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Schema and Open Graph 101 - SMX Munich
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Schema and Open Graph 101 - SMX Munich


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Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Matthew Brown Head of Special Projects SEOmoz Twitter: @MatthewJBrown Slideshare: MatthewBrownPDX
  • 2. Semantic Search Engine Optimization (Semantic SEO) is theuse of techniques from the Semantic Web technology stackfor:1.sending detailed information about the meaning of yourpage content to search engines and other data consumers,2. in a way that can be easily processed by computers. Good definition of Semantic SEO:
  • 3. Schema: A specific vocabulary So what’s Microdata? RDFa?
  • 4. There are many languages and vocabularies for structured data
  • 5. To get started, focus on and Open Graph
  • 6. What types of rich snippets does Google support?
  • 7. How do to each one? SEOGadget has you covered -
  • 8. How do I troubleshoot rich snippets?
  • 9. “If your site has very few pages, or very few pages with marked-up structured data, it may not be picked up by the rich snippets system.”There are non-obvious things you may need to troubleshoot
  • 10. All else fails? Try Google’s mystery form:
  • 11. Rich Snippets can take up 30 days or more. Don’t panic. Study at:
  • 12. Facebook: Open Graph Protocol@MatthewJBrown #SMX Munich
  • 13. @Facebook Germany - #10 MatthewJBrown #SMX Munich
  • 14. Use OG markup to optimize from start to finish
  • 15. Everything just got bigger on FB - More Info!
  • 16. Open Graph Actions?
  • 17. New OG Action Opportunities - More info!
  • 18. Twitter Cards -
  • 19. Twitter Cards Apps and Links -
  • 20. .com Breadcrumbs (Competition: Easy)
  • 21. .de Breadcrumbs (Competition: Very Easy)
  • 22. .com Recipes (Competition: BRUTAL)
  • 23. .de Recipes (Competition: low)
  • 24. .com Events (Competition: Medium)
  • 25. .de Events (Competition: Medium)
  • 26. .com Products (Medium) – Reviews: (Hard)
  • 27. .de Products (Easy) – Reviews: (Medium)
  • 28. Only 1,620 domains using Schema for hotels! 655 for restaurants, 435 for auto dealers
  • 29. Want to check semantic markup stats?
  • 30. Yes. We’ve seen up to 70% growth in CTR
  • 31. Structured Data Testing Tool -
  • 32. Structured Data WMT Data is solid
  • 33. Facebook Object Debugger:
  • 34. Schema Creator from Raven:
  • 35. Wordpress Schema plugin from Raven:
  • 36. The Good Relations blog for ecommerce markup: Bookmark This!
  • 37. – Semantic web search engine
  • 38. Raven has an excellent guide here:
  • 39. Proposed schemas:
  • 40. Semantic SEO Follow ListFolks who have some SEO/Semantic Web crossover:Aaron Bradley - @aaranged – Hands down the best curator of semantichappenings on the SEO side. When he blogs at it’s not to be missed.Jeff Preston - @JeffreyPreston – Lead SEO at Disney Corp. Happens tobe speaking at the Semantic Web 2012 conferenceSean Golliher - @SeanGolliher – Publisher of SEMJ – writes occasionallyfor http://www.semanticweb.comJay Myers - @jaymyers – Best Buy lead dev and RDFa proponent. He’sthe man responsible for Best Buy’s 30% CTR increase with rich snippets.Dan Brickley - @DanBri – outreach for Google, works onproposed specs People who have both search and semantic backgrounds
  • 41. Semantic Tech ProsSemantic Tech Folks who are very smart and say things I don’t get:Martin Hepp- @MFHepp– Heads up Good Relations, which is the mostextensive vocabulary for e-commerce dataManu Sporny - @ManuSporny – Leader of the W3C working group forRDF. The man leading the charge for the RDF spec.Lin Clark - @LinClark – Works on the linked data/RDF integration forDrupal. Codes neat linked data things for Drupal.Gregg Kellogg - @Gkellogg – Semantic Web Developer of all trades.Wrote the Structured Data Linter.Aaron Bradley’s gigantic Semantic Twitter Group:!/aaranged/semantic-web - Like tapping into theMatrix of semantic tech information. People building semantic tech tools and standards