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My evaluation

  1. 1.  My music magazine portrays the correct colour scheme used in real media products. They are vibrant and light, suitable for my genre of magazine. The layout I used in all my pages were inspired by real music magazine layouts. They are effective and encourage the reader to look at everything on the page. For my font styles I used some examples from real music magazines while choosing my own font style. The use of images in my magazine are similar to that of a professional one. On the cover for example there is one main image, which is centred in the middle of the page. The position of the date, price, barcode and issue number is similar to that on a real music magazine.
  2. 2.  The social group I represented in my music magazine is young, low to medium class people. The pose of the star in the images represents a chavy appeal The age of the star is fairly young with average quality clothing with a standard setting. I havent represented the social group I intended as well as I could of done. The setting in the image and props in the image could be improved to represent social groups more effectively
  3. 3.  The music magazine I created is aimed at a fairly young audience. Both girls and boys would find it appealing, possibly leaning towards girls. Simply because of it being a pop magazine and the colours and images used. The age range would be between 12-18 year olds.
  4. 4.  The publisher Jann Wenner of the famous music magazine The Rolling Stones would be ideal for producing and distributing my music magazine. The Rolling Stones has a similar genre to my music magazine, it contains all the latest pop stars and music. This company would produce and distribute my music magazine because it has many similar conventions. For example the layout, colour schemes, content etc. It also has the same genre of music pop. If I had made a rock music magazine then this company would be less willing to produce and distribute the magazine
  5. 5.  I used a number of techniques to appeal to my target audience. The vibrant colours like red, blue, green etc are suitable for young teenage boys and girls. The cognitive language used throughout the magazine which is neither too slang, nor too formal appeals to my target audience well. It may even attract other consumers. The content in the magazine appeals greatly to the target audience. The names of bands, pop artists etc like Rhianna, Jessie J will be easily recognized by my target audience.
  6. 6.  In the process of designing my music magazine I have developed my skill in certain software’s like Publisher and PowerPoint. These skills that I have learnt will help me in the future when it comes to designing things, like music magazines. The images used in the magazine were taken with my own camera, my skill and understanding of photography has increased. I have learnt for example the way to take the picture to make it suitable for my genre of magazine, I have also increased my skill in altering the photo in publisher for example to make it more genuine.
  7. 7.  Comparing to the preliminary task my full product has seen a fair amount of improvement in a number of aspects such as layout, font styles, colour schemes etc. The font styles used in full product for example has a much wider variety than in my preliminary task. However there may have been improvements but they weren’t massive, the school magazine I created was to a good standard, so there wasn’t a large amount to improve on. Also at the time of making my preliminary task my skills in using software like publisher were at a basic level until they developed later on.