Maura Neill: Digital Marketing - The New Kid on the Block


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  • Internet first impressions are not just influenced by how your website looks, but also by how often your business appears in searches on their key words and if you have a presence on the more popular real estate sites.
  • Fear of the technology and lack are time are the reasons why most real estate agents don’t get involved in blogging and social media
  • Build Your Audience – Simply put, more traffic equals more potential clients. The more people you touch – the more people who find your website and read your blog – the most potential clients you have in your audience. They may not be looking to buy or sell right now, but if they find your content valuable, they will keep coming back and you will be top of mind for them when they are ready – or when they have a referral.
  • Be seen as the Local Expert – I think it’s fairly safe to say that real estate is a very local business. We are no longer selling houses – we are selling a lifestyle. Our buyers want to know about more than just the house they are moving in to, about more than just about the subdivision and schools. They want to know about the local shopping and dining, about parks and playgrounds; they want to feel out the local scene, to see if it is a good fit for them. Blogging about your local world can show that you are a local expert and can help them find more than just a house; you can help them find a place to really live.
  • SEO -
  • You Have Something To Say – you have knowledge to impart to future clients based on your day-to-day experiences. You answer the same questions and tell the same stories day in and day out – why not let that experience work for you? Gain you potential clients and increased web traffic?
  • Maura Neill: Digital Marketing - The New Kid on the Block

    1. 1. Digital Marketing: The New Kid on the Block Maura Neill ABR, CRS, CDPE, e-PRO, MRP, REALTOR®
    2. 2. “I Have No Time For…” • • • • • • Social media Blogging Photos Videos Email marketing Anything more than I already do!
    3. 3. Rule of Thirds from Chris Brogan New Prospecting Executing on Prospecting Photo credit: “3 fire buckets” by Hadleywal on Servicing Your Accounts
    4. 4. “I Have No Time For…” • • • • • • Social media Blogging Photos Videos Email marketing Anything more than I already do!
    5. 5. Word of Mouth Marketing is the most powerful form of marketing there is.
    6. 6. Technology magnifies it
    7. 7. Business has shifted. How do you market in the virtual world?
    8. 8. You spend less time converting prospects to clients when you already have people who: • Know you • Like you • Trust you
    9. 9. By the numbers
    10. 10. What Do These Numbers Mean To You? 75 91 68 77 60
    11. 11. What Do These Numbers Mean To You? 75 % of time spent on “social” Internet 91 68 77 60
    12. 12. What Do These Numbers Mean To You? 75 % of time spent on “social” Internet 91 % of homebuyers start search online 68 77 60
    13. 13. What Do These Numbers Mean To You? 75 % of time spent on “social” Internet 91 % of homebuyers start search online 68 % of consumers using mobile apps in real estate search 77 60
    14. 14. What Do These Numbers Mean To You? 75 % of time spent on “social” Internet 91 % of homebuyers start search online 68 % of consumers using mobile apps in real estate search 77 % of public using mobile at home 60
    15. 15. What Do These Numbers Mean To You? 75 % of time spent on “social” Internet 91 % of homebuyers start search online 68 % of consumers using mobile apps in real estate search 77 % of public using mobile at home 60 million people looked for real estate on the top 5 RE sites in 2012
    16. 16. What Do These Numbers Mean To You? 25
    17. 17. What Do These Numbers Mean To You? 25 % of consumers who complete an action on a real estate site the same day they start searching
    18. 18. You cannot have a marketing plan that does not include the Internet.
    19. 19. Back to basics
    20. 20. Photo credit: “Social Media Network (from Crossword Series)” on
    21. 21. What is a Brand? • It’s who you are. • It’s what sets you apart. • It’s what your clients think of when they think of you. • It’s the story you tell with your marketing.
    22. 22. Are You the Same Online and Offline?
    23. 23. Do You Have a Logo?
    24. 24. Get a Professional Logo... (that doesn’t look) Cheap
    25. 25. Are You Using Your Photo? • Does it look like you? (in other words, is it current?) • Is it professional? • Is it friendly? accessible? relatable? • Is it prop-free? • Does it appeal to your target audience?
    26. 26. Consistency is Key • • • • • • • Logo Colors Recognizable photo Voice Niche Message Passion
    27. 27. Who are you trying to reach? What do you know about this group? Is there one message or many for them? Marketing Analysis
    28. 28. Getting Your Site Found Target Market Demographics • With whom do you work? With whom do you want to work? • What information do they need? What interests them? • What do you want to share with them? • What problems can you solve for them?
    29. 29. your Online Marketing HUB
    30. 30. Why a Hub? You can’t sell a home on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Youtube… …but you can send them somewhere they can.
    31. 31. That is the Power of the Hub and Spokes
    32. 32. Website = Central Focus
    33. 33. Website Features • Search for all local marketplace inventory • View multiple photos and videos for listings • Contact an agent, broker or mortgage professional • Learn “basic” information about the real estate process
    34. 34. Don’t Forget: • View multiple photos and videos for listings • “Contact Me” page • Help finding lenders & other service providers • Learn “basic” information about the real estate process • Information about YOU
    35. 35. How do you address the consumer’s needs? • Integrity of your company (think testimonials) • Knowledge of the process (think learning) • Responsiveness to inquiries (think instant) • Knowledge of the market (think visuals)
    36. 36. SEO is... • The process of improving your website’s ranking in search engine results • Spiders crawl your site and determine your ranking based on the search engine’s (Google, Yahoo, etc.) a complex algorithm that takes a variety of information
    37. 37. SEO Tactics to Apply • Install Google Analytics on your website to establish baseline data on traffic • Create a keyword hit list based on relevance • Adjust your page title to include important keywords • Infuse keywords strategically on site • Consistently add content
    38. 38. Go Mobile
    39. 39. tics/
    40. 40.
    41. 41. To Blog or Not To Blog: Is There Really Any Question?
    42. 42. Already Have a Website? • Add to your website as – Adds to Search Engine Optimization – Create a consumer interaction point
    43. 43. Blogging: Buzzword or Business Booster? Photo credit: “BusinessWeek cover” by moxliukas on
    44. 44. Benefits of Blogging Photo credit: “Audience” by thinkmedialabs on
    45. 45. Benefits of Blogging Photo credit: “Buy Fresh, Buy Local (lomo)” by stevegarfield on
    46. 46. Benefits of Blogging
    47. 47. Benefits of Blogging Photo credit: “Bullhorn” by carolbrowne on
    48. 48. Blog blog blog... (Not blah blah blah!) • Market stats • Local community information (dining, shopping, festivals, things to do) • FAQs • DIY tips • Buyer and seller information • YOU!
    49. 49. Email Marketing: Permission, Not Forgiveness
    50. 50. FREE My Favorite!Email Platform V – FREE for up to 2,000 subscribers, fewer than 12,000 emails/month
    51. 51. •Branded every email: – Email signature - $109 – Email stationery - $229 – Signature + stationery - $289 – Complete package - $395 (includes email postcard + thank you card)
    52. 52. Just because you have my email address does not mean you have my permission to add me to your email list. Can Spam Act: A Compliance Guide for Businesses -
    53. 53. QR Codes – Bridging Virtual to Mobile
    54. 54. What Is That Thing? • Explain it to your clients – don’t assume they know. • Give instruction on flyers: “Download QR Reader and scan here for more information.”
    55. 55. • More than a URL shortener • Creates and TRACKS shortened URLS, QR codes, and more
    56. 56. QR Code Fails
    57. 57. QR Code Success
    58. 58. QR Code Success
    59. 59. Being Smart with QR Codes • • • • • • Billboards – no Websites – no Moving vehicles – maybe Lockboxes – yes Real estate signs/riders – yes Listing tour tool – yes • Where else can you creatively use them?
    60. 60. Video
    61. 61. Consumers and Video • Increase length of time they’re on your site • Increase your likelihood of being found • Build trust and credibility • Help potential clients feel like they know you
    62. 62. Video: Face-to-Face Redefined • How are you already using video? • Where can you use video? • How can you make it personal? Image courtesy of Ambro at
    63. 63. The Video Formula Have a video intro... ...and a video outro.
    64. 64. The Video Formula • Create a simple intro and outro so each video is consistent and recognizable • Write a simple script • Plan your shots – mixture of photo and video or just video • Keep it simple
    65. 65. Video Tools Gorilla Tripod iStabilizer – to attach your smartphone to a tripod, monopod, etc. iStabilizer Monopod
    66. 66. Thinglink FREE app for iPhone and Android!
    67. 67. Thinglink: Jazz Up Your Virtual Tours • Add video, photos and text popups to your photos • Allows interactive exploration of your photos • Brings still photos to life
    68. 68. Thinglink: How Can You Use It? • Text feature: point out important features • Photo feature: let viewers “look” out the window or into the next room • Video feature: give a video intro to the room or have the seller give a testimonial about why this is their favorite room, feature, etc.
    69. 69. Website = Central Focus
    70. 70. You can’t be everywhere … (C) by Kim |
    71. 71. Establishing your presence Where do you need to be?
    72. 72. Where Are You?
    73. 73. Where Are Your Potential Clients?
    74. 74. Balance it all by Focusing on Your Locals
    75. 75. Get To Know Your Consumer: The more you know about them, the easier it is to create service strategies online.
    76. 76. What to Post • Basic systems in place to keep fans engaged. – Fill in the blank Friday – Photo Friday – Update on stats – Pick your palace A and B – Questions – Quotes – Weekend Update
    77. 77. Encourage Call to Action
    78. 78. Ask Questions
    79. 79. Ask Questions
    80. 80. Fill in the Blank
    81. 81. Ask Questions
    82. 82. Don’t Forget Your Raving Fans
    83. 83. Community – FB Group
    84. 84. Branded Facebook Business Page
    85. 85. Have Less Than 100 Fans? • Don’t be discouraged • People are LURKERS • 90% who read your comment will not – Like – Engage – Share
    86. 86. Use Action Words to Encourage Engagement
    87. 87. Google+
    88. 88. Are You on G+ Yet? • The new kid – who’s using? • Google owns #1 and #2 search engine – Google + YouTube • Public posts are indexed (unlike on Facebook)  SEO Gold! • Hangouts!
    89. 89. Google+ Public Posts Make your posts public
    90. 90. Hootsuite • Manage Facebook, Twitter, G+, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Wordpress, MySpace – all from one dashboard • Schedule tweets & updates • Save time
    91. 91. Hootsuite
    92. 92. Q&A
    93. 93. Connect With Me