Presentation to Live Client: Open Africa


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Presentation to Live Client: Open Africa

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION: This document is a final hard copy and a support aid to the presentation by Team 6 at Red and Yellow School of Logic and Magic proposing an advertising campaign for Open Africa with the prospect of boosting awareness and changing lives. We’re incredibly excited to be given the opportunity to work with Open Africa because it so different to the type of clients that we normally work with at Red & Yellow. So thank you for the opportunity. Sometimes school becomes so focused and narrow-minded that you tend to forget what’s going on in the bigger picture. This brief has given us the opportunity to see how, what we do here can have a positive effect on human life that is desperate need of help and support. The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate the strategic thinking behind what will become an awareness campaign that appropriately communicates a core benefit that Open Africa provides to an appropriate target audience. We’ve decided to take a different approach to this presentation. By the end we hope that you’re able to see your own brand in a slightly different light.
  3. 3. CONTENTS: 1. Understanding of the brief 2. Understanding of the brand 3. Brand challenges 4. Research 5. Target Market 6. Insights 7. Brand challenge solutions 8. Get-to-by 9. Big Idea 10. Creative Executions
  4. 4. 1. UNDERSTANDING OF THE BRIEF Open Africa has operated for over 18 years. We understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day but after 18 years Open Africa has not got the traction it deserves. Far too little people are aware of the brand and what it does. As we understand it, the main aim is to increase awareness of Open Africa, and this includes increasing the number of travellers visiting both the routes and the website and to convert travellers into ambassadors. But most importantly we have to cure Vanessa of her grumpiness and make creating jobs “sexy”.
  5. 5. 2. UNDERSTANDING OF THE BRAND Before we go on it’s good to establish our understanding of what Open Africa does, what it stands for and it’s marketing position. We know that you already know all of this information, so we’ve tried to keep it as brief as possible. The purpose of this is for us to be able start our explanation of how we’ve identified certain areas of concern and how our whole campaign is going to address them. What the brand does: Open Africa creates and sustains jobs for rural communities in Africa, by promoting trade, using tourism as an economic platform. What we take from this is that Open Africa has recognised that through Africa’s attractions there is scope for potential tourism that could bring income into the areas of Africa that need it most. So by creating tourist routes through these areas you’ve enabled these rural destinations to be reached. What Open Africa is essentially doing is acting as an enabler, for tourists to travel to these areas and boost the local economy. Please note that we realise Open Africa do a whole lot more than simply plan routes for tourists to follow, but in terms of creating awareness and attracting people to Open Africa, this is the side of the business that must be focused. The travel side of what Open Africa does is the most appealing side, when it comes to attracting new customers. Although you’re an NGO, you are not the classic definition of a “charity,” there are no free handouts or lump sums of money, but rather work on the concept of sustainable tourism, teach a man to fish feed him for a life time. Later on in the document it’ll become clear why we’ve chosen to focus on the travel side of the business as apposed to the sustainable charity aspect of the brand. Brand Essence “Welcome back home” What we take from this definition of the brand is that you’re welcoming tourists to what is essentially the birthplace of humanity, which is now filled with a rich, culture, inhabited by caring, accepting people and communities that makes the whole experience completely unique. It’s appropriate to point out here that we think this brand definition doesn’t completely cover what it is that Open Africa essentially does, or who you’re talking to. As a brand philosophy we feel it doesn’t encompass Open Africa’s core belief system or reasoning for starting up such a terrific NGO. But more on this
  6. 6. later. A brand essence should encapsulate what a brand stands for and communicate that core benefit. 3. TARGET MARKET What we’ve found is that the people that ultimately are in contact with your brand are holidaymakers as apposed to philanthropists. Open Africa accommodates for a very large target market, within a wide range of demographics. But, it’s difficult to have a clear and concise awareness campaign if you’ve separated your target market to such an extent. What we plan to do and we’ve found is that your target market isn’t actually separated, but very similar. It’s more about a common mindset. So what kind of holidaymakers are we talking to? Tourist vs Travellers What does it mean to be a tourists? What language do we use to talk about tourists? What language do they use? What are tourists into? We did the same for travellers. We found that Open Africa attract travellers. So we have to get into the mindset of travellers when it comes to connecting with our target market and when establishing connections with them. The words on the screen set the tone of communication.
  7. 7. 4. BRAND CHALLENGE We’ve set out a clear brand challenge that attempts to summarise the areas of concern that we’ve just gone through, that being a identifying a clear and concise brand benefit: At the moment you’re talking to philanthropists not holidaymakers. We need to make sure the brand is talking to travellers. 5. Target Market Open Africa accommodates for a very large target market, within a wide range of demographics. But, it’s difficult to have a clear and concise awareness campaign if you’ve separated your target market to such an extent. What we plan to do and we’ve found is that your target market isn’t actually separated, but very similar. It’s more about a common mindset. However; we understand that segmentation is a key tool in any marketing plan. So we re-vamped the current segments to allow for instant understanding of each four groups. The names aim to ignite a vision of who each group is. Curious Millenials Swiss Family Robinson Forever Youngsters The Put-Footers
  8. 8. 6. INSIGHTS We’ve got a video here with 3 different insights that we think perfectly summarise what it means to travel, and be a traveller. The key takeouts from the video are the three insights: 1. The media allows me to live and travel vicariously. But that is not enough for me. I need to be on the open road, where I have the ability to feel, hear and experience it in a tangible way. To explore the world in all its glory. 2. When I travel, its not about snapping pictures and souvenirs. It is about fostering a human connection. It is about the kindred spirits. The sites are what draw you there but for me, the people are the true attraction. 3. I travel to go on a journey, not to reach the destination. I roam to befriend the locals and immerse myself in a world far from my own. I seek to understand. I want to adapt and grow and remain outside my comfort zone. To summarise: Tangibility Human Connection Pushing Boundaries 7. NEW BRAND ESSENCE Open Africa embodies the spirit of being one with the African dust and letting curiosity be the guide. It aims to attract mindful travellers who are beckoned by places undiscovered and people unknown.
  9. 9. 8. OBJECTIVES Increase awareness Identify why a traveller would use OA routes We recognise that primarily OA is about creating job opportunities through rural trade. But, in terms of the consumer, this is not the number one draw card. It’s about holidays. That’s why for our campaign, this is the side of the business that we want to focus on to attract travellers and talk to them in a way they can relate to and be inspired by 9. GET-TO-BY GET authentic, engaging, mindful travellers with a thirst for discovery TO trust and promote Open Africa as a valuable resource BY showcasing the unique and lesser-travelled experiences (Open) Africa provides.
  10. 10. 10. BIG IDEA S.A.’s Best Traveller The idea is linked to our strategy about what it means to be a traveller. It aims to ignite the passion in all travellers and showcase the brand and what the brand offers. By providing a call to action for like-minded people, we hope to fulfil each of the stated Open Africa objectives (increase traffic both online and offline, increase donations and convert travellers into ambassadors). 11. CREATIVE EXECUTIONS Stage 1: Entries Enter now for your chance to become S.A.’s best traveller. Posters Radio TV Social media All with a call to action. So Entries can include photos, diary entries, videos, poems etc. Entries will be open to all ages and people can enter in groups (Swiss Family Robinsons). Entries must all be uploaded online. Stage 2: Voting for your favourite entry. Again all entries will displayed online and be hyperlinked to other social media like Twitter and Facebook. You can also donate (on behalf of your favourite travellers). Stage 3: Choose their route, people and places to visit and the fun challenges they must complete (i.e. learn how to make a signature dish of that area or those people. Stage 4: Follow their progress online (there is a possibility for a useful and app designed for smartphones). People can donate to their favourite communities and travellers throughout