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REALTOR on the Go: Taking Your Real Estate Business Mobile
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REALTOR on the Go: Taking Your Real Estate Business Mobile


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It’s no secret that today’s real estate world is fast-paced: buyers and sellers no longer want to wait to get information – they want it now. Agents need to have the right tools at their fingertips in …

It’s no secret that today’s real estate world is fast-paced: buyers and sellers no longer want to wait to get information – they want it now. Agents need to have the right tools at their fingertips in order to meet the demands of our now technology-dependent industry. This course outlines the tools agents can use today to take their office mobile, to be as effective and efficient in the field as they are at their desks. Attendees will leave the class with the knowledge and tools necessary to take their business to the next level, to truly take their business mobile – whether they are solo agents, team members, or team leaders. From over 35 mobile applications that are free (or almost free) and can save not only money but also time to creating a “roaming office,” a comfortable and productive place to conduct business with your clients, in your car or wherever you are! The main goal: making your life less complicated and less stressful and making every transaction easier on you and your clients.

Published in: Real Estate, Technology

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  • 1. REALTOR® on the Go:Taking Your Business Mobile Maura Neill ABR, CRS, CDPE, REALTOR®
  • 2. On Twitter?Tweet live during this class! @MauraNeill @LARealtorsAssn #lrconvention
  • 3. SECTION 1:Taking Your Business Mobile
  • 4. Why Mobile?• 91% of all U.S. citizens have their mobile device within reach 24/7.• 70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour.• It takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond to an email. It takes 90 seconds for the average person to respond to a text message. Source:
  • 5. Comparison: 2011 vs. 2012 Source: Nielsen
  • 6. “In March 2012 smartphones were in use by 50.4 percent of consumers in the country.” Source: - credit: “an evening playing smartphone pub quiz with the exeter twitterati! ” by philcampbell on
  • 7. U.S. Growth in Tablet OwnershipSource:
  • 8. “… more homes now viewed via Zillowon a mobile device than on a desktop.In July, 168 million homes were viewedon Zillow via a mobile device……that’s 63 homes per second.” Source: Zillow Blog, August 7, 2012
  • 9. Going Mobile Requires the Right Tools • Do you have the right tools? • What’s in your toolshed? • What do you need to add to your tools?Photo credit: “Tool Shed” by beinfang on
  • 10. What Tools Do You Need?• Laptop• Smartphone• Tablet• 3G and/or Mifi• Stylus• Power cords (DC-adapter/car compatible)• The right apps (stay tuned for Section 2)
  • 11. In My ToolshedPhoto credits: “Macintosh Macbook – Apple MacBook Pro” by Mac Users Guide / “iPad with Dandelion by jaredearle /“MiFi2352” by abulhussain / “ – Packshot Creator” by creative_tools – all on
  • 12. 3G or WiFi? Can you get online anywhere…? …or do you have to find a location with WiFi?Photo credit: “iPad with Dandelion by jaredearle on
  • 13. MiFi• Device is now FREE!• About $50 a month• Be online anywhere
  • 14. Stay Juiced!i.Sound Portable Power Max 8,000 or 16,000 mAh for iPod, iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, Droid, Blackberry ~ $80 - $130
  • 15. Stay Juiced!Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone (3G/GS, 4/4S, iPod Touch, iPad) ~ $60 - $100 Also battery packs, like iSound
  • 16. Cool Tool: Apple TV• Mirrors your iPad or iPhone onto your TV• In-office listing presentations• How else could you use it?
  • 17. Assess Your Mobile Tools p• What tools do you already have?• What other tools do you need to meet your mobile goals?• What will they cost?• What is your budget?
  • 18. How Much Mobile is Right For You?• How comfortable are you with: – going mobile? – going paperless? – incorporating apps & technology into your business?• What is your typical clients’ technology skill set? How well will they adapt?• Does it fit your business plan/goals?
  • 19. Assess Your Learning Curve p• With which tools are you already familiar?• How willing are you to make time to learn the best way to use new apps/ mobile solutions?• Can you commit to mastering one per month?
  • 20. Your Mobile Client
  • 21. Your Clients are More Mobile Than You Think • They’re surfing the web. • They love Zillow. • They’re finding properties before you are. • They don’t just want information quickly – they want it now.Photo credit: “Girl with iPhone” by andrewstclair on
  • 22. Assess Your Clients p• What are their favorite apps?• How are they using them?• Are they comfortable with concepts such as e-signing documents and using Skype for consultations?
  • 23. Set Your Clients’ Expectations• What is your role in the transaction? – It IS NOT to find them a house. Information is everywhere – they can find their own house. – It IS to negotiate on their behalf and to advise and counsel them.• Make them your partner in the deal.• Make it about sharing information.
  • 24. Set Your Clients’ Expectations p• Develop a script for your initial consultation that outlines your role (and theirs) in their househunt.• Enlist them as a partner in the transaction – your job is not to find them a house; your job is to negotiate on their behalf.
  • 25. Points to ConsiderFor your script:• Remind your clients that information is everywhere – accessible by them as much as you• Put value on your market knowledge and negotiation skills
  • 26. The Anatomy of a Mobile Office a.k.a. Your Car
  • 27. Tour of Brian Copeland’s “Buy-Fi’ Vehicle
  • 28. Prep Your Car• Washed and detailed – inside & out• Long day? Pack snacks and a cooler• Kids along? Entertain them (iPad, coloring books, toys)• Client tools – Old school: maps, school reports, listing sheets – New school: client iPad, useful apps
  • 29. Video on the Go:Mobile Marketing
  • 30. Video AppsiMovie SocialCam Videolicious Tout Animoto
  • 31. Video Tools Gorilla Tripod iStabilizer – to attachyour smartphone to atripod, monopod, etc. iStabilizer Monopod
  • 32. Video on the Go• Video previews – FaceTime / MiFi• Video during showings• Video for listings – beyond the virtual tour• Closing video• Photo slideshow – scared of video?
  • 33. Neighborhood Video
  • 34. Closing Video Sample {video}
  • 35. SECTION 2:Mobile Apps
  • 36. There are Literally Hundreds of AppsPhoto credits: “iPhone Apps” by criana / “Meine iPhone Apps” by cmdrfletcher on
  • 37. What Do You Need? • What are you looking for in an app? • What three business or personal needs could be solved by the “perfect” app? • What needs of your clients could be better served with an app?Photo credit: “speaking of effigies” by suttonhoo on
  • 38. Don’t Start in the App Store• Make a list of every task you do – For buyers – For sellers – For your past clients – For your pipeline of potential clients• Match apps to your tasks – not the other way around
  • 39. WRITE IT! What are 3 business and/or personal needs you have right now that you wish you had an app to solve?Photo credit: “list” by cathdew on
  • 40. The Test of a Great Appo Does it make a daily or regular taskeasier for you?o Will you use it regularly?o Do your clients use it?o Does it make an element of yourclients’ life/transaction easier?o Do you like using it?
  • 41. A Good App is Like a Fairy GodmotherLook for the wand markingmy favorite apps – the ones I useevery day that make my life, mybusiness, and my transactions easier! Which ones will be your favorites?
  • 42. 5 Basic Mobile NeedsStorage e-Signature Document PrepSocial Real Estate
  • 43. Apps by Category• Productivity • Social Networking• Organization • Content• Real Estate • Locational• Photography • Travel / Dining• Video • Finance
  • 44. Productivity
  • 45. DocuSign
  • 46. DocuSign Ink
  • 47. SignMyPad
  • 48. PDF Expert
  • 49. Dragon Dictation
  • 50. CloudOn
  • 51. JotNot Scanner Pro
  • 52. Google Voice
  • 53. GoDocs
  • 54. slydial
  • 55.
  • 56. Roambi Analytics Visualizer
  • 57.
  • 58. AwayFind
  • 59. Chrome
  • 60. LogMeIn
  • 61. Skitch for iPad
  • 62. Skype / Skype for iPad
  • 63. Organization
  • 64. Dropbox
  • 65. Google Drive
  • 66. Evernote
  • 67. CardMunch
  • 68. Real Estate
  • 69.
  • 70. Zillow
  • 71. Trulia Real Estate
  • 72. Trulia for iPad
  • 73. Trulia Rentals
  • 74. Trulia for Agents
  • 75. HomeSnap
  • 76. Open Home Pro
  • 77. Google Earth
  • 78. MagicPlan
  • 79. Total for iPad
  • 80. Walk Score
  • 81. Foreclosure Search by
  • 82. Photography
  • 83. Instagram
  • 84. Camera+
  • 85. Snapseed
  • 86. Photosynth
  • 87. PS (Photoshop) Express
  • 88. PicFrame
  • 89. Video
  • 90. Splice
  • 91. Videolicious
  • 92. iMovie
  • 93. Clesh Video Editor (Droid)
  • 94. Tout
  • 95. Animoto Video Slideshows
  • 96. SocialCam
  • 97. Social Networking
  • 98. Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn & Foursquare
  • 99. Facebook Pages Manager
  • 100. Hootsuite for Twitter
  • 101. Google+
  • 102. Content
  • 103. Flipboard
  • 104. Zite
  • 105. Fancy
  • 106. Google Currents
  • 107. Houzz Interior Design Ideas
  • 108. Houzz Kids’ Rooms
  • 109. Infographics
  • 110. Locational
  • 111. AroundMe
  • 112. Glympse
  • 113. iCarPark
  • 114. Travel / Dining
  • 115. OpenTable
  • 116. Urbanspoon
  • 117. GateGuru
  • 118. Real Alert
  • 119. Finance
  • 120. Mortgage CalculatorExtra Month+Amortization
  • 121.
  • 122. Your Website:How Mobile-Friendly Is It?
  • 123. Wordpress Users: Responsive DesignMobile devices will become the most popular wayto access the internet, which is why responsiveWordPress themes are in high-demand.Responsive designs share common elements:• Content is the same no matter the device’s screen size (WordPress posts and pages)• Style, coloring, branding, etc. are the same or substantially similar across devices (logos, images, color palettes)• Layout adapts to the screen’s size, with optionally specified minimum and/or maximum widths Source: http://
  • 124. Responsive Design
  • 125. Responsive DesignMaking Your Site Mobile
  • 126. Responsive DesigniPhone iPad
  • 127. Final Thoughts
  • 128. Who Says? • Who says what makes a great app? • Who says when an app is worth using? • Who says that an app is good for you?Photo credit: “You” by TalBright on
  • 129. Q&A
  • 130. Find This Presentation Online credit: “Computer mouse, mousepad, hand” by Si1veryon
  • 131. Thank You! Let’s Connect :)Maura Neill ~