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  • Matthew J. Bailey commented on A Career in SharePoint A Career in SharePoint 3 weeks ago
    Matthew J. Bailey
    • Matthew J. Bailey Matthew J. Bailey Hi Krishna, You should probably research a lot yourself of which jobs are the strongest in the area you live. In the USA, each city has different jobs that are more popular than others. Also, you might want to consider doing something that makes you happy in some way not just the market trend. I am surprised that IOS development is something you want to move away from, it seems to pay about the same as SharePoint the market is still strong here. The thing with SharePoint is that you will have to learn a lot of old coding because some companies use the new app/client side concepts and many others are still on C# solution based files. It is hard for me to say what you should do because I can't predict the future and at least in the US, there is still a fair amount of work for both industries currently.  3 weeks ago
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