will make appearances in some cities their time commitment will actuallybe rather small, but during each of the special ‘on the road’ episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live,Jimmy will check in with Emma to see where she is and how she’s doing.After filming the Jimmy Kimmel Live show in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, Austin, Houstonand St. Louis he will travel to Chicago to meet Emma. Meanwhile Emma will appear on eachshow as having traveled to Washington D.C., Charleston, Orlando, Atlanta, Nashville, andIndianapolis. Finally, Emma will be a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on the road inChicago early in February. During this guest appearance, they will talk about their travelsand events that they were a part of with Sony and finally they will be able to see the phoneand tablet interact with one another.Traditional media activities generated by these events  Local tech journalists who are invited to the soft-launch will most likely write about the event and about the Sony products they tested.  Sony will encourage the Xperia to be featured in tech segments on national morning shows such as ‘The Today Show’, ‘Good Morning America’ ‘This Morning’  The teaser commercials will generate some national news buzz asking why Sony released a video with a brief view of the Bay Bridge light show.  The major launch event will gain local news attention because it something free and fun to do that weekend.  The bridge light shows will gain national news because lighting up the bridges in general is newsworthy and the fact that company did it to launch a new product will catch the attention on news organizations such as.  The VIP launch party will have pictures that appear in celebrity magazines, showing celebrities at a Sony XperiaZ charity launch party.Social and digital media generated by these events  There will be a Twitter hashtag, which will be promoted for each part of the launch event and each ongoing event encouraging attendees to share tweets about the events.  There will be an Instagram hashtag that will be promoted for each part of the launch event and each ongoing event encouraging attendees to share pictures from the events. 23
  24. 24.  We will use YouTube to share the lightshows from each city; these videos will also be shared on all other social media platforms and will available for use by traditional and social media.  The soft launch event will encourage bloggers to blog about the Sony XperiaZ phone and tablet. The blogs can be shared with links throughout other online and traditional news outlets.  We will use SoundCloud to promote the music heard during the light shows  The high-profile guests at the VIP parties will be encourages to tweet where they are at using certain hashtags.  There will be a photographer using a Sony phone and tablet at the VIP event who will be taking pictures that are posted to Instagram and Flickr with information about the events and making sure viewers know that the Sony XperiaZ was used to take the pictures.  SEO tactics will be used for specific key words related to smartphones, tablets and connectivity also making ensuring that the Xperia will show up whenever another Sony product is searched.Ongoing, Sustained TacticsTraditional MediaThe utilization of traditional media for the Sony XperiaZ campaign includes a media tour, press 24
  25. 25. conferences, and SEO (search engine optimized) press releases. Our efforts will be centered onobtaining exposure by high profile publications reputable to our target audience.  Wired Magazine  PC Magazine  New York Times  Wall Street Journal  GQ Magazine  Rolling Stone  Popular Science  Washington PostAfter the initial Sony launch event the spokespeople for Xperia Jimmy Kimmel and Emma Stonewill begin a media tour discussing the features of the Sony Smartphone and tablet. All of the pressreleases/media attention will be SEO. This process of SEO will affect the content visibility of theun-paid search engine results; mainly Google. The higher a site appears in a search engine thegreater the chances the site will be visited, which awards more visibility for the Xperia productline. The news releases will include embedded taglines granting further exposure and makingdesired content to be easily found and consumed. At each event the Xperia’s spokespersons willhold press conferences helping generate further media attention. The combined charismaticenergies of both Kimmel and Emma Stone during their question and answer sessions will buildmedia relationships and Z-line publicity. Our main objective is media visibility, attention we obtainwill result in broader media inclusion.Social MediaSocial media is a major component in reaching our target markets between the ages of 18-29yrsand 30-49yrs. Social media, such as, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the Sony company blog willdeliver consistent content infused with the campaign core messages. Each of these various socialmedia will be staffed by the Sony customer service department during the campaign and will beable to quickly monitor and send feedback to the target audiences. Unlike traditional media theseservices provide two-way communication and client-brand communication. This media is utilizedIn order to help the campaign increase awareness, as well as, create conversations.The Sony XperiaZ blog connects to the overall objectives and the awareness of the campaign. Theblog will provide content about current topics the target audience would be interested in. Blogposts will be updated regularly and promoted on Facebook and Twitter. This will become a uniquechannel of communication for the campaign providing another stream of two-way communication. 25
  26. 26. Special Events / SponsorshipsCollege Campus DemosBased on the demographic research, college campuses are great locations for experientialmarketing. This allows Sony products to reach the hands of the markets leading consumers.Campuses will host a party that allow students to experience the products in varies tech booths. Acontest will take place at these events letting some students get advance copies of the Smartphoneand tablet. The spokespeople for the Xperia line will also attend these events, talking withstudents and making tweets. Footage of Sony college events would then be used to furtherpromote the products.Best Buy DemosThe Sony XperiaZ product line would be featured within local Best Buy stores, which would bestrategically chosen throughout the country. This partnership would allow consumers toexperience the connectivity of the Sony Smartphone and tablet with other leading Sony products.A trade-in program incentive would encourage audiences to attend Best Buy events. A contestwould also be held within the stores to win an Xperia smartphone and tablet.Partnering with the upcoming OlympicsSony will sponsor the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi by providing various electronics. Thepartnership will allow Sony to promote its Smartphone and tablet to an international audience.Dedicated YouTube channelYouTube videos will be created to demonstrate the connectivity of Sony devices, which allowcustomers to see how Sony products function at home and at work.Sony Exclusive ApplicationsApplications will be created that appeal to the Sony target audience that allows its users toincrease social communication and productivity. These applications would be exclusive to Sonyproducts enticing consumers to purchase directly from them.Survey dataA survey to validate creditability could be transferred to any traditional and social media forpromotion of the products. The results of the survey would be promoted on the Sony blog, Twitter,and Facebook pages.Charity Sponsorship 26
  27. 27. A charity will be created to raise money and donate electronics to impoverished schools.This program not only helps various school districts but also increases visibility for theSony XperiaZ line. Donations will be taken at various Sony events and Xperia linespokespeople will promote the charity.Timetable Activity Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. March April May June JulyLaunch EventCollege TourSpokespeople 27
  28. 28. InterviewsSocial Media Tactics Traditional Media Outreach Survey OlympicSponsorship Activities CharitySponsorshipSocial media, spokespeople interviews, traditional media outreach and charity sponsorshipwill be a constant, year-round effort. We will always be recognizing feedback and changingour plan accordingly, which will be communicated to take this feedback into account.The college tour will be in coordination with semester schedules across the country.Olympic sponsorship efforts will be increasing in the months prior to the main Olympicevents in February.The survey will be fielded and August and useable data will be returned and incorporatedinto communication efforts. 28