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Auto Ad’s Media Kit

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Auto Ad Media Kit

  1. 1. Features Features OPERATOR - Auto Ad has dedicated an operator who will be assigned to answer the public’s inquiries regarding any information that they may have missed on an advertisement. Our vehicles notify the public “For more info on an ad call 416.634.0000”. LED – These digital displays are widely accepted as the new advertising medium, because of their myriad of advantages. These include dynamic creative elements and interactivity which guarantee delivery and scheduled display playback. GOING GREEN - We are committed to setting the standard of environmental responsibility with regards to the operation of mobile marketing vehicles in Canada. Every step has been taken in order to insure that our vehicles have met and exceeded all transportation codes and regulations as set out by governing municipalities. BLUETOOTH - Our Bluetooth system sends your advertisement to mobile phones. Our system is able to send messages, pictures, short videos, vouchers, and tickets. The Bluetooth unit is always searching for devices and once finding them, the unit then transmits the message immediately to the devices. Bluetooth boxes can deliver messages up to 200 meters away. This feature allows you to target customers and informs them about your special offers, prices or upcoming promotions. CALL TRACKING – Our practical web-based monitoring system will measure and record inbound and outbound phone calls. Our call tracking service allows companies to monitor the success of ad campaigns, record incoming and outgoing phone calls to determine advertising ROI, and identity strength and weakness with regard to how customers are handled on the phone. LIVE CAMERAS – Offering our advertisers a peace of mind. The vehicle surveillance system specifically designed features four cameras that capture high quality, high resolution images, day and night. The video feed is available for real-time viewing over the website user admin portal. 3G - Auto Ad vehicles are equipped with 3G network so we can easily update your advertisement without having to stop the vehicle’s operations. Our head office has dedicated staff that controls the vehicles remotely. This feature allows our customers to change ads, text and numbers instantly. SMS - Do you know anyone that does not own a cell phone? People are constantly on the move and we understand the need to get your advertising message or product in front of them and in their hands. Text messaging does just this; it puts your brand in the hands of your potential customers. It’s a known fact: 70% of people that get a text message take the time to read it. GPS - Accountability reporting and results are important issues to advertisers. That is why Auto Ad Inc. vehicles are equipped with an internet based GPS navigation system that provides clients with real-time campaign information. Simply log into our site and you will be able to instantly track your mobile marketing campaign on-line. Monitor your vehicle start time, current route position and driving speed all from the comfort of your own home or office.951 Wilson Avenue Unit 17, Toronto, ON. M3K 2A7 • E: • P: 416-634-0000 • F: 416-636-7701• W:
  2. 2. Rate CardAll prices are based on fixed 30-day exposure on the LED vehicle. Availability is limited. Rate Card Total 1 Month Total 6 Month Total 1 Year Total Total Daily Total 1 Month Rate Rate Rate Spots Faces Faces ($500/month) ($450/month) ($375/month) 1 75 2,250 $500 $2,700 $4,500 5 375 11,250 $2,500 $13,500 $22,500 10 750 22,500 $5,000 $27,000 $45,000 15 1,125 33,750 $7,500 $40,500 $67,500 20 1,500 45,000 $10,000 $54,000 $90,000COST TO ADVERTISE - Auto Ad will provide you with packages in order to best fityour budget. We will show you the difference between our methods of advertisementand the rest of the market. Our Ads are quite inexpensive given the hundreds ofthousands of people they can reach daily.• The cost of ad creation is FREE with one month of Mobile Digital Advertising.• File size – maximum resolution possible• File format – GIF, JPEG, SWF UNIQUE GREEN MOBILE TARGET CAPTIVE 951 Wilson Avenue Unit 17, Toronto, ON. M3K 2A7 • E: • P: 416-634-0000 • F: 416-636-7701• W:
  3. 3. Routes Routes As the name implies, Auto Ad vehicles have the unique ability to be moved s teeles a ve . throughout a city. This mobility enables the advertisement to be placed in strategic locations that will generate the most interest. Maximizing sales leads and impulse buying – the ability to take your message directly to your target market at the precise moment the customers are open to your suggestion makes mobile media an extremely unique and effective sales tool. Features such as SMS and Bluetooth extend this opportunity. With Auto Ad we literally go out and find the traffic, we make sure that your business is exposed by staying on the road 20 hours a day 7 days a week. We provide you with an array of routes so you can choose where you would like to have youry business advertised.o Millions of Captive Viewers DAILY!ng Viewed by pedestrians, subway commuters, drivers,e cyclist and touristss Visible by thousands of residential and commercial buildingst on Yonge Streetr Advertise on the longest street and one of the busiest routese in the worldet Q ueens Q uay 951 Wilson Avenue Unit 17, Toronto, ON. M3K 2A7 • E: • P: 416-634-0000 • F: 416-636-7701• W:
  4. 4. Campaign Details Campaign DetailsGrand Openings Political Campaigns Real EstateMake a big impact on your new Set yourself appart from the other Using Auto Ad vehicles is a greatcustomers and draw more people candidates and take your message to way to get potential buyers to knowthrough the door with compelling ad the public in a big way with our Auto about your home sale. Builders canmessages on our Auto Ad vehicles. Ad vehicles. connect public with new projects.Brand Building New Product Intro Trade ShowsUsing Auto Ad vehicles is an Introduce new products to your Park Auto Ad vehicles at theexcellent tool for brand awareness, target audience and use Auto Ad entrances to make a big impact andexposing logos, colors and images to vehicles to compliment other forms of drive traffic to booths or seminars.your target audience. advertising.Sporting Events Record Label/Artist Exposure Street Fairs/Parade FloatsWith thousands of people driving in Auto Ad vehicles are great for letting A captive audience guaranteesand out of sporting venues expose the public know about album release visibility of your product brand oryour brand, product or service to a dates, concerts, or club appearances. service at these densely populatedcaptive audience. functions. 951 Wilson Avenue Unit 17, Toronto, ON. M3K 2A7 • E: • P: 416-634-0000 • F: 416-636-7701• W:
  5. 5. About Us About UsABOUT AUTO AD INC.Auto Ad Inc. is a strategic mobile media advertising company. We strive to professionallyand profitably contribute to the popularity, progress and growth of our client’s products,services or brands through creative dynamic and effective campaign execution.Uniquely positioned to provide the tools to help our clients execute the strategies wedevelop, we can more efficiently execute campaigns and manage quality service whileoffering additional savings to our clients.We constantly maintain up-to-date research in the outdoor media sector which allows foradequate channeling of strategies towards your advertising campaign with Auto Ad Inc.Mobile Advertising has a 97% recognition rate! With mobile advertising having thehighest recall rate of all outdoor advertising, you can be sure your advertisement will beseen and remembered.Your message will be heard and tracked with Auto Ad mobile advertising; your companywill see the change immediately after beginning your campaign.Using LED over Paper Print, using Bio-Diesel fuel and Solar Panels to offset the powermanagement of our LED Vehicles formalizes a Green Advertising solution for you! 951 Wilson Avenue Unit 17, Toronto, ON. M3K 2A7 • E: • P: 416-634-0000 • F: 416-636-7701• W: