Orange Business : Five Innovation Platforms


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Orange Business : Five Innovation Platforms by Matthieu NOTARI & Gilles MARC

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Orange Business : Five Innovation Platforms

  1. 1. ANALYSIS
  3. 3. EXTERNAL ANALYSIS Politics Technology - State shareholder ofthe group -Constantly changing, - Regulation, supervision by control evolving, constant organizations innovations Environnement Economy - Be eco responsable- World in Crisis - Take in consideration the- Strong competition between operators environnement in the way to consume Social Legal - Reduced consumption with the crisis - Mastery of contractual - New forms of consumption, at the commitments map, depending on consumers - take into account the feelings expectations of employees
  4. 4. NETWORK ECONOMY Trends Stakeholders InfrastructuresCommunity Clients Competitors Public Suppliers Institutions
  5. 5. COMPETITIVE FORCES Threat new entrants New operator on the market: Free Telephony Prices are not aligned with those of the existing competitors (MEDIUM) Rivalry among Existing Competitors Bargaining Power of Bargaining Power of Buyers Suppliers Strong competition with other operators, representing the three Important with different types ofOrange owns the network and he national leaders. Market in constant clients: individuals or professionalssells MVNO growth but new concurrency appears with specific needs andOrange is the supplier of the and it’s changing consumption expectationsother ISPs patterns Tendency to packages to the map (LOW) (HIGH) (HIGH) Threat of Substitutes Presence of substitute products with Virgin Mobile, NRJ Mobile ... and even web hosting with OVH (MEDIUM)
  8. 8. BRAND HISTORY TIMELINECommunica)on* h>p://** * *Distribu)on* Se*conférer*au*slide*sur*la*zone*de*chalandise*d’Orange*dans*le*Monde* Rensiegnements*Products* Téléphonie*Fixe.* Téléphonie*Mobile* Professionnels* Internet,*TV*et** SOSH* et*Annuaire*Services* * Téléphonie*IP* Les*marques*de*Brand* Communica)on*Mircrotel*Ltd* Orange*Plc** France*Telecom* sont*remplacées*par* 39,7*milliards* la*marque*Orange* d’€* Rachat*Orange*par** France*Telecom*Revenues* 33,7* 43,0* 46,6* 46,1* 45,3* 48,1* 51,7* 52,9* 46,8* 46,1* 45,5* milliar milliar milliar milliar milliar milliar milliar milliar milliar milliar milliar ds*d’€* ds*d’€* ds*d’€* ds*d’€* ds*d’€* ds*d’€* ds*d’€* ds*d’€* ds*d’€* ds*d’€* ds*d’€* 1990* 1994* 2001* 2003* 2005* 2007* 2009* 2011* 2000* 2002* 2004* 2006* 2008* 2010*
  9. 9. Strategic Business Unit
  10. 10. Orange Labs innovation to serve all markets Beijing R&D center Warsaw, R&D center San Francisco UK, R&D center technocentre R&D center technocentre Tokyo R&D center technocentre and R&D Teams Madrid & Barcelone technocentre (Châtillon) Explocentre (Paris) 8 R&D centers Amman6 Cairo R&D Center technocentre
  11. 11. VALUE CHAINEFirm Infrastructure- Worldwide, more than 166 points of presence in the physical world- R & D Labs: Innovation; Technocentres / Lines of Business: Industrialization of production / Offers;  Geographies: Customer ValueHuman Ressources Management- New Director of R&H since 2010 to improve inter-company relations- High pressure internally to compliance with the objectives- Take in consideration young people with alternative offers for students MarginTechnology- Mastery and managementof national infrastructures- Fiber Optics- Getting Started with 4GProcurement- Global presence- Reduction of CO2 emissions- Reduction of energy consumptionInbound Logistics Operations Outbond Logistics Marketing & Sales Services - Centralized - Innovation -Investment of 2 - Listen- Global presence billion € in fiber - SAV strategy and - Support Margin- Work or setting up optics by 2015 - Relocations decision makingthe network - Social contract in maintenance - In 220 countries place for employees operations - Close to 200 - R & D in different - Website million customers countries around worldwide the world
  13. 13. PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS Opérateurs de Réseaux Acteurs du Web Acteurs des médias Equipementier
  14. 14. OVERALL ANALYSIS S W•Expertise in telecommunications /network•High reliability •Low innovative•Project owner for the business •Regulatory constraintsworld O T•Green Business •Mobile phone new competitor: Free Mobile•Numbers of Smartphone usersincrease •Only comes out of existing products
  15. 15. BRAND POSITIONING STATEMENT VISION1. Competitive EnvironmentAspirational symbolic identity brands2. TargetRelatively mature, well-established individuals + professionals3. Consumer InsightI am looking for peace of mind without the hassle of technology * Source : Millward Brown4. BenefitsReassuring quality, emotions (communication) + proximity (boutiques)5.Values & PersonalityFuture-oriented, self-confident6. Reasons to BelievePioneering leading expert in data + voice connections (worldcommunication awards 2006-2009)7. Consumer DiscriminatorEnsures interpersonal links, pushing boundaries across the world in aninspiring way8. Essence Revenues : €45,50 MEmotional quadruple player communication brand Creation : 1994 Brand value* : $13.242b
  16. 16. UNDERLYING BRAND PILLARS• Sense of belonging: Being connected, service of quality, proper functioning• Clear vision: Provide services in line with trends• Power from enemies: Resale MVNO to competitors• Sensory appeal: Together, connected, world of tomorrow• Storytelling: «The Life Change With Orange»• Symbols: Belonging, security, performance, mobility• Mystery: The advanced of tomorrow that will bring the group
  17. 17. 360° BRAND PERCEPTION : Analyse Position Product Product Product People People People Planet Planet Planet
  20. 20. ORANGE BRAND CODECoach EvolutionsWord Community
  21. 21. ORANGE OBSERVATIONSOrange with two important poles of R & D, as a leader seems questionable, because the group has neverlaunched innovation in the market.FCS :- Mastery of communication tehcnologies R&D- Infrastructure- National Coverage (mobile/internet)- Mastery marketing for the offers and the communication- Proposed offer segmented- Customer service-« Users understanding » to developp !Orange Skills :- Marketing- R&D- Infrastructure : existing network «France Telecom»- Customer Service / Stores- Expertise in several fields : brand development and not the product- Responsible of the development of optical fiber- know-how and salary force of 102 000 people- Rental of facilities and resale of minutes to Virgin, Free..
  22. 22. STRAT CORPORATEProductOrange think to the future, desire to innovate,New business sectorPeopleIn line with the expectations and the changing of thecustomers wishes through timePlanetTake in consideration the environnement aspect andthe futur becoming of the next generationsRHRecruitment of qualified employes correlated withthe futur business sector,Organizational changesInnovationShare the ideas of employees, customers to iniateincremental, breaks innovations.
  23. 23. INNOVATIVE CONCEPTAccompany and consider the citizen in his life to enforce the brand as a leader in innovation.And at least become a leader in communiy, city innovation and personel coach.Make Orange a professional counselor for public users in their management of the daily CONCEPT 2015 2012 2020 2030 2040 2050 GENERATION Z 17 20 25 35 45 55 years
  24. 24. INNOVATION PLATFORM : AUGMENTED REALITY 2015 We take advantage of the digital to free creativity and invent together cities easygoing. Obtain a consistent database that allows us to offer our expertise in urban construction from 2020. •Providing business solutions by creating dynamic quality from a new angle: the collaborative intelligence. •Urban planning moves from a vision owns an open vision. •The Digital can develop new forms of solidarity against the urban future. •Recruitment de M. Alain RENK (founder and director UFO)Brand linkage : /5Target focus : /5 Indice Génération Z : 17 à 25 yearsInnovation : /5
  25. 25. INNOVATION PLATFORM : AUGMENTED REALITY 2015 Virtual Reality IdeasBrand linkage : /5Target focus : /5Innovation : /5 Indice Génération Z : 17 à 25 years
  26. 26. INNOVATION PLATFORM : Urban - New City 2020 This innovation will enable Orange to implement technology to increase from the hands of citizens. Orange build a database ideas for develop the future city and consulting. You will interact with the world, but above all we must start with your city. AfterBrand linkage : /5Target focus : /5Innovation : /5 Before
  27. 27. INNOVATION PLATFORM : Home Automotion 2030 Orange strengthens its investment "product & innovation" within the habitat to become a referentin the interaction man-machine and machine to machine Improve the daily confort of lifestyle through support and theBrand linkage : /5Target focus : /5 interraction of technologiesInnovation : /5
  28. 28. INNOVATION PLATFORM : Home Automotion 2030Brand linkage : /5Target focus : /5Innovation : /5
  29. 29. INNOVATION PLATFORM : Cars 2040 Interest is for Orange to strengthen the relationship between your professional and personal life. The car becomes an extension of your home and your workplace You can manage your home as well as your business the time of a tripBrand linkage : /5Target focus : /5Innovation : /5
  30. 30. INNOVATION PLATFORM : Clothes breaking / remodeling innovation 2050 Gather pervasive technologies to make a breakthrough innovation in textiles One / Many One / Few Personnel Massif Pervasif Pervasif Cloth’s Brand linkage : /5 Target focus : /5 Innovation : /5
  32. 32. HOW TO SPREAD THE WORD - AUGMENTED REALITY • Communication StrategyCreate a complete 360 communinication plan for take into account the views of users • Target OpinionOpinition Leader will serve the buzz : Innovation / Blogosphere .....Younger consumers will follow • Messages 3 Steps « Built the city as you wish » « You are the actor in your city » « Share and vote for your city » • MediasDigital Medias : Blog + Social MediaStreet Marketing : Outdoor, Street demonstration
  33. 33. HOW TO SPREAD THE WORD - AUGMENTED REALITY • Target : Generation ZThe objective is to obtain a maximum of users on the Z generation to maximizefeedback. It’s them who will do from their perceptions of future our urbaninnovations of tomorrow. •Generation ultra-connected •Participative Generation •Who loves to share •Return to notions of political and human values •Must «apercevoir» un better futur
  34. 34. HOW TO SPREAD THE WORD - AUGMENTED REALITY Street Marketing Demonstration
  35. 35. HOW TO SPREAD THE WORD - Social Media Management In Cr te e at rv io Communities of expertise en Co-creation, crowdsourcing. n Architects / Design ti o Benefits for the hearing nBenefits for the hearingBe heard and reconized for its proposals. Earnings for the hearing is clear : they have questions and seek to provide answers.Brand PlaceHere the brand is everwhere. Brand Place Around their products, srvices and trades.Profit for the brandGet feedback on the innovations and proposals of the Profit for the brandOrange Group. Help customers and prospects to better understantd and use its products / services and get a return form experts.Keys to successIf users suggest improvements it’s essential that they Keys to successreceive a quick response. Do not hide. Being a technical occupation.Risk factors Risk factorsDo not communicate the existence of the swap space. Not be able to answer questions. Do not seem like an expert speaker
  36. 36. Return on InvestmentsMajor global competitors:JC DECAUX Present in 45 countries in over 1 800 cities with more than 10 000 habitants Network of 128 cities of more than 10 000 inhabitants. 49% of sales (2 350 millions d’€) or 1 147 millions d’€ created by street furniture.Clear Channel Outdoor Achieves a turnover of 2 789 millions € Catchment area of he United States, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South AmericaCBS Outdoor Originally American, realizes a turnover of 1 819 millions euors. Catchment area of the United Sates, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South AmericaNational Key Competitors Liote/Citylux Insert Metrobus Védiaud Publicité
  37. 37. Market Street FurnitureThe 50 largest cities represent 58 790 000 peopleThe turnover of the furniture market is 10 058 000 €The budget per habitants for street furniture is 180 €So for a city of 10 000 residents of the street furniture budget amounts to 1 800 000 €60% of direct costs relative to total sales
  38. 38. Selection criteria and innovatice cities location for street furnitureThe criterias for selection of cities is too extensive to reference them so we consider theannual report of the most innovative agency in the world, the Austrlian «2thinknow» According to the ranking the most innovaties cities in the world are : Europe et America Boston, Paris, Amsterdam,Vienna, New York, Frankfurt, San Francisco, Copenhagen, Lyon, Hamburg, Toronto, Montreal, Asia et Oceania Hong Kong, Melbourne et Tokyo Developing countries Abu Dhabi, Dubai et Cape Town Source 2thinknow
  39. 39. 5 223 999 460 Experience Curve New Profession Urban in millions of €3000000000022500000000 Global Market growth of 20% change per year15000000000 Orange Urbain CA Orange Urbain Coûts 7500000000 8000000000 0 2023 2024 2025 2020 2021 2022 6000000000We start form cities where redevelopement is complete andthen target cities which are growning benefiting from the 4000000000kowledge acquired. 2000000000From 2020 to 2030 we are targeting to the most innovativecities around the world benefiting from the reputation of 2020 2021innovation. 2022 0 2023 2024 2025
  40. 40. Gartner Curve
  42. 42. BRAND POSITIONING STATEMENT EXTENDED1. Competitive EnvironmentAspirational symbolic identity brands2. TargetAssist citizens of all ages, well-established individuals + professionals3. Consumer InsightI am looking for peace of mind without the hassle of technology throughout my day4. BenefitsReassuring quality, emotions (communication) + proximity (boutiques)5.Values & PersonalityCommunity building for the future, Future-oriented, self-confident6. Reasons to BelieveStrengthen the relationship... Pioneering leading expert in data + M2M7. Consumer DiscriminatorEnsures link Relations machine to machine and machine-to-consumer, and Ensures interpersonal links, pushing boundariesacross the world in an inspiring way8. EssenceEmotional brand & a ubiquitous brand