Your Facebook Business Page is Worthless
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Your Facebook Business Page is Worthless



Do you have a Facebook Business Page because someone told you with certainty that “you should”? Are you finding that it’s not bringing in business and referrals the way that you thought it ...

Do you have a Facebook Business Page because someone told you with certainty that “you should”? Are you finding that it’s not bringing in business and referrals the way that you thought it might? Do you feel that every minute you spend on your Business Page is just a waste of time? Delete your Facebook Business Page today and start harnessing the power of your personal profile. Start being truly social on social media and reap the benefits almost immediately. You shouldn’t be doing business via the social, but you should be using the treasure trove of knowledge that Facebook gives you to give better service to your clients and sphere. In this whirlwind session, we’ll cover:

- Optimizing your personal profile for public viewing while keeping your privacy at the same time
- Harvesting the hidden gems of information Facebook provides that you may not know about
- Getting “face-to-face” with clients via Facebook
- Finding your niche – using a hobby or interest that is traditionally an in-person activity into a lead-generating business model
- Avoiding the pitfalls of bad etiquette on Facebook personal pages



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  • In order to keep the “social” in social media but still be able to keep in touch with your clients and sphere and garner new prospects, it’s important to keep this in mind: “Always have something to sell, but don’t always be selling.”
  • Because of the personal nature of of our business – many of us find that clients become more like friends throughout the process -
  • People who have already liked it – most likely your friends and clients who are also your Facebook friends. How do you maximize your time on Facebook, using it the way you already do?
  • My Facebook profile link comes up on page 1 of a Google search of my name.
  • The trend today is that potential clients like to stay anonymous before speaking with us, meeting with us, giving away any personal information. If you give them the opportunity to feel like they’re getting to know YOU – not just the “you” on your website” but the real you – you will gain trust and credibility, they will feel like they know you, and you will lend authenticity to your online interactions.
  • Encouraging prospects to view your “public” profile = less threatening and salesy than asking them to like your Business Page.

Your Facebook Business Page is Worthless Your Facebook Business Page is Worthless Presentation Transcript

  • Your Facebook Business Page is Worthless Maura Neill ABR, CRS, CDPE, REALTOR®
  • “Always have something to sell, but don‟t always be selling.” ~ Chris Brogan
  • Who Sees YourFacebook Business Page?
  • Optimize Your Facebook Profile for Public Viewing
  • Potential Clients Will Find You On Facebook• Give them something to see• Let them get to know the “public” you• Create trust, authenticity, and credibility• Keep it to the 80/20 rule – put some personal info out there (but still, only things you feel comfortable sharing publicly)
  • What Does Your Profile Photo Say About You?• Does it look like you? (in other words, is it current?)• Is it professional? Or at the least, not UNprofessional?• Is it friendly? accessible? relatable?• Does it appeal to your target audience?• Is it a photo that you‟re okay with having seen publicly?
  • How Personal is Your Profile? • Not everything you post needs to be private; what can potential clients learn from your public Facebook posts?Image courtesy of jannoon028 at
  • You Can Go Public Without Giving Up Your PrivacyUse the options Facebook gives you tocreate a Public Profile within your personalprofile
  • You Can Go Public Without Giving Up Your Privacy• You can also go back and edit past posts to optimize your profile – try going back 1 month or so.
  • Julie Beall Put This On Facebook1,000 pairs of shoes donated…and delivered
  • Harvesting Facebook for Hidden Gems
  • Information at Your Fingertips
  • Birthdays, Anniversaries… And So Much More
  • Letting Facebook Do the Work For YouMake a Facebook list that includes all ofyour past & current clients; then peruse for:• Find birthdays and anniversaries• Learn hobbies, interests, books, movies, music• Use what you see on Facebook + what you already know about them• Share articles, books, points of interest• Result: excuses/reasons to get in touch From Raziel Ungar ~ Burlingame, CA
  • Harvesting Facebook for Client InformationFacebook gathers usefulinfo for you!Timeline-style page(above); old page style(right)
  • Facebook Graph Search Waitlist for Graph Search:
  • Prospect Searches
  • New Prospects? Check „Em Out!• Search by name and/or email address• View as much of your prospect‟s profile as they have made public• Send a message via Facebook
  • When a New Prospect Comes In• Search for and view profile• Learn what you can about• Send a message via Facebook introducing yourself – If you usually email a prospect (i.e., an Internet lead), why not also send a brief message on Facebook?• Encourage them to view your profile (not necessarily friend you) – they‟ll see your public posts!
  • Finding Your Facebook Niche
  • Facebook GroupsFind Your Facebook Niche
  • Group Success StoryBobbi Howe‟s Saturday Morning Runners
  • Where Do You Fit In On Facebook? • If you enjoy it, you‟ll stick with it. • Is there a void to be filled? • Create a group around: – a hobby – an interest – a cause – a charityImage courtesy of Danilo Rizzuti at
  • Getting Face-to-Face with Facebook
  • Video: Face-to-Face Redefined • How are you already using video? • Where can you use video on Facebook? • How can you make it personal?Image courtesy of Ambro at
  • Video TipPeople love videos on Facebook – here‟s aquick tip:• Embed your videos into blog posts on your website• Post the link to that post (with a teaser, a line or two to make people want to click through) to your profile or business page• Send your friends/readers/fans to the link on your blog/website instead of to YouTube
  • Avoiding the Facebook Faux Pas
  • Your Facebook Profile is Not Meant To Be For BusinessBut don‟t take my word for it…ask Zuck:“You will not post unauthorized commericalcommunication (such as spam) on Facebook…You will not use your personal timeline for your owncommercial gain.”Facebook Terms of Use: Pages
  • How To Talk Business On Your Facebook Profile Think 80/20 Social is the name of the game When in doubt, leave business outOkay: Not Okay• Links to your blog posts • Posting your listings &• Check-ins at your office open houses or at a closing • “Are you thinking of• Congratulating a client – buying a home…” posts if they‟re okay with it • Anything that even slightly resembles spam
  • Link Tips• Give a teaser, a quote from the post/article – something to encourage the reader to click• Don‟t just post the link & expect it to get traffic/traction
  • Social ObjectsWhat do people think ofwhen they think of you?
  • Q&A
  • Find This Presentation Online credit: “Computer mouse, mousepad, hand” by Si1veryon
  • Connect: