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Gamification in Learning Paradigms


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How are learners evolving? …

How are learners evolving?
Where does the motivation to learn come from?
What makes learning better?
How do we keep a learner happy to learn?
How do we make collaborative Serious Games an ideal environment for learning and why?

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  • 1. Gamification in Learning Paradigms How Gamification is evolving our learning models. Mattia Crespi
  • 2. Questions I am going to try to answer… • • • • • How are learners evolving? Where does the motivation to learn come from? What makes learning better? How do we keep a learner happy to learn? How do we make collaborative Serious Games an ideal environment for learning and why?
  • 3. A new generation of users • • • • grown up immersed in technology and the Internet different focus and different learning style learning style greatly influenced by videogames Master massive collaborative games Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 4. Engagement! Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 5. The Behaviour Change Framework Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 6. Engagement makes a great difference in a learning curve. Engaged learners will: Learn with more fun Remember better Want to learn more! Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 7. How do we shift from Attention to Engagement? Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 8. Create Emotional Incentives Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 9. The biggest driver is not money … It’s EMOTION! Mattia Crespi - Qbit 9
  • 10. Feel Good Tasks The steps to motivation Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 11. Motivation can be achieved through… Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 12. To love the project Participants must be able to understand it. Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 13. Understand Diverse Rewards Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 14. An example … How Gamification changed our participation within media … Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 15. USE LEVELING ! Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 16. Everyone can be a Star! Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 17. To recap … Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 18. A Modern Learning tool Should Be: • Motivating: – Fun to use. – No routine / non repetitive – Create hope in learner for better achievements. – Create Acceptance on new methodologies. • Simple: – Fast – Clear to understand – No physical effort Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 19. Serious Games as Knowledge Incubators? Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 20. And collaborative Serious Games? Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 21. they allow players to collaborate to do good work collaborative work can be improved by becoming more like a game. Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 22. What happens when we “play” together? Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 23. Collaborative Serious Games are …  Simple  Sociable  Symbiotic Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 24. Intentional Simplicity A lightweight approach… Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 25. training systems of the future focus on the right things in simple ways and share these with collaborators. Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 26. Sociability Enabling Diversity Encouraging Community Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 27. Sociability and Successful Learning • ability to build collaborations • identify other people with similar interests but different perspectives. • common skills VS different skills. Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 28. Symbiosis Knowledge systems and humans train each other. Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 29. The future of ? Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 30. A new sustainable model for learning From LMS to LM Networks. An IT Networking Platform for Education Venture Capital New Model for sustainable education. Compa nies Researc h Labs New Learning Solutions ENABLERS Mattia Crespi - Qbit Need for Innovation New Learning Paradigms Next Generation Learners Need for a sustainable model DRIVERS Universi ties
  • 31. Learning as … progress in the eco-system Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 32. Conclusions  Participation has become a vital commodity that many organizations have not yet figured out how to capture.  Many Learning projects fail to achieve the desired results, often because they are designed to capture attention rather than create engagement.  Forward-looking organizations can seek out advantages by taking several key steps toward capturing engagement of learners. Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 33. In other words… Make Learning tools:  Fun  Simple  Rewarding  Collaborative Mattia Crespi - Qbit
  • 34. Thank you! Mattia Crespi Twitter: @1qbit Linkedin: