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Locker issue
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Locker issue


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Presentation of School Locker Issue

Presentation of School Locker Issue

Published in: Education

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  • 1. ICT & S.S issue project By. Matthew & Gyuri
  • 2. SETTING / BACKGROUND Problems with their old, small, destroyed lockers, and about the locker policies. School cant afford the cost of replacing all the locker. Students have problem with school but school cant accept their arguments.
  • 3. STUDENTS POINT OF VIEW1. Too small for students to keep all of their belongings like textbooks, notebooks, portfolios, and posters.2. Some lockers are destroyed.3. Few students still didnt get locker yet.4. Its annoying when they have to lock their locker every single break between classes.5. School must provide comfortable environment that would help students to focus on studying more.
  • 4. SCHOOLS POINT OF VIEW Cant afford the cost of replacing all the locker. Students should take care of their locker themselves. It is not school destroying or damaging locker but student them selves. School cant remove the locking locker policy. Locker needs to be lock to secure and protect. It is students responsibility to take care of their things. School cant have a responsible of lost items of students. Locking locker is students own good.
  • 5. INTERVIEWS Etash G9B  He doesnt have locker because his locker broke on the first day of school  He is sharing locker with other student and does not have enough space.  School told him that they will bring a new locker but they havent which is already 3 month passed.  He doesnt like school locking locker policy because it takes too long time and sometimes is unnecessary.  He worries if he lock his locker then he may loose the key for it and can not open his locker which contains his stuff.
  • 6. Yugi G9B  He doesnt have problem with locking locker policy but he has problem with his locker.  His locker is ruined, serious damage.  It takes hard to close the locker, need a lot of force to close and open the door of locker.  School still havent change his locker.  He also needs more space locker.Mr. Brian Salter Blinko (Teacher of LanguageDepartment)  He agree that the old locker should be replace.  He doesnt agree with changing school lock policy.  He believes that it is students responsibility to take care of his/her stuff and it needs to be lock.  School cant protect and secure students belongings.  "There is reason why it calls locker! " said Mr. Brian.
  • 7. THE BEST WAY... We concluded that we need to find a best way to fix this problem for students and school as soon as possible. Replacing all the old lockers into new lockers but remaining the locker policies. Teachers and students must respect each others opinion so we could fix this problem.
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  • 10. THE END Thank you.. By. Matthew