Shopping 3.0: Physical Meets Digital


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Various mobile computing technologies are facilitating the convergence of physical and digital commerce activities. This presentation analyzes those technologies and activities.

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Shopping 3.0: Physical Meets Digital

  1. 1. { The Next Evolution of CommerceThe Next Evolution of Commerce
  2. 2. The event resulting from theseamless integration andcoordination of physical shopping(1.0) and digital shopping (2.0)activities.Definition
  3. 3. The Four Types of Market Utility@ Time@ Place@ Form@ PossessionKey Benefits
  4. 4. The User Experience@ Sharing is Caring@ Lifestyle Branding@ Participatory PerksSocial Shopping: The User Experience
  5. 5. The Marketer Experience@ More Info About Users@ More Prominent Marketing MixElementsSocial Shopping: The Marketer Experience
  6. 6. THE MEANING: The creation ofsocial shopping networks and theadoption of the sales conversionprocess into non-commercialsocial media networks.Tech: Network-Based Shopping
  7. 7. THE MESSAGE: Ads will becomemore integrated, interactive, andtargeted, benefitting consumersand marketers.Tech: Network-Based Shopping
  8. 8. ExamplesTech: Network-Based Shopping
  9. 9. THE Market:OpportunitiesTech: Network-Based Shopping
  10. 10. THE MARKET: Predictions@ Greater Commerce Integration@ Sophisticated Data Analysis@ Social + Payment NetworkPartnershipTech: Network-Based Shopping
  11. 11. THE MEANING: Social mediacommerce will be aided by imagesthat contain embedded text,images, videos, and hyperlinks.Tech: Interactive Image Discovery (IID)
  12. 12. THE MESSAGE: The most popularcontent on the Internet today isgraphic. IID can increaseengagement and value to users.Tech: Interactive Image Discovery (IID)
  13. 13. ExamplesTech: Interactive Image Discovery (IID)
  14. 14. THE Market:OpportunitiesTech: Interactive Image Discovery (IID)
  15. 15. THE MARKET: Predictions@ Share Experiences on Facebook@ Many Products/Analytics Per Ad@ Combined & Up-SellingTech: Interactive Image Discovery (IID)
  16. 16. THE MEANING: Product imageswill act as sophisticated, uniquelyidentifiable icons, like QR codesbut with infinite shape-colorcombos.Tech: Visual Recognition & Search
  17. 17. THE MESSAGE: Will makeaccessing information aboutobjects much more efficient andconvenient, revolutionizing nearlyall areas of human life.Tech: Visual Recognition & Search
  18. 18. ExamplesTech: Visual Recognition & Search
  19. 19. THE Market:OpportunitiesTech: Visual Recognition & Search
  20. 20. THE MARKET: Predictions@ Google & Facebook Will Lead@ Crowd-Sourcing Initiatives@ Synergy with AR, Geolocation &TaggingTech: Interactive Image Discovery (IID)
  21. 21. THE MEANING: The practice ofcustomizing or targetinginformation to the static ordynamic locations of an object orperson, commonly using GPS,WiFi, & RFID.Tech: Geolocalization (GPS + WiFi + RFID)
  22. 22. THE MEANING: User-localizedcontent is dependent on user’slocation, such as within distancefrom retail stores and restaurants.Tech: Geolocalization (GPS + WiFi + RFID)
  23. 23. THE MESSAGE: Content ofgreatest utility can be delivered tousers and customers when it isboth immediately accessible andimmediately related to theperson’s location or movements.Tech: Geolocalization (GPS + WiFi + RFID)
  24. 24. ExamplesTech: Geolocalization (GPS + WiFi + RFID)
  25. 25. THE Market:OpportunitiesTech: Geolocalization (GPS + WiFi + RFID)
  26. 26. THE MARKET: Predictions@ Product Info ─ Promos,Trending Discussions@ Organization Info ─ Inventory,Ratings, Reviews@ Location Info ─ Guides, StatsTech: Geolocalization (GPS + WiFi + RFID)
  27. 27. THE MEANING: Technology thatallows for manual and automatedinformation exchange betweendevices in close proximity to eachother. Currently based on RFIDstandards.Tech: Near Field Communication (NFC)
  28. 28. THE MESSAGE: This technology isconvenient and efficient becauseit is unobtrusive and requiresminimal user interaction.Tech: Near Field Communication (NFC)
  29. 29. ExamplesTech: Near Field Communication (NFC)
  30. 30. THE Market:OpportunitiesTech: Near Field Communication (NFC)
  31. 31. THE MARKET: Predictions@ Automated Purchases@ Automated Check-Ins@ Automated Info Uploading &DownloadingTech: Near Field Communication (NFC)
  32. 32. THE MEANING: An immersivemultimedia method of interactingwith the physical world thatinvolves integrating the sensoryexperience of virtual and physicalobjects simultaneously.Tech: Augmented Reality (AR)
  33. 33. THE MESSAGE: Every object andevent in the observable world isthe source of a wealth ofdocumented and potentialinformation. AR can unlock both.Tech: Augmented Reality (AR)
  34. 34. ExamplesTech: Augmented Reality (AR)
  35. 35. THE Market:OpportunitiesTech: Augmented Reality (AR)
  36. 36. THE MARKET: Predictions@ Incorporate the Other Tech@ More Mobile/Public Computing@ Accessories for Smart DevicesTech: Augmented Reality (AR)