Marketing in 2013


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Marketing in 2013

  1. 1. Marketing in 2013SMC Marketing’s sole purpose is to create more selling opportunities for it’s Sales Force.
  2. 2. Marketing Should Be• A Department That Utilizes Company Resources To Achieve Higher Sales and Brand Recognition.• Marketing Should Be Measurable.• Planned in Advanced to insure highest efficiency of time and funds.• Marketing should have a set of clearly defined functions.• Production should be based on planned events and not reactive.
  3. 3. Marketing Now• Production Based (I need ……., Order me………, create an ………..)• Catch all (HMM…… I don’t know call marketing)• Lacks Master Plan• Lack Metrics and ROI
  4. 4. Top 8 Marketing Tools Utilized 2012• Sales/Account • Email Specialist • Website• Paper Fliers • Facebook/Twitter• Postcards • Promotional Items• Yellow pages and (Hats, Calendars, Mugs, Shirts, USB drives, Ect.) local advertising
  5. 5. Long Term Goals• Transform SMC from a Distributor to a Solution Provider.• Become a technology leader with a minimum of 2 years ahead of the curve.• Eliminate printed Marketing materials by 2015• Increase Market share by 30% by 2015• Create a symbiotic relationship between Sales and Marketing.
  6. 6. Marketing Goals for 2013• Create a system of Metrics• Start a cultural movement to a Solution based Business• Improve Brand awareness and sales. (Through Conventional and Social media strategy)• Implement more technology to reach a focused market.• Build a solid relationship with manufactures and vendors• Capture 80% of available Co-Op funds
  7. 7. Tracking Our Progress• Track ROI based on initial rollout to completed program.• Setting a goal (Sales, Profit, Attendance, Traffic)• Charting results for each project• Creating 2014 Marketing plans based on 2013 results.
  8. 8. How Will It Benefit SMC?• SMC will be able to track the efficiency of it’s marketing efforts.• SMC will be able to plan a budget for 2013 and on.• SMC will boost its sales and profits.
  9. 9. Top 8 Marketing Tools in 2013• Sales/Account • Training Events Specialist • Promotional Items• Email • Video Messaging• Website(s)(Main and Micro sights) • Crowd Sourcing• Twitter/You Tube/FB• PDF Publications
  10. 10. Tools Needed• Access to Sales figures to plan strategic marketing programs and track ROI.• Budget (Annual, Quarterly, or Per Program).• Access to Sales Team Meetings.• Knowledge of all marketing endeavors.• Co-op Fund Coordinator. (CFC)
  11. 11. CFC Positions Duties1. Submission and collection of Co-op dollars.2. Track and allocate Co-op dollars to programs.3. Assist in Social Marketing Programs.4. Proof marketing pieces.
  12. 12. Cost of CFC• Salary 30k – 35k• Laptop with Microsoft Office• $40 month phone allowance
  13. 13. ROI on a CFC• Position will need to discover and obtain $45k of vendor funds to be self efficent.• Projected vendor funds available _____• They will also increase production of marketing pieces.• Be key player in implementing a social stagey.
  14. 14. RECAP• SMC Marketing’s sole purpose is to create more selling opportunities for it’s Sales Force.• SMC to adopt a Solution mentality.• Create a 2 year technological lead over competition.• Implement a system of Metrics.• Create a CFC position.