The influences of sina weibo in china


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The influences of sina weibo in china

  1. 1. The Influences of Sina Weibo in China
  2. 2. What’s Sina Weibo Sina Weibo is a Chinese microblogging website. It’s like a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook, it is one of the most popular sites in China. About 30% of Internet users are using.
  3. 3. Changing People’s Lives in China Since Weibo, information in Chinese society has changed, it’s become more transparent, more direct.
  4. 4. The content violates relevant policy, cannot be posted.
  5. 5. • China’s netizens choose Weibo to share and discuss idea that official media sources would avoid, often because of censorship. • Netizens share pictures, which are harder for cyber police to block, as a way to broadcast sensitive messages.
  6. 6. Weibo Usage on PCs, Mobile For now, Weibo users spend more time accessing the service on their PCs – an average of 5.8 hours per day for a user. On a mobile, that’s down to 3.9 hours. Both stats, Sina claims, are higher than for either Facebook or Twitter:
  7. 7. The person Who first touch the phone need to pay for the cost of the dinner for everyone when having a dinner. It’s the joke and example about how people crazy about using Weibo
  8. 8. How Sina Weibo affects the business Why choose Sina Weibo to promote business in China? Compare with Twitter, there are several functions that are nor included on Twitter: 1. “Limitation of words” include more information than 140 characters on Twitter, which made it suitable for different audiences and purposes 2. “ Convenient social feedback” comment directly below a post, other people in the comment, or repost the message with their comments.
  9. 9. 3. “Rich media” Weibo allows users to directly insert media including images, videos, music, game apps and graphic emotions without extra plugins. It even allows public polls, public comment wall and photo wall. 4. “ Micro topic” Tracks and collects posts during a particular time, and creates a homepages for it if it become hot. Also the most popular topic will ranks on the home page of Sina Weibo. 5. “Verified account” this is specifically created for famous public figures and organizations with a blue bold “V” attached to their Weibo names. Users with “V” will be treated as more reliable and powerful information sources.
  10. 10. 6. “ Self-censorship” Sina Weibo is subject to censorship regulations and practise self-censorship, which means they would delete or blind messages if they were proved to be political or cultural progressive. Those cenorship concentrate on political issues more than commercial activities, letting the health of commercial activities on Sina Weibo
  11. 11. Example of Durex Durex has a Sina Weibo account named “Durex official weibo” with around 780,000 fans as of June 26, 2013 The page features include information, a wall with recently undated posts, photo wall, a list of sub-brands, a list of tags.
  12. 12. 4 Strategies to Engage Customers in the Brand Community on Weibo 1. high update frequency 2. Posts include jokes, graphics and videos. To provide entertainment messages and activities increase customer engagement 3. Durex’s updates are also closely related to its brand position 4. Provides three entertaining online activities to interact with their followers
  13. 13. Stars Some of the famous international stars have created their Weibo account to promote themselves and gain potential businesses. For example, Daivd Beckham and Britney Spears.
  14. 14. They may provide their contact information for fans and businesses.
  15. 15. Top 10 Brand Weibo Posts in 2012 • 1. Nike: Olympic • 2. BMW: single’s day • 3. McDonald: Consumer day • 4. Arenal • 5. Mini: Censorship • 6. Vancl • 7. Bestguard • 8. Burberry • 9. Durex • 10. The Best
  16. 16. People and Government 1. If Weibo is a battlefield between authorities and civil society, the government seeks to occupy it, not destroy it. • They put the news directly on Weibo when someone wants to take action against a local government. But the keyword would get picked up, and the warning would be sent to local police station. So the police will arrive at there before them. • The government’s current squeeze on Weibo includes requiring users to use real names when they register.
  17. 17. People and Government 2. Weibo is transforming the relationship between Chinese citizens and their government • China’s online censorship program focuses on “ curtailing collective action by silencing comments that represent, reinforce or spur social mobilization • Internet companies need to keep users happy and none of them labor under the illusion that people prefer censored search results • Social media companies are left to balance between following the law and letting the virtual public square that’s their customer base thrive