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  • 1. What is R3VOLUTION
  • 2. 1. An online community for social entrepreneurs.Anyone working to solve the world’ssocial issues.2. A place for collaboration, education, andsocial innovation.
  • 3. Community and collaboration sparks innovation
  • 4. Why?
  • 5. Lack of community for social entrepreneurs.Tech StartupSocial Enterprise/NonprofitSan Francisco, San Jose(SiliconValley), Boston ,New York, etc.???“What should young people do…the most daringthing is to create stable communities in whichthe terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.”- Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
  • 6. R3VOLUTION will: Develop an online community whereindividuals can communicate and shareideas effectively.Create an awesome blog that keeps peopleconnected, educated, and inspired.Connect social entrepreneurs with mentors.Organize workshops and socials for socialentrepreneurs throughout the Atlanta area.We work hard…but havefun doing it
  • 7. We aren’t just building a website, we’rerevolutionizing the culture of philanthropy.
  • 8. R3VOLUTIONMajor Social Issues of Focus1. Poverty2. Health Care3. Community Development
  • 9. What are we building this community around?Individuals who are passionate aboutcreating a impactful, sustainable change inour areas of focus.Mentors who have insight for businessplanning, development, and growth inthese areas.Donors who are willing to help socialenterprises establish themselves.Volunteers who want to make adifference.
  • 10. Through this community of ideas, passion, andcollaboration, we can…“Our goal is to create a beloved communityand this will require a qualitative change in oursouls as well as a quantitative change in ourlives.” -Dr. Martin Luther King
  • 11. Change the world in unimaginable ways“As a man changes his own nature, sodoes the attitude of the worldchange towards him.”- Mahatma Gandhi