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Company Profile / Presentation

  2. 2. K2 PARTNERING SOLUTIONS ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE CONSULTANTS K2 is a specialist staffing consultancy, providing temporary and permanent staffing solutions primarily in the Business Process technology sector. OUR SOLUTIONS ENABLE YOUR BUSINESS TO BE MORE ADAPTABLE, RESPONSIVE AND PROFITABLE. Our values Our values have been generated to drive every aspect of our business. They are central to everything we do. Our values are:  Excel through Quality  Create and Embrace Change  Use Knowledge Intelligently  Open & Honest Relationships
  3. 3. K2 PARTNERING SOLUTIONS ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE CONSULTANTSPARTNERING THE BEST-RUNBUSINESSESWHAT WE DOK2 Partnering Solutions was formed in 1997 and provides enterprise software consultants to support projects around the world. Ourfocus and experience has enabled us to deliver innovative solutions to our clients combined with a premium level of service.K2 is leading provider of staffing solutions worldwide in specialist technologies including:• ERP (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards)• CRM (Siebel, Clarify)• ETRM (Open Link, Endur/Findur, Triple point, Allegro, Zainet, Aligne, Solarc)• Cloud Technologies ( solutions, MS Dynamics online, Amazon, Google Apps…)• Mobile Technology (Mobile Web developer, iOS, Android…)• Big Data (Cassnadra, Hadoop…)Today we are an organization of 300 Associates across 14 offices in 4 continents, supplying over 1000 quality consultants to clientsaround the world. For a full list of solution areas:
  4. 4. K2 PARTNERING SOLUTIONS ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE CONSULTANTS TECHNOLOGY EXPERIENCE GUARANTEED WE UNDERSTAND YOUR BUSINESS K2 provides our clients with a comprehensive We work with the “Rockstars” of the industry, service based on technical knowledge and consultants with a proven ability to deliver understanding of the business processes. exceptional results on the worlds most challenging and innovative enterprise projects. Each technology area has dedicated teams As a result we are fully able to support our who focus on specific market and industry partners in the challenges they face. solutions.OUR HISTORY1997------- K2 established to provide SAP Consultants in Europe1999 ------- K2 starts providing Siebel, Oracle, and Peoplesoft Consultants2004 ------- K2 opens offices in Geneva and Providence, RI2005 ------- K2 opens offices in Stuttgart and San Francisco2006 ------- K2 starts a permanent placement practice across Europe2007 ------- John Bowmer, former Chairman/CEO of Adecco, becomes K2’s Chairman of the Board2009 ------- K2 opens offices in Tokyo and Boston2009 ------- K2 rolls out its permanent placement practice globally2009 ------- K2 starts an ETRM practice in Europe2010 ------- K2 starts a Cloud Computing Technology practice in Europe, USA, and Asia2010 ------- K2 starts a Mobile Technology practice in Europe, USA, and Asia2010 ------- K2 opens offices in Sao Paolo2011 ------- K2 opens offices in Dusseldorf, Singapore, Beijing & Istanbul2012 ------- K2 opens offices in Moscow (July)
  5. 5. K2 PARTNERING SOLUTIONS ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE CONSULTANTSGLOBAL SERVICELOCAL PRESENCEThrough the evolution of technology, From a network of regional centres, K2 isbusiness has become less restricted by able to provide a global solution to ourgeographical boundaries. partners.At K2, our business strategies have always Africa Latin-Americabeen free of geography, focusing on APAC (regional offices) Netherlandsindustry and individual partners. Belgium North America (regional offices) Brazil (regional office) Norway China PolandWith 11 offices located across 4 continents, Denmark PortugalK2 is able to tune our service to the Finland Russiaregional needs of our partners whilst France Saudi Arabiapossessing the infrastructure to deliver at a Germany (regional offices) South America (regional office)global level. India Spain Indonesia Sweden Ireland Switzerland (regional offices) Italy UAE Japan UK (head office)
  6. 6. K2 PARTNERING SOLUTIONS ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE CONSULTANTS OUR OFFICES WORLWIDE K2 Partnering Solutions Ltd K2 Partnering Solutions GmbH K2 Partnering Solutions GmbH Avon House, Avonmore Road Bolzstraße 7 Königsallee 92 a K2 Partnering Solutions Inc. London W14 8TS 70173 Stuttgart 40212 Düsseldorf 220 W Exchange St., United Kingdom Germany Germany Suite 106 Providence, RI 02903 Tel: +44 (0) 203 060 5300 Tel: +49 (0) 711 2200 740 Tel: +49 (0) 211 5403 9670 USA Tel.: +1-410-228-0777 K2 Partnering Solutions Bureau Toranomon 204, 2-7-16 Toranomon, Tokyo 105-0001, Japan Tel: +81 (0) 3 3504 2412 K2 Partnering Solutions Inc 475 Sansome Street San Francisco CA 94111 K2 Partnering Solutions USA 42 Amoy St Singapore 069868 Tel: +1 415 391 3804 Singapore Tel: +65 63039400 K2 Partnering Solutions Inc Suite 502 K2 Partnering Solutions 112 Water Street Av Brigadeiro Luis Antonio, Boston 3530 CJ 91, Jardim Paulista, K2 Partnering Solutions SA MA 02109, Sao Paolo 21 Rue des Alpes USA Brazil 1201 Geneva Switzerland Tel: +1 617 263 3200 Tel: +55 (11) 2768 2879 Tel: +41 22 909 6900
  7. 7. K2 PARTNERING SOLUTIONS ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE CONSULTANTS K2 BEST PRACTISES QUALITY & INNOVATION Based on a decade of experience and REQ provides an assessment by thousands of temporary and permanent exploring the following key areas of a staff placements around the world, K2 has candidates employment profile: developed its service so that its Partners Relationship, Expertise and Quality. can control costs, reduce risk and immediately experience the benefits of K2 Candidates are rated in these individual hiring practices. areas allowing us to identify the most suitable candidates for our Partners. R E Q Q REQ identifies the top 10-15% specialists in their particular field and RELATIONSHIP ensures our Partners get access to the EXPERTISE QUALITY best people available for their business.
  8. 8. K2 PARTNERING SOLUTIONS ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE CONSULTANTS K2 CLOUD BEST PRACTISES PAD evaluates the consultants experience in 3 key domains: (P) Process: Business Analysis, Solutions Specification, methodology (A) Application: Configuration, Workflow Implementation, Screen Layout, Approval Process, Basic Automation (D) Development: Ability to interpret Solution Specification to TechnicalPosition PAD Focus Requirements, and to develop with the appropriate languages- e.g. VisualForceCloud Strategist/Architect P and Apex for Salesforce.Business Analyst PATechnical Delivery DData Migration AD Our consultants are given a rating from 1 to 5 (where 5 is best) for each of theChange Management P above criteria.Integration Expert ADProject Manager P(A) 1 - Exposure onlySenior Admin/Config A(P) 2 - Junior Consultant with 6 months experience 3 - Established with at least 2 project cycles 4 - Senior or Team Leading Consultant with significant experience across multiple projects 5 - Principal, Enterprise architect, Technical architect: subject matter expert, recognized in the market..
  9. 9. K2 PARTNERING SOLUTIONS ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE CONSULTANTS VIRTUAL BENCH EXCEL THROUGH QUALITYOur network consists of more than 60,000 freelance consultants registered, interviewed and updated on our database. In the pursuit of excellencewe have developed and implemented a program to identify the top range of these consultants, the experts, these make up our “Virtual Bench”.This program enables us to repeatedly represent best of class resource and establish a service of utmost quality. Our appreciation and developedrelationship with our Virtual Bench allows us to offer the risk free utilisation of successful achievers for our most prestigious clients.What are the relevant indicators of consultants on our Virtual Bench? 55 % of our consultants have successfully completed projects for K2 with a duration of more than 2 years. More than two thirds of our bench have completed more than one major project throughout the project lifecycle. 60% of our Virtual Bench currently work on projects for K2, we know them and trust them. Risk of hiring a freelancer eliminated by additional detailed quality reviews conducted with our clients. Consultants show commitment from day one to the last day, the risk of an early termination of the contract is down to a minimum. Skill set is in demand on the market and in rare supply.The “VB” Consultants are nominated by our Sales Associates, assessed by the VB team and finally approved by a partner of our business. Theroad to the bench is tough and reaching the bench status is an achievement in itself.
  10. 10. K2 PARTNERING SOLUTIONS ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE CONSULTANTSBENEFITS FOR CLIENTS: VIRTUAL BENCH Speed of deliveryWe know everything about our “VB”consultants. We have a dedicated team of EXCEL THROUGH QUALITYAssociates who are tasked to develop andcoordinate our bench on our worldwideprojects.TrustOur consultants are perceived as experts in Why our consultants are motivated to reachtheir areas by previous clients, they have the heights of the VB:convinced our clients through expertise,  In K2 they have a business partner whoknowledge and achievements that separate understands their ability and ambitionsthem from the mass market. Eliminate the riskby working only with people who make a We always give our bench priority access todifference over and over again. projects.  Close communication with K2, access to Access to top skills even before they are market informationavailable to the marketOur delivery teams are aware of availability up Regular contact, F2F meetings and ato 3 months in advance. We can help you plan relationship manager who is available 24/7your resource needs by considering important  Knowledge driven project requirements soskill sets and overall suitability rather than by suitability is relevant and results driven.the limited approach of selecting from onlywhat is available now. This process allows a We develop our consultants by informinggreater degree of choice and more competitive them of all aspects of market needs.pricing by eliminating the panic of last minuterecruitment.
  11. 11. K2 PARTNERING SOLUTIONS ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE CONSULTANTSA PARTNERYOU CAN RELY ONOur Service DeliveryK2 has a fully staffed Legal and Although the provision of independentCompliance team, based in the UK and contractors is a well established andUSA, and consisting of experienced accepted industry in the UK, K2 haslawyers and contract assistants, qualified adapted its model when necessary toin several jurisdictions. Our team comply with local legislation so that it canensures good corporate governance, and operate as a truly global responsible for reviewing all candidate Examples of business model include:and client contracts. In addition we havecontacts with external law firms to ensure  contract with consultants directly asour business model and practices are individual sole tradersacceptable in local markets.  contract through “service companies” established by the individuals for this purpose.  contract with management companies established in the jurisdiction in which the consultant will be working. In turn, the management company will retain the individuals and will deal with matters such as tax withholding, immigration issues/work permits etc.
  12. 12. K2 PARTNERING SOLUTIONS ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE CONSULTANTSOUR CUSTOMERMANAGEMENTFlexibility is the most decisive success factor in staffing processes. Westructure our service delivery model in conjunction with individual client needsand working methodologies and can therefore provide tailored solutions to ourclients. Key aspects can include: Strategic account status with dedicated resources Single point of contact Mutually agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management information, reporting and accountingOur holistic back office helps you significantly simplifying your recruitmentprocesses and reduces the process costs. From completing administrativetasks, paying the Consultants, sending invoices and compliance.We also believe in close and interactive relationships with our clients andconsultants. Throughout project work, we will keep in constant contact withboth to ensure all needs are met and project deliverables are the primaryfocus.We are continually looking at new and innovative ways of working with ourclients and consultants across all our geographic and product markets. Your Benefits  Tailored solutions  Holistic back office  Interactive relationships  Innovative approaches
  13. 13. OUR SOURCING PROCESS Demand analysis Requirement Resourcing K2 VB K2 database Candidate qualification Interview stage Decision/placement Start of project Please note: The average duration of a standard sourcing process is 48 hours.
  14. 14. K2 Worldwide contacts: Europe North America South America AsiaLondon San Francisco Sao Paulo Tokyo+44 20 3060 5300 +1 415 391 3804 +55 11 3020 6198 +81 033 504 2412Geneva Boston Mexico Singapore+41 22 909 6900 +1 617 263 3200 +65 63 039 400Stuttgart Providence Beijing+49 711 2200 7400 +1 401 228 0777 +86 108 456 1470Moscow Delhi+7 499 788 95 52 +91 124 469 6686Istanbul+90 216 665 5100