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This is the Peoplefluent presentation from the F5 Carolinas User Group on 9/18/2012

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  • So who uses Peoplefluent solutions?
  • Peoplefluent f5 user group presentation

    1. 1. F5 User Group 8/18/2012
    2. 2. Who is Peoplefluent?Peopleclick + Authoria + Acquire = Peoplefluent • Human Resources Internet SaaS vendor • Multi-Tenant portals • Recruitment Management – Career Portals for candidates – Applicant tracking, Interview Scheduling, Onboarding • Vendor Management – Contingent staff placement and procurement – Hourly worker time entry and management • Talent Management – Performance review/appraisal process – Ongoing career management • Diversity and Affirmative Action – Compliance planning and reporting
    3. 3. Growth via AcquisitionPeoplefluent adds on Strategia and Socialtext • Learning Management – Online, in classroom or virtual classroom – Content Management – Skills and Compliance Management – Social Learning – Reporting • Social Collaboration – Social Dashboards – Visible Activity Streams – Content Creation/Integration
    4. 4. Diverse Client BaseHigh-Tech Energy/Utilities Financial Food/CPGManufacturingHigh Tech Healthcare/Biotech Retail Other
    5. 5. Peoplefluent Global Footprint: Client Locations Iceland Sweden Finland Norway Estonia Lithuania Belarus United Kingdom Denmark Latvia Poland Russian Federation Ireland Germany Czech Rep Canada Slovakia Netherlands Belgium Austria Ukraine Luxembourg France Hungary Bulgaria Romania Kazakhstan Switzerland Slovenia Georgia Portugal Croatia Serbia and Montenegro United States Italy Greece Turkey Azerbaijan Spain China Japan Bermuda Gibraltar Malta Cyprus Lebanon Behrain Moracco Tunisia Israel Kuwait Qatar South Korea Jordan United Arab Emirates Mexico Algeria Egypt Pakistan Taiwan Domican Republic Saudi Arabia Belize Mali Oman Bangladesh Lao Hong Kong Puerto Rico Guatemala Honduras Burkina Faso Yemen El Salvador Trinidad and Tobago India Thailand Vietnam Philippines Costa Rica Senegal Nigeria Venezuela Ethiopia Guam Panama Sri Lanka Columbia Cote D’Ivoire Cameroon Malaysia Ecuador Kenya Singapore Indonesia Peru Brazil Boliva Zambia Paraquay Australia Chile South Africa Uruguay Argentina New Zeland
    6. 6. Who uses Peoplefluent Solutions?Customer Service Customer Scope Customer Community80% of the 5,000 6 millionsFortune 100 use organizations employees andPeoplefluent use Peoplefluent managers inSolutions Solutions 214 countries
    7. 7. F5 Products used• LTM used in 5 of our ten datacenters – Corporate HQ – Atlanta and London Datacenters – Disaster Recovery/Internal environments – Austin Datacenter replacing Netscalers• Waltham datacenter will be converted to use LTM• Virtual LTM being considered for lab environments• Other datacenters will be consolidated• We use WhiteHat and looking into ASM
    8. 8. How we load balance• Round Robin – Stateless applications virtuals/cloned – until products have issues or need persistence• Dynamic methods – Observered member/node – Depends on the number of pools• Priority Group Activation – Prefer to have at least 3 servers per pool (n+2) – 1 Cron Server, 2 web servers – Weblogic Reverse Proxy 3/6 – WP1 Pools 1/1/1
    9. 9. Persistence• Universal – iRule, jsessionid• Cookie – Default insert and tried passive• SSL Persistence – when using Client and Server SSL profiles• Source IP – Bad, but we still do it in places (easy)
    10. 10. iRule Lessons learned• iRule Editor – Now has bigip.conf and bigip_base.conf – Offline iRules• iRule naming convention, versioning – TCP Connection• iRule HTTP Events Flowchart• TCL Errors• Scripted bigpipe iRule changes – bigpipe virtual rule diffs before/after – Version 9 vs. version 10 changes (grep rule) – Postfix to email/page upon differences
    11. 11. iRules used to solve problems• .NET/SQL application upgrade split – Using classes, switch glob – Akamai challenges• Company name change/combination – Almost 1000 lines, nested if and switch – Allows URLs to remain hosted on the same servers (3+ versions)• Maintenance Pages – Allow class of IP addresses through for QA validation – Static/dynamic responses and redirects (client name changes) – robots.txt, Google site verification – Graphics/icons with hex conversion• Block/Allow – URL, IP user-agent, HTTP verb, etc. , – Faster and easier than firewall changes with our vendor
    12. 12. iRules used to solve problems (cont.)• Referer replace• Server Resource Cloaking – Removing Server headers – BigIP noserver• Apache Killer prevention (range headers)• TS-Edge JavaScript injection• Load Balance Failure• Low-cipher detection• Mobile/iPad application redirect• CAAMS pool switching• AUS Throttling users (using stats profile)• Pool Member Status – From DevCentral (upgrading to Joel Moses’ version)
    13. 13. iRules and Mmmm cookies• Akamai Cookie – Prevents bypassing Akamai – Secures/restricts resources by IP – Not using Akamai’s site shield, so iRules and Akamai configuration must be in sync• QA Test cookie• eLearning cookie – Validate users – Referring host switch directs to appropriate resource – Allows a single VIP to host all of our environments• Home Cookie Clean• VMS Cookie Crumb Clean
    14. 14. Other things we are doing with LTM• Compression• WAN/LAN optimization• Reviewing TCP and HTTP profiles for more improvement• Fix slow connectivity with Chrome (bug)• Health Monitors – Receive String – Session creation
    15. 15. What is our plan going forward?• Gomez Real User Monitoring – Implement via iRules• Priority for iRules• Splunk• Upgrade to version 11• iApps/iControls• Implement Partitions?• iRule to show persistence tables• Migrate from bigpipe commands to tmsh• F5 Certification
    16. 16. Questions?Matthew LeggettSr. Systems Engineer –