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Ian beale finished deal
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Ian beale finished deal


BTEC SPORT Presentation - Distinction because im clever as fuck

BTEC SPORT Presentation - Distinction because im clever as fuck

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  • 1. Beale !
  • 2. Snappy Facts !
    • His middle name is ALBERT
    • Ian is the son of PETE and KATHY BEALE
  • 3. Snappy Facts !!
    • Ian Albert Beale was born on
    • the 1 st of march 1969 !
    • Ian Beale is the longest running character in the history of Eastenders
  • 4. The First Wife !
    • Cindy Beale is well known as one of the biggest bitches to ever live in Walford even the main man Ian couldn't tame the beast. As she hired a hit man to shoot him.
    but she got what she desurved in the end she lost her kids to ian went down for atepted murder and died giving birth to her baby girl
  • 5. THE KIDS !
    • Lucy Beale the twin of Peter Beale
    After being a nice child she went “OFF THE RAILS” and turned into the neighbourhood bike that got pregnant while still attending Walford Comprehensive Secondary School, Ian is now on about home schooling her as he doesn’t want her to miss out on a good education, and he is attempting to force her into an abortion.
  • 6. THE KIDS !
    • Peter Beale is the twin of Lucy Beale he has been a good kid most the time but occasionally shows his teenage side like when he said he had nailed his lass Lauren when he hadn't.
    He is also a great athlete performing over long distance running trying to get into the 2012 team for the Olympics urged to do so by his father IAN BEALE .
  • 7. Wife 2 !
    • Melanie
    • The main man Ian beale wouldn't let this one go easy when he found out she had cold feet he blackmailed her in to marrying him by telling her his daughter Lucy had cancer.
    They got married on new years eve but hours after Mel found out he was lying about the cancer and left Ian as the clock struck 12 for the millennium.
  • 8. Wife 3
    • Laura Beale !
    • Laura came on the scene as the kids nanny and Ian at this time was a wealthy business man he started using her for sex .
    But then Ian went bankrupt so he decided the best thing to do would be to marry her and use her for her money (clever man) he then tricked her into signing there businesses over to him totally. Laura then died trying to answer the door to Ian to tell him her son bobby was in fact Ian's child she snapped her neck falling down the stairs.
  • 9. Bobby Beale
    • Bobby is the son of Ian Beale and the rat that was Laura.
    • Gary called him bobby when he thought it was his kid but it turned out to be IANS as he is the banter man
  • 10. Wife 4
    • Jane is the 4 th wife of Ian and his current one she is taller than Ian and is unhappy about this.
    • She is unable to have children and is depressed about this
    • Jane showed her cheeky deal side for Ian's 40 th as you can see by the pic
  • 11. Enemies
    • IAN has many enemies non more so than Phil Mitchell they despise each over Phil even naild Ian's mother Kathy just to do him over .
    Phil's flung Ian's head down the toilet on plenty of occasions but I couldn't find a pic to show this sorry
  • 12. Chill out time The main man loved a good relax in his Jacuzzi tub he had in the back yard but as you can see work comes to this man even when he is relaxing He seen that max was selling a dodgy insurance scheme and said no unlike heather the fat egg.
  • 13. The Walford Money Tree
  • 14. Reference page
    • http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/3/3a/Ronnie_mitchell.jpg/200px-Ronnie_mitchell.jpg
    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Beale
    • http://www.bbc.co.uk/eastenders/